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Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

Giving us an update on himself and what he has been up to during the off season Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots called in.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And speaking of sports joining us right now. A man who's been a a very good friend to this program Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots. Joining us this morning here at 721 big rock. What some epic -- or how you doing there aren't strapped. UN human -- conquer you down south the -- Midtown open Foxboro ma'am we're you know we just started last week or Monday and this -- the second -- also in program so. -- sound just working out there working hard you know relatives yeah I was gonna say you use that program designed we're in the World Cup -- -- I gotta get through the Greg -- worked -- program was -- really well yeah. And while the exact lightweight instead see its use standard and drink the fruit smoothie and chatted with the Allison back. And I thought to go out every restaurant every every art yeah. Well it wasn't drunk is nothing wrong with the out occasionally body when -- 47 years old I bet you won't look so grateful. And I -- -- I gotta tell you though I was hanging -- -- that the other day Marathon Monday that guy is in tip top shape ground. And yet. He saw me and if you heard you say that I mean. You know he's he's in the sixties you can -- -- if you were so packed and a book mutation in better shape there are ensemble. Well. It. Well now we know where you guys get it -- oh ya know the league that guy is -- so how's how's -- have gone. On its -- good man you know you know it is. We're here every day and I'm actually improving every week in the still -- to come along very well. I didn't get to ask you but you know was a lot of talk from guys who say when it comes to concussions. That they'd rather have a concussion. A knee injury because a concussion here you're more likely to come back from Qwikster. On after what you've gone through how do you feel about that. That's a little bit obviously answered I mean -- rather have a concussion and be out for three days. Where -- knee injury and be rehabbing for six months and my career concussion and be up to three days -- and. Yeah -- -- so Broadway what he admitted to do give your mind to break guy you know I -- someone that was heard -- -- my whole currently Kate major surgeries. What do you what do you do what you dude I did to mentally to keep yourself can you gotta you gotta keep yourself fired up to get the work of saying get the therapy in -- and get frustrated. Op -- that's good news Fred -- and sent home. Screwed every single. You're gonna go away and you're gonna work -- get better in that's legal there have been more consistent and fifty weeks straight. And especially you talk please got in that we've talked in your sisters and stories that keep going and keep -- people saw. Rudy really not on the team wouldn't lose a guy that you chat with -- a little frustrated as the is that gathered in the big picks yeah. Millions couple guys those -- -- options. Plot to blow. Just overall loan and into the stadium and about working now -- DC all their teammates there. They're all working tired. Bureau -- statistics all all the -- so. That gets you motivated there senior team returning every day every morning so. That that's always a and you -- -- so cute and very keep working harder to get back what it is. I'll tell you peace and Alan is that the WW the guys that he hangs out with god what's that guy's name that guy all. Motorola Yahoo! merger or the guy went there -- the -- an animal is that completely it we usually we met him briefly rock was nice enough to do that charity thing in hang out with some guys down in Miami couple a month ago or so ago what that would that was -- Well market so go so well to stop the guy is very good goalie grudge ever get the hollowed square kids there's nothing better. There -- -- and then universal and Ramon Ortiz with a WW guys hearing due to jump in -- also have a better actually. In this good man here's what -- get in shape -- on the ropes and you've got well yeah there's been. I mean grown up who is your favorite wrestler grown up ground. All mixes these generation acts young group. You know. Don't you won't see it all and Billy. Triple page after relations separate news -- -- Jesse James well yes let's say -- Hey Tom I know you're doing a little something for the foundation that you want to talk about live body armor and with a wegmans and if you have people have the opportunity to drop off some sports equipment. They have the chance to win a couple tickets for the give back -- is -- get that correct. Yep yep I'm going to be critical is that it's going to be libraries -- If that is so give that would crack here you have there with -- rate of songs from my foundation which is furnished nation foundation. We -- expecting it. Almost. -- different body -- Bill being there. And people and I entered to win tickets to the -- I don't -- a piece of sports equipment to weddings and in north. It also tickets will wolf for the event will go on sale later this week customer service -- opens door in all the policies will go to my ball position. -- -- aerial saw a big body -- guy. Yes loan and and certainly as you rehabbing them feel I'm sure that helps. Yes Fisher -- definitely big dynamic well -- -- the -- of the -- -- about my it's my number once or straight here. What school is Kobe Bryant actually just that's -- huge. And as you can see all -- gamble in three weeks ago. It just took -- big ownership in -- for investments in properties saw the street they get there has -- gradual aboard soon. Relative that is pretty cool. If the -- If necessary do you think Ron could beat Kobe one on one. So that would be where we talked about it. Did you -- don't crack but the high school -- gone pretty every step of it played every sport what he can does get an easy three sport athlete at. The complete -- that would play may have had actually get sick in basketball. Well I will play very silly. As -- -- big block -- -- could play any other sport professionally other than football what would have would have would be hoops. Alone. Than as it hurts worse says he. Yeah and I think has the capacity to Victor. But the -- playoff hockey every -- -- -- -- is legit. Yeah you sit there and actually every game. -- -- it's the greatest time of the year MBC's sense such a great job you know you get like three games -- night every night is phenomenal. All -- every other -- of impromptu Q and I've been pumped. Every game good and just just and -- here that. The games picked up in the so many more checks and play whatsoever. Did you see telecheck ran half marathon the other day. I heard about it pretty amazing the guy that hasn't must be in great -- Here -- is -- one of those guys who like wants them out to be at practice like does he ever go on the runs with the guys and try to be yet. Not mean he knows what's necessary permit. That category. He doesn't sound like you Max bench on the chalkboard tell everybody when when you guys get their work I don't know ours both. -- I can't beat him on the chalkboard here's your airport the the the -- I well I encourage. You know how god doubt with the foundation. And go to wegmans in north row and and and drop off some sports equipment. And you pitted joined god for dinner and -- and have a good time. And -- AM BA when do you look at the schedule and is there as there is there one particular game you're looking forward to. Just a startup meant and means that a wise amount that is super excited to get to -- -- rolled in about it spectacle during the Steelers. My notes not -- more months away so got more time to keep arbitrary keeper junior checkbook. And a successful without -- -- -- -- policy and that's. Back on its web. -- you will you be ready opening weeks. Our man. Yeah it does seem far away mayor and Henderson -- -- there are improving as a result tomorrow -- a song that sounds like like that's on the teleprompter right -- -- -- -- If it actually is -- and -- Everybody gets mad see all the -- get really mad when we -- patriots guys on Tuesday they feel like you guys never reveal anything. I mean -- to -- right. Well they want an -- in April they wanna know is -- gonna be ready on. When when the patriots open. Some comfort from it when your -- you know. When you -- -- that's not what I outlet this web work hard enough I'm working carried it myself -- situation. But I have heard -- it's. You know are you taking it one game at a time grounds that -- felt that particular one work. 80 did the -- the and then dilemma with -- everything looked practice and I. Get a copy of that come get some treatment it's some get some dinner some get some idea about C -- all of wegmans. Well hey look you know just locked and the air is is is Lenny Clark how good lord will. Let me let me god I Cronkite of -- -- it he's he won't say anything he's got is subject dear buddy telecheck is trained to money's not saying anything. Oh yeah that's there's another holiday you don't have to say anything just come back any animal you're locked. Yes it. Think that's well yeah I mean that's -- that's probably UB a blockage -- a comment -- -- rockets nine but yet again. MCA's. Double got a no question edgy blessed that we got to get this show the world changed -- but it doesn't. Have a right back to where we weren't that we'll bring your -- -- -- -- Well Larry CEOs of about what you are ready now that they -- they are now and -- -- so I'll -- I'm glad he's a blockage dies the Lankan subtle messages speak only outlets outside that's maybe god. Get out that I -- But don't take it one word got -- -- a lot of work out at a time drunken right. I've got to pick your -- -- very sad side but he battled it looked good luck we'll practice and perhaps edit their bet yet calculator I've gone I'm gone about it the. Member takes -- -- equipment to wegmans and I had a chance to hang with the ground these Google's --