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Hill-Mail 4-28-14

Apr 29, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics include Donald Sterling bashing.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians hill man out. So I'm going to be -- of those cute. Not did not expect so concerned they would see them. -- -- and pretty. Good never hurt and upload I've yeah. On WA EA. No homeland related but Bruins -- -- I think the jinx is over now is there Saturday. Just stay away from there from whatever is coming up at the end of the week by the other authority on last week the authorities playing great or quite incredible. What I'm telling me and -- -- I don't believe that there's any such thing as a jinx anymore but that's. Think that's all over all right hill mail today brought to you by new turf carrier residential and commercial on care provider visit noon turf care dot com. And mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. Tribal 7380. Man. And I understand Greg -- walked around without make it without all the windows up. Fortunately you can go far enough that you can't really seem that. And the how many people drove down come out this morning to try to find that brain path I guess just on the way in this morning why not they're probably -- a lot of probably still driving by we need an update from that guy about what time. The girlfriend under the fiance when she was does her yoga stretching in the morning in bed in front of the window in an exact -- that's yeah the other unions and tumbled 1:24. PM. Who's the greatest goalie union. It's the thing if you if you correct. It is -- Under now let's Texas says the two could jinx this year was the worst of during the Olympics yeah it was when he was on and then the next day he had the stomach flu -- He couldn't play in the at Olympic and Ellis that was the horse that's out of the top white -- of power over the top on the street the very tough Jenks we're Tuukka. And then -- Between June and again. I'm going to me what Stanley Cup is the only sport coat either people quite. Nobody quite the world very -- Left the Super Bowl request. The NBA championship. Will now really a year out the only thing that is really quiet it is the Stanley Cup here bottle equipment it. -- his -- the liberation of the quest for the cup. Not not what should be really that quest for the swap but it's her but at that class at the cut its network its -- Michael. Squat about the -- But maybe it's because it's it's so long it's been a journey that yes it's a four or seven game series journey is blowing up. You've got -- caught Duncan don't -- definitely 57 World Series Charlie's -- Well isn't that why they throw the occupied because he used to be eight wins that got you to come back when it was the original six time LB. I think -- yeah hi I believe that's my body and arms on the -- I don't believe that's the significance of the the of the occupy fit correct yes. City again. Hello rob recommend. Underground. Could be involved. -- -- tornadoes. But you know -- -- recommend not playing holed up at quail behind a report. Under -- well not that idea. Rob did say if you live in tornado Alley they ought to build underground cities -- I mean it might be making sense and well. How many times -- rebuild something. Only to have a year later when the tornado season on Monday. Am I gonna tell them money to be an underground -- -- -- -- with the government build them are that was absolutely government permit funded gonna okay again. Huge structures -- I mean they don't have any companies companies and companies are building them as we speak I mean that big private. -- you can watch your show what -- -- -- There and he did the -- and the world people notes that you're showing the -- -- preference guys there's wrappers you have these patients -- TS -- one guys build them like an apartment complex the hole like. What a hundred and the. And people into that tough to get a contract and come in -- in some nice town homes you know or this aren't underground or whatever yeah yeah. Be cheaper to I think -- well I'm beaten I mean you'd have quite a bit of an infrastructure required meaning the elevator to get down in the ground -- steps in -- to -- is valid or tornado or go down I just announced that I don't -- you -- -- -- to exist until the only thing I can I missed that. Well now you unify us you know you -- they have -- -- computer monitors -- -- don't be like a window and would show you the outside and resist the -- from the subprime adjustable and the underdogs and say Americans. Well it's really all it -- and is incredibly REIT and you have so much respect for people are dead dead. Faced death and up because it's there -- While they live there there there are so I believe unfortunately sixteen people who died up. In Arkansas. One and Oklahoma during the tornado yesterday so it's it's tragic. Stinks Cleveland. -- And -- -- much my wife is Spanish second primary that is why it is Mexicans come on a -- Well what's happening Jack. Obscure reference talking about an underground live in their route back in the eighties that will be shut. Can't -- can't avoid humanistic underground well. What about well yeah now what about. Demolition man that they live underground. And -- yeah yeah that's right emissaries have people yeah I've underground everybody had gone underground in forty shoot him. You're. Ordered that the vote and it won't. Be allowed in food close. To. -- And and that's it not that audio solar. He I guess it's amazing how many people. Because what. Donald Sterling said was distasteful yeah. Think that his business should be taken away -- here by the government and there but I mean it's really. Unfortunately. Since the dawn of time there are people who have said distasteful things it's it's one of the unfortunate things about the human condition there are people who believe. Disturbing and disgusting things you bet but we inherited become billionaires to have put in some candy store front is this is it as that Astro. This week old man. -- And the message. -- -- -- I'm with got to be uncomfortable when he shows up that Jelena and the next few weeks and in Iran didn't look those guys shows over the arena was -- -- I mean I'm walking down the street that everybody -- -- -- -- person in America doesn't over Gary's going now. But what does he say that Doc Rivers like dock Ellis. I know you heard the recordings but. Completely out of contact if you anybody here the -- you need to hear the whole conversation understand what was going on -- does that's how he feels. He's like I pay -- seven million dollars a year. I don't like Q I don't apple I don't know I would say oh yeah I'm -- -- -- cashed my check but why -- -- get a feel bad. The present oral and. Great bit about corporate and it would be dealt -- I think because my name. Thought about the Danielle I love the made reference to the movie the island -- that says yes great movie they decide. Like three months ago guard Jones. Close enough that skin -- Michael -- of -- that Texas that was judge -- not demolition man and they live. Judge to Rangel can keep track gap yet I think that's straight to him. This is WA AF. And WA AF HD one west -- -- in WK AF and WK FB HD one Brockton Boston. It's 803 and we airplane your hill mail messages. Second hand Indiana. No better realize that can look so completely implode don't look good sideways put the -- or not quite got the boot into that. Adobe used. But agreed this is going to be a great theories I mean it's going to be a fantastic -- there always are Montreal Boston on -- -- it's one. Biggest robbery in my world. -- greatest rivalry in sports one of the greatest rivalry in sport is that he's Red Sox certainly right up there about why and I I don't think the Yankees the Red Sox have met as many times in the playoffs in. Yes as 3030 were more clarity slower times. -- in England Indian. -- What. Can government -- my -- happen anywhere and Indian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There always are all my there always. Are a number. And the message through a the yeah now. Here's the Texas says why isn't anyone calling out -- this gold digger. For recording a poor old man I know -- -- and not someone who doesn't know the story come on I don't think it is too many people who feel that way. Now she is an archive list yeah she's really no -- being recorded. We've got the guys in Erie and ego maniac racist billionaires yeah. Who else and -- what we have every side -- that basically in it and I mentioned it earlier parent divorce. Deposition he calls -- hooker. Yeah you don't feel that -- for sacks on Soledad cease traction. I think most people. I don't think feel bad for an old guy who gets sucked in by by a young woman did not unless he has the dementia right. I mean if it's a rich guy laying who has an estranged wife who's like. How old is Donald Sterling 81 thank you and she's what are twenties yeah. One I really do have to break this down like she. She -- Heidi she she she he loves it when he hit you when she -- toes that section out like all or maybe like if you want to answer and pictures she's always taking pictures of the gains -- -- million dollar shoes and handbags and stuff like. Knows what he's get into. So she they're both pretty clear what their roles are in this relationships don't sit there and tell me. Boom. She's taking advantage of Donald sterling and ruining his reputation I think I did that on his own. However. I mean not very loving of this woman who was involved excuse me to release this thought her -- IMAX stuff trying to -- -- well there's no love what this is about. Weird Viagra sex with -- 81 year old guy in an -- ton of money in a couple cars you know suck it up until he -- the relationship gets stale in three years and you move on this article this is this is what happens when he when he -- drop from -- from the bank accounts and Shannon could be records and maybe he'll break -- auto dialing it back together. -- me ask you though. -- on theoretically yeah. Could you if a guy like that was worth one point nine billion dollar -- my dream -- could you. Could you -- contraction and could could you meet personally could you physically. I'm going to don't tell me go yeah let me personally I and I couldn't do or it. -- put -- don't you think I would have done that -- when he. -- anywhere any time. Only adds absolutely. Not doing. I mean there's a sixty something meaningless -- about our I don't -- don't think I'd try to find a -- minutes now that person. Just felt didn't initially love.