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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact? 4-29-14

Apr 29, 2014|

LB returned to good form nailing the tough ones as the topics included did Simon and Garfunckle have a different name, does North Korea believe the leader invented the hamburger in 2009, are tornado's attracted to trailer parks, and what percent of men finish in 2 minutes or less?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- lead. I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary blood drinking beer and there's Jack Black he may and see what. Only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she maxed. I remember correctly LB didn't have his brain food the last time we play he lets a few rare misses so we'll see how does this morning -- call right now. 6179311. AA -- is if you would like to win a pair of tickets. -- go seek kiss and Def Leppard. At the -- unity center coming up on August 1. A show. Led LB will be breaking the acid washed out for that. And making his away to the extended -- and there with a bowl ninety circa 1987. Lettuce hello Chris then. -- did indeed what's going on prison how Mario I don't know excellent excellent what do you do Christen. I'm and the full -- are you working a hospital or nursing home. Felt a hospital like good for you thank you. Kristin you may have some experience illness. 43%. Of men. Last two minutes or less. During sacks almost half of men. Lasted just two minutes or less during sex. -- -- You're gonna go thing done. Lyndon I think this is one of those trick questions and I believe that the percentage is a lot higher than a week you want it to be really I'm not winded -- -- and I want -- last very long. Now I'm amazing at Texas and I got last line is I need that or not I don't do that either -- I'm not going to be good up I'm not a -- in -- -- well I'm adding I'm gonna go shoe Mac but I by the ALC the percentages are in the thirties. So you're saying it's a lower that rule is that his lawyers say yes I had I 42% is that's too hot I mean that's coming out of that the guys who come to the party too soon. I'm sorry to tell you that almost half of the guys are arriving at the party to -- soon enough -- Kristin is correct. Yeah less than two minutes. Wow that is that is the sad commentary on the email stories straight -- -- has been -- race sometimes you just wanted to be over -- -- Jeff. Yeah. This. Nice job Chris that mrs. Tyler during faction Maxwell looked Tyler. I don't know but. It so excellently from. I probably a little -- blanket little -- not -- you know my kid could not let the Tyler fact Porsche Mac. Tornadoes. Are most likely to hit trailer parks and it's because they are most likely to hit places where the landscape. Makes a big change trailer parks are built usually on the outskirts of cities is that -- act or each -- I really nowhere smacked -- you're gonna -- -- done that well that there. Yeah -- you make your -- point did trailer parks and you know sent us these I traveled through wind there's a tonic trailer parks that are not on the outside of listeners in the city. I grew up in a trailer park which was in Jasper Alberta on the outskirts of Jasper -- so tough when I'm gonna go -- -- fat. -- -- -- -- That's most likely that it it's relevant for that very reason which is interesting hello Cory -- your guys what's up -- So much what you do. I route one are true. No excellence. I have a certain. Well I think Corey women are always get complaints when Corey is on -- like play every game every day here's some funky you know I I can't try a little. And also trying to win prizes like yeah yeah. Now the eyes of the industry every time you call people go get that price -- off the year but I'll give you chance it's you're going to demand. Tom curry people in North Korea believed that hamburgers were invented by Kim Jong ill in 2009. Fact or should match. Up. -- -- -- are all well and that's me. That on. OK not bad not you can buy any idea middle listeners showed up I mean of him attention loyalists -- -- no matter what Kim Jong-Il says it's fact that immediately the -- had a again I have that an eighteen hole -- -- -- but now I want him around everybody copied or played. He shot an eighteen. What's your answer racetrack it is is that it is now that's our ballots it's that I invented McDonnell invested the hamburger. Hello DV. -- I don't that's spelled ged. In our world here at W area at DD Debbie Debbie are you from. -- -- -- Debbie Simon and Garfunkel were originally known as Cindy and Maureen backwards math. -- -- You're -- they should not done that Obey -- Are you know what everybody got all famous people change their names and I look at the LA could hurt our history has Israel into McDonald's don't go way past nobody wanted to be cool seeing Jesus steroids on the go bad. It is the fact -- -- originally called Tom and Jerry when they were playing lives and they went decided to go Simon and I can't. And now Paul Simon is being elderly abuse by his young life. Which is really important.