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Hill-Mail 4-30-14

Apr 30, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics included the Gronk interview, cat calls at women, and Donald Sterling.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to do talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill man up. And maybe -- have -- -- -- book coming out are involved early but it won't quit. On WA EAN. A better problem. Texas says being out is incorrect she was when they were not woods needs not what Jeter. They need to gain but after -- bigger and -- you could be here A-Rod might be borrowers. To my right to our security and -- Would be. A machine on where she's considerably older yeah -- 50s50s. Now there -- -- today. Late thirties. Does the game this year of the crazy Michelle -- I don't think -- -- -- now. Definitely not normal -- whom -- thinking about -- Alec Baldwin easel like. What semi panic and -- She has the crazy here. Yet -- humiliation and I had an athlete he -- used 100 she bought our own town she's crazier and crazier than Deirdre. Eight they -- mail messages today are brought to you by noon turf care your residential and commercial line care provider visit noon to repair dot com. And mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon it turf care. BG 1212 people who -- them and you don't -- ironic twist that thank. Don't want your vote could go well we received an award from the actual direct negotiations with Clinton tires -- I'm happy with. Not aware that we coupling well rewritten -- I don't really isn't up and last but not least -- -- will be recognized award from the I'm not that I am without trial -- -- going lingering kind of look at that big Telecom association. Under that pitch until I -- you know and generous and I don't think. I don't think Donald Sterling will be receiving any more lifetime achievement awards the money from the NAACP. But again. -- how are they handing those lifetime achievement awards how -- how do you call me is there no research being done that in the year ago while one already got one -- was set to get another one this week. -- I mean. And he just hold that up -- -- commemorate our lives are lotteries if I don't reward from the NAACP. I had dinner. With African kids. At. Thanksgiving and it was out there. Yes I realize you have been. To go for 48 PM. Hey did you know I just some of the college you have in -- -- and then you're going to call -- you have to look at the I propose that we call what you would have been much. And that that Pinochet under review. 1 and I am responding pupil. Appreciate. I mean. Oh. You know that Cameron Diaz. Said time and it was Jimmy Fallon the other night that she hasn't worn deodorant and twenty years. Is that because of the chemicals like John sweater that's because the camera is that -- gusting wind and. I really -- -- in the summer that only because I don't really -- but you know it's no longer now now now. Is that some people don't lucky I could think about it -- -- you know as I smell it a lot of beach -- a map. What's. Or you don't talk -- caught trying to call back in a few minutes. You're the bad. Cell area in Guinea 724. To him. All -- -- 2.5. Billion dollars or you don't like I'm. It made the art. I guess he could barely got clipped -- -- Yeah. -- -- message lifetime ban. Now what do you get mine when it comes the bands in the NBA what he -- for being a rapists. I mean in that. Nothing is that starting in your lineup tonight after I don't and it -- funeral at equipment -- do jail time and it -- tryout is allowed to keep plan. None of them. I have three grown little man. -- -- -- Not -- Europe though. Limited lifetime membership to a country veiled and not not a template. Good spot. -- off of phenomenal kid that they have late. Grits in the gravy and I'll add whatever they have ever made you believe there's nothing that's not arrived and he can meet Sunday machine and everything -- -- -- they have a solid solid top strange. That acts as it sinks. Oh not own all -- and then you know. -- count indictment that. I'm so cool. Talking earlier this morning. About the mayor of the Buenos Aires. Who said publicly -- that. Women. Like it when a man whistles that them and and so that the everybody's criticizing him and how dare he say this and pretty interesting discussion. Yes some of you may have missed it back but I would ask the ladies who listen to show does that offend you. When you walking down the street here at the beach and a guy is creep in on hands staring at you. Or is that a compliment. How do you feel about that. It's going to be a comment well -- just keeping it on creeping well there's but can it keep it concrete yet I mean I feel it was a whistle. I don't know is a whistle creepy and it's by very by its very nature I'm -- Debt debt rob being as puritanical as he is with his ways with his woman. You know the monogamy and the faithful listen I had -- demo that he -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- The -- He -- there. -- -- the incident turned on he said he used the bark it women I had I mean. But it was a good line but oh hey aren't there and give me some of that attack at Yahoo! little. I mean -- -- You try it I just trying to make eye contact and then and and it just would induced Motley -- in and well for -- -- you we have -- an amendment that -- a couple of that -- and -- call and she said that if the guy is attractive and they like it which seems kind of superficial like we're so it's OK okay is that gives you guys -- with -- -- -- -- -- up. Oh that's our big guy is good looking it's okay mandatory supervision -- 50 wait -- I'm a woman and I take it as a compliment I don't get insulted him. A whistle -- sexy and I compliment is sexy staring in creeping now. Enough time and a new. Depends on the manner that -- done and how creepy. -- well what did you stock swap your beautiful. But it definitely but yeah -- that's creepy you know you got yesterday and -- -- our guide -- affluent and he you know. And you feels really don't know yet like you know it's just gonna tell it. You are so what conduct is not a great day -- us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so would've pushed me into the backseat of the scarlet that you're it can't have a guy can't even give you a GD compliment and are you that your beautiful not disabling -- on on -- walk by. If I -- a guy and I just had a thought hey your beautiful man. It's weird but I know I hit -- North Carolina head isn't conditioned to accept the whistle the -- -- you know that there it's out there and it's like OK tell -- and looking like -- see greater my bad day like -- the pants down when you take it the next notch up to actually verbalize things the stuff. Mean. -- I tell the texture a woman says timing is everything here too long. And in enters the creepy is this batch of -- alive just a quick. Let's find out about it but it does. That it creates creeps under and everything and that's a great -- -- up with -- but I -- -- just -- that it is a young man tonight and donors. It too is a young man's game yeah I think you know it's not what it what is. But I -- notice that the but this. Gotta be an age where. You know -- -- say after this age. Andy do that the whistle and they've -- they're gonna find creepy I think we sell your -- your kids. The other problem businessman and we we we we we don't give them the guy anyway we see we never tolerate it and that's that -- in -- there's not a day I don't think I can't -- at 21 year old you know. Here's a Texas says the finger guns are way too much -- and here's what it whom I don't they went a little widgets on the or do they think it may and that. I'll get back a -- -- -- hold -- now on that yet. Hello -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Here's somebody says on the BU campus you're only allowed to look at a woman for 22 if you look any longer. It can be twenty seconds anybody or -- -- grass yet to be considered sexual harassment over there that knows some very proactive student group that puts -- aren't -- yeah hundred dollar hours -- Africa that was probably out to some assault happened so I'm not making aren't. Silent about the suffering of the hockey team again a couple of incidents that. But that's a. A point yet now. I mean I can understand what if -- the barking -- and -- event I'm glad you gave that. Budget year that haven't and matter -- a lot of things let's say here's a lady set I had I want -- -- -- tell me that I had great birthing hips. Now that's. In any way telling you swap what about when a guy says your available that's over the line yes it that demand said that the U. That is. I'd be less bothered by that than your beautiful what I really snapped. That your sailing -- your credible again you're just a dirty bastard benefits the of the -- -- the tennis tennis it's like one of those things like I need to memorize lilies and they didn't reply yeah. Notre you don't have that animal one -- that's -- that's a 5050 shot for the one night stand the pats are Mighty Ducks -- admire I wanna lick you from head to -- comment is the Hannibal -- knowing it's okay thanks -- a lot of stuff. Yes. That grows well biting my lower lip that women has been very successful for me -- says. We get a -- are able. I'm forty and then -- and shake the head to I'm 44 and a seven year old man was telling me how attractive analysts creepy well. I mean. It's not a compliment. I mean I don't think when an old guy wants to hug you in the cat food I'll Wal-Mart has he thinks -- Britney. Iran and Iraq but that out nasty Nat reversal but we don't know -- now I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- So it really the only theory I have been here this story so you're the cat food I'll grab your cat. -- because I was what I -- -- nice you know like cat food -- on top -- -- a lot of boss obviously. So I don't like to go out dueling every week's all go to Wal-Mart ones like on Sunday at like 630 when -- herself and getting an outsider at the black anybody in the in the check outlines. And there was an -- -- buying some Stephanie you know I -- -- level people do this because I legit have like a patent is like you know hundreds akin -- cat food at 200 pounds a -- -- -- You got a cat we know what FPO. Hit this nice solar down them is like all know I have this and taking care a couple of accounts from my daughter -- -- -- say he's like he seemed lonely so -- start a conversation and he's really nice. And then toward the end of it. It got creepy guy like accused an ethical you know and a -- he can really learn from older people article is great -- in the lobby of a great weekend like you know good luck with new and all the stories I. I was kids want -- And then it was like. Can I can I just have a hug people you're so beautiful and I was like. And a little. Oh man. That was at pocono sort of meandering I he's not Larry and I -- I -- you didn't have the the only yeah the only the only -- guys aren't refused wanted to get -- you know. 140000. -- -- Here's the Texas is the -- guy just don't release party for pretty good there is a woman. Look at his worth thirty year old just hope this guy now who get food for us now hello mark. I guess. Eight I don't trust. So I -- dear sir -- yes missed micro OK. Well I'll. Back to did you believe they did look at what's could get a path. Wealthiest somebody says women are crazy day they'd rather have. Some guy who whistling at them than -- -- a man make it nice compliment like -- beautiful. Like they'd dare say you're crazy guys you. His illegitimacy avid is stupid you know if you're a guy -- legit to China Cuba and your beautiful and then -- just move on walk on by. OK sure I give the credit but for the most part when -- say that yeah it's weird but. The best is -- -- to Texas at different yeah. Oh yeah put your finger down in the wake up tucked. In a negative. I'm 27 you're -- hospital in the old man are always saying inappropriate stuff and 84 year old asked me to crown on his hospital bed with a more you not love the guy. I think you're just trying compliment Sharon is trying to play your your pretty hello Bob. God what's up Bob. The talk that there are certain sure ran. Good -- -- better than what stroke just lay it out if they're pure white and you go out chords that they've got a shot. They're making money though. But this is about the mayor of Buenos Aires who said that women like cat calls and everybody's saying. What a chauvinist remark that was and how dare he say that women like to be whistle that. I think some women do think it's a compliment -- in Allen and -- and maybe it does depend on the guy elegant. Look -- it is. And might make a little bit. It's like anything if you're if you're a five whistled at a five GMT -- -- a compliment than you're -- -- a five with -- five it's a comment here three woods wanted to do and -- -- happen not happen now. Somebody's that I worked for the company than they told us elevate your eyes were sexually harassed a campaign. There actually I heard that was a what do you both the -- to stare ahead at the door guys that you look at on an unknown but I. I doubt in my head it might elevate your eyes get up and online going up and down Friday. Not likely you are even. Not -- -- and you you could and actually make eye contact with another woman there -- you know you -- elevator eyes followed by the -- Yeah. I think that'll only. Well when I -- -- that America -- to own a and much at that. So woman would rather get the pervert whistle that being told they're beautiful place gentlemen follow through their analysis. And I'm gonna -- everybody out in the are you aren't -- -- figured -- -- other. -- the -- today but our sales -- and I demand an end to -- sexual harassment. The and soon and then. And then go on punitive. No yelling come pretty good dinner. And the men six Sunni yeah. Thank you recruit a lot. On. Radio. And -- message you know you have had like maybe you. Resendiz meet the F some -- and the other well the other 12% -- other -- got an air show where we start of the things we get players. That they have to use the flavor of black pepper Avaya here use the black pepper they have these the flavor of -- there -- a media appearances VED pepper particles in the beef and a man on a uniform color into -- Forty Arnold's -- Tomorrow. In part. -- -- -- I -- have the idea for -- to Graham afford it really violent Alia. And on demand. Just for the record I I invented caffeinated. -- water on a guy but I forgot to you you two -- the winkle losses yeah I got it they may determine when shampoo and conditioner and I was. -- -- -- -- 10. Lifetime ban then not do that -- -- he didn't do epidemic they're. If he doesn't really. I left anyway. Now let's throw a lifetime ban for Donald Sterling is really like a six month and that's that's about it through -- eight million. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. That was an uncle that includes a who's not in the ninth man. -- the rule 1110. Million. Well according to. -- -- We want -- didn't -- they want to know we're. And Atlanta a couple of weeks. Yeah -- we found out during facts -- that it's evolutionary thing but -- years if you're guys agrees more attracted to big group -- bizarre causes you know the milking. Fees if he -- -- -- attracted to the smaller but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- you know in -- men in our whole team. Captain twelve million. Interconnected. -- that's -- The word bullies in a compliment creepy. To me for old. -- -- About -- -- -- and creating world health got away from that message. Banned for life. There's no like sometimes in albeit in trouble at work or you're maybe you're getting in trouble in your relationship resounding. It's kind of a gray area as well you don't know how long you're going to be in trouble for when -- are banned from something for life. You're pretty much never gonna ever -- -- it would that Maria call but he can never go to an MBA now remember again. He can't go to the three point competition now he can't even go to lake. When they do a charity -- -- our game now and hang out -- Bill Walton he can't meet can't do that. -- -- -- -- Are you quoted are -- and that message. I love it. It is a small percentage. A bit text bullies talking about how -- didn't say anything at all on the show yesterday. And then I start to get all these messages they have ESPN's sports -- we use our -- senator showed bag. -- -- -- Six Katie current older. Great I think you might -- and then they get. Can VFK and -- -- -- -- interview out in the middle was open because there are still among all local radio and it's. -- -- And we went yellow we top ten I hope at least. I hope so although Bob. -- Hello everybody knows everybody wrote how are you Bob I know a bit live I think it's going to -- -- and then. -- find actually -- it says sir hello. -- -- Even if exactly and pertinent to exactly do you mean if you're doing it within like you know two centimeters of my -- yet through --