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Paul Norden and Jaqui Webb: Boston Marathon Bombing Survivors 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

Paul Norden and Jackie Webb Boston Marathon Bombing survivors came in studio to discuss the new book Twice as Strong written by the 2 and JP Norden about what happened that day as well as the hospital, recovery and how things are going now.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Our I think our guests are here it's 8420. And you'll get -- let's -- we get everybody around. Microphones. And we got beau Norton as well -- -- -- -- OJP's not. Well we only have Paul Norton and -- see it goes away lets you guys ready ourselves around here. Because there is an book out which I just finished reading which is called twice as strong. Wage. JT. And Paul wrote about there marathon survival experience and Jackie is featured prominently in the book do. On the guys thanks for coming -- waited so let's let's figure this out though so we don't have an early wake up what's the -- did you guys try to make the phone call what's going on each. I really did try this traffic there's a lot of traffic we usually don't happen there had not exactly I'm only here and if being. -- well you know. While you have to speak form. So you guys tell me why you decided to write the book day who -- because I know. -- you guys are pretty private guys so. Tell me why I decided to write the. Religiously we haven't -- to Boston it spoke with the new way to give back with Cuba on to give the whole story and now we've got to feel pretty good yeah was it hard to it tells story. It was -- difficult for me that that I was in the nightly news home for a week so -- captaincy -- -- my brother micro went to a the actually never knew what they really what happens to them and I however that's. Yeah. And stuff it's really in now. You guys I thought it was really interesting. Reading about that. The lead up to the day and about everybody. Deciding. Where they were gonna go how they're gonna meet. And who ended up outside forum and who didn't and you really think about that and you think about. Kind of the the randomness. Of being there at that moment they did you guys Diaz both think about down on when you think about the marathon. Yeah that's kind of like thinking about the what it mean there's so many things going on there is different people with us but didn't even make it there. Ernie you know -- the taxis. And take us there we went in an area that has got off on the current sop like yeah and you know trying to get on the other side -- boils and came out on Monday it's like impossible ya. Yes I think so that you can relate -- there's Saturday and you can go to great thank you could get could admit it could've been anybody. The you know I I thought it was really interesting kind of to hear this the the story of you guys. You know after the first bomb trying to get out into the middle of the street. And then being separated. But. Being able to look -- see each other and and just the kind of heartbreaking feeling that goes through a senior friends -- will lying there on that day. In now. Yeah that's crazy yeah. This Elvis knew where others were some of us knew each others' injuries. If you could see all of our currency TP ya Agassi -- and JP and then. From my perspective I didn't think -- as injured as JP has agents both at college of her actions -- on Dicey credit movie -- talked image as it was Parise. I think you know it's really important to. For people to read these books because. You get an understanding of not only. What you guys went through his marathon survivors but. You also. I think he acted when everybody tells their story. They talk about. How appreciative they are of everybody family friends. People they don't know doctors nurses. First responders everybody who helped down on that day is is that kind of another reason why he read a book like this. -- I think it is saying. All the people making it especially if so -- help that Europe punishment in -- so much easier for us who's saying it's just amazing how much. People step up appearances to me I wish it didn't take a tragedy for the world do they discovered the wonderful thing when people do help each other out it's -- live -- You know it's because they. I almost say last shows the best in my life and so many great things haven't I mean but obviously it's Santana as far worse things haven't -- Our cause it's just it's an -- it's amazing what people do live and it's amazing and it's often living in earnest and. The book is called twice as strong and I didn't wanna ask you about that I did wanna ask you about in in the dissented but -- even though. He lost -- leg. It turns out in your mind. Being in many ways one of the best years of your life speak because of what happened afterwards. Down and you know -- and I got engaged in that and we brought they just. A lot of great things happen and we got to meet so many great people. And obviously people support the earlier which is awesome yeah we obviously need your times and I think mentally physically everything is. It just was an awesome in the night I got to go around like the ravens. Yeah -- year -- is okay. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah like one of the things you most excited about in the book is getting a video message from ray writes I mean I you know -- -- now about like you know. Somebody please let everybody help -- All right so -- McCarty made that happen I mean so all those things you know turn what was an awful day. And two. And to kind of a real appreciation for people we knew we were talking. I wanna get your opinion on this both of you guys as marathon survivors. We're talking about Boston's Strom last week. And nothing has heard the discussion up but people getting sick of hearing that. Tom did or did you guys sick of hearing that do you think that's something that should be said forever do you think people use it for that Dan -- talking about. That chick who's working out and says IMAP -- -- sure -- You know. What do you guys kind of stand on that. I did I don't think that it should be. Anger I silent and retire Boston's -- I don't biggest MP and I kind of like it just have a de Paul ran into somebody and they yelled at Boston's -- stay strong and yeah. You and is like a -- Yeah I don't know -- I'm just. Think I'm pretty much tired thank you -- I've I still believe it ability awaits to show now currently you know look for the anniversary yeah yeah. I don't know I. I I don't think you need to say that we know we're -- -- strong we know there are so we got the support there and with every survivor knows they. And I know that we've seen in a hole but I -- I don't think it needs to be setting moment. Related that I guess I don't go to the outlook does. I'd say an armed you while you're really afraid. To go to or he didn't like public places you like being around people. Has that changed. It's like typical because. Thank. Russo had to have people call me -- -- -- -- all the nice things military volume inspiration. But. At the same time like when he and a bad -- some of Osama thank you to smile like you you to spill warmly it's like the nicest thing. That some honorary diploma event this jones' -- inspiration I just feel so good it's just wonderful but it is a struggle for me because like I don't like to be around and people. You know like people. Not a. There go figure -- Israel. Now was it JP. Who only had a pint of blood left and his body Hillary mentally out on the -- -- I think it was -- you know I -- think you have seven point two leaders whichever that's -- today -- yelling -- one I'm -- apple is -- and body. And that you know in the book you guys recount. Your ambulance trips over. And a big -- being awake for that and and Jackie were in and a police car first and then transferred over and I mean it's it's really a riveting read I mean I just. You know like I when I think about it I think you know not only what you guys went through clearly but also all those people. In and thousands of cases that just saved so many lives that day. You know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So while you're here I just wanted to mention. The foundation. Has started. A marathon survivor's fund and and we wouldn't be able to do that without the help of Sam Adams and and so Sam Adams decided. Again this year to give all the proceeds from their 26 point two Boston -- to the regular foundation for which we established a marathon survivors by. And sell. I know that. You look at the one find you look at 480. Something thousand dollars and great health foundation. Was given last year by the listeners a -- people might say okay. What these guys they've they've got some money -- they deserve that money what else have any money for can you tell people so we understand. About Connie your ongoing. Expenses fall. News that I thought I hit it does make it really take. My prosthetic is -- possible -- an unemployed and a 140000. And for your prosthetics an insurance tells me is the luxury and the slaves non you know amused on that in any way it's a luxury is how that lag here -- Only -- -- they don't ballet gives him like the most ability she's really normal yeah cranky go -- -- -- -- -- heat in -- they heat -- Two different strides in my clock back and forth if you're. Where -- other ones that they sailing. They would give you. You can't do that so -- When they did a lock on. Anniversary and it is raining like the going to be able to -- the UN and they like to do it right. Such as -- might happen and those like have to be replaced they say every three to five years Odyssey. All of the amputees from the Boston Marathon are still learning. And you just don't know -- excellent any year but there's still ongoing other issues and you aside from. That high cost of them -- percent of in the -- one. Likely need to run and again you know I mean it's just so let's say it's a lot but it's -- to say because what you gonna do -- people think the only -- I don't have that rep things some applaud my money's not a candidate -- -- -- that's anything about money well listen. I don't you're not here it's not about money I am I'm mentioning. The survivors fund while you guys are here. Because I think that there are people who still want to contribute I'm asking you understand you know I'm OK we trust him because armed forty bounce right all knowing what I have a hard years but everybody yeah I don't know but I'm a man you know there's eight percentage of the people this very small whose texting and two during this interview and I'll I'll another sign in more money but to me. This city -- The survivors of that day. Whatever we can do for them and and -- in of people can't do anything that they've done what they can do it and thanks for doing that nobody but if you. Feel inclined to help and continued held but he -- and they and and I think it's important. When you think about the fact that that leg. They they tell that insurance tells you that's a luxury. What is the point of paying insurance. It's right near that thirty years of your life right. Here's the basic and Brad adding that if you understand unheard monumental and then you're done god forbid you -- -- and are you wanna deal a shower area wanna be able to swim friend that's election live a normal life like you did before the tragedy like. I I love how people this that there in the public like they're sitting at home on piles of money like I. -- -- know like do you guys still the ailment like surgery didn't stop the deal was -- no answer like I mean yeah like. This is going to be an on calling things of these people for a long time I get it if you don't -- if you if you think it it's it's -- would be involved. Don't be able though Tony they're playing people want to help and that the will be anonymous about it and just put into it for the good of helping their fellow man and that's it it's very simple. And I just wanna mention your mom I know I I read the book that you when your brother are not interested in the trial. -- but your mom is gonna be there every day yeah right so that's that's interest thing and you're not adjusted because you've moved on the -- is. It would I know man and I feel like it and all the -- on -- Whatever happens on their motive and -- I would assume you'll. Who knew where it when he gets the they will do that we India will be violent whatever the result you know. We'll let -- what your mom seems like the kind of -- that if it doesn't duration Michael over the like I don't know that Larry and -- ING -- -- Atlanta I'm feeling after the yeah -- I've she's really wants to know why it happened even on the Soviet period of that's what she really wants and that's -- -- goes -- -- now. -- the fear is that you want. While you guys did a great job. Working on the book it's really really interest things. To read your stories about that day and also the figure -- -- learn a little bit about how you guys are overcoming and I know that. The marathon was a big day for you guys because you're able to kind of put that behind in it and move on. So it's really nice to see you guys here it's been great to get to know you guys and I really encourage you to read the book it's called twice as strong. And you can get an on year reading machine like night. -- you -- on the other -- you guys doing signings of the book and stuff and yeah we have a couple okay. -- on the FaceBook page yes OK what is the what's the FaceBook page. -- in order and Brothers -- the age. There's on this Saturday actually Stop & Shop in -- Excellent. Welcome months say hello and they Boston's strong. -- guys and prayed and when's the wedding nine Eminem lands and next in the spring time but who knows you're hoping would you say five years. -- -- you aren't I wish I could write that -- and it even better prosthetics and hi guys so thank you very nice economize and thank you must advance thanks for Tony's story I think you will be right back.