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Miss Mantown/Playboy Mexico Model Rachel Isabel 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

A former Miss Mantown guest of just about a year ago has it big and is featured in Playboy Mexico, Rachel comes back to the studio to give us the low down.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I would imagine that we feel like teachers when there -- old students come back to visit us. And they've done well for themselves the same thing happens when we have missed -- pounds who have moved on -- made a name for themselves. And the lovely Rachel is here this morning how are you by doing it thank you mean act when you just gotta -- Correct you're the you have to get right up close that microphones there -- did. When were you here do you remember when you were a miss mantown they all kind of run together and in our mind right isn't. Without paying it really eight years. And had to be longer than that might add yet another pilot the. -- I -- -- like 2000. In. Which. Well did you did you go to the lingerie. The night the navy before Christmas laundry party yeah it was it was an around that time. I think I was like 2012. Hours I think imagine around there -- I do remember hill hearing about kind of what a year ago was it really I was I was -- last year and so all the way from. From there and now you're in Playboy Playboy Mexico yes completely maxed us that the international title yet an international titles yet you know. Don't tell me it -- tell me what happened so. Apple basically am about I year -- and a half without. I started talking to a guy his name is Michael. And recently he's been having a lot of six -- Aaron who -- girls getting to be able way. He's also -- and published and other at magazines -- -- -- and -- so he was really interested in working with me for about you know a year -- talk back in Florence yeah and so. LB does the same thing online I don't he's been billing himself as a Playboy photographer online I'd I I I take mental picture I heard the house. So he was able to get your pictures to Playboy. So I'm basically we scheduled -- you Aaron and he came to Boston. -- and I also have a may at a prison does my hair and make up her you know going out our. First shoots Lou and we all got together one week and now we shot all weekend and province. 1 in the morning. I'm quite occupied of course I -- you have you ever did America nude pictures that's what. That's my -- as well no you definitely can't and -- need to take pictures -- I was actually blown away as they are being taken because. I'm eat the images -- you see it they did not really need to be edited by its gonna out of -- duke has there and it you know they're being published but. I'm me you know he's just amazing lightning he made at a fairly comfortable fun experience yeah yeah. Can't tell us who's keeping. It -- hitting it. I asked them time and so. He basically I mean I wanted pictures sent him off at the neighboring editors Mexico out. And I got a text message line -- in Houston Texas visiting my best friend and it was like. Two weeks and only to tell why it. And he's like clear and Playboy and I was like no way so Chris Alex freaking out inside my friend's apartment and excited at how can. How can and leave the -- to loosen -- should go. How can they find those pictures right this moment of it while they're listening -- outlook. I -- -- link as I am Playboy dot com and then it has its ash and Max for -- now ya. I'm in actually I increase artist on the whole audience okay I'm sales seeming pretty quickly there's also links aren't my Twitter Yahoo! account which is Rachel is about nineteen -- and and if you are also to go to Playboy Mexico's -- I'll be out there as well and then they also have a FaceBook. And -- and I believe that we have a little video up on our website yes right Tommy ran at WA AF dot com all right we didn't. Is sent me the link to the -- doubt it. The the photographs I'll tweet that link of my. Like -- really gives them. It is time you've never heard again because I was not able to tell when I want you earlier and they were like you're also there were right my -- isn't just trying to be nice nice looking okay. I'd look at high -- that I had the close our own policies. And a eight and a -- -- very very photogenic and now there's been very pretty real grass -- yeah he asked what size are -- I'm I am at 33. Team -- sound effects. And. I'm not looking at them because of trying to link something a look at al-Qaeda and this link on my Twitter happy to get asked -- yeah -- again he has to do that like the bio. I'm like where did you -- -- you turn -- I'd -- -- your -- and it's funny I am because they. How telling translated into English for me to camp and that must have been fun what they didn't know exactly what it now and it's because the translation outlook opt. So I was texting an effort talk -- and I was also talking migrant it's like what exactly does this mean. Like what happened. Why the thought. The LB chimes in with something really an Internet nine yeah. This week that. -- is Rachel -- confirmed a talker yes a 100% little bit a little bit a little bit of an up and keep up yeah. I -- -- you know she's yeah -- Yeah and look at that now did they give you that Playboy a necklace for being in Playboy you know out. Now I went out because I was so excited I was like I need to necklace and I can just click on that that Iraq has got. I'm waiting there -- haven't been very patient to get to this point yeah so I was like yep and I myself went right now like America -- beatable now on Saturday. -- -- yeah I just yeah I've been really patient it's been taken at taking about two years Stephen got here you know and you know I kind of like. Sold myself short so many times that I was not doing it I'm waiting for the right or talk -- waiting for the people. You know I wanted to be proud of this that you wanna have little or craps out and I was like no I'm wearing a permanent. Party and contest that -- and has got a tweet from somebody who went to high school did you Brett Hoffman out. Yes yes actually it I don't I know -- very thorough review of the high school. Well I would tell landmark high school it's up and Norris are bad I graduated from inside out ball you get into. Now and are used besides this do you what else the you'd. I'm well I go to school you know nobody's spending and I'm not political science in marketing me let me -- phone -- June brands. I'm out these big big like I worked really hard that -- read -- on the so you know army at this -- trying to Iraq excel in multiple areas of my main career you know. And now but your -- miss it and are you single nasty oh you single out single and ready to -- -- -- -- -- are you travel the world would you be interested in dating and 81 year old races to loans NBA team as and I could be heard -- I am looking for a life girlfriend and I think you're going forward. And somebody who won't record them is that you'll you can now that there. Now let's deal with -- this guy today. How 35 yard east sixth and not the reason -- pretty forests and I'm looking like go out like -- Bynum ready. Anthony -- government that it liked and I learned -- AT&T I don't know what god guys I gotta -- yeah. And it had a Brittany -- you went to my girlfriends that are like happens like -- -- like Ryan and you know we kind of make up well violators felt. There's a whole little gaggle of you on you don't know whether. In the Montrae pillow fight takes a couple hours. This -- fan because they Aaron one of my -- questions was. You know what is a sexy in it to my wrist affect the and it talent what do you want -- -- up so I was talking I have my -- summit I'd just say that we have right. Sexy lingerie pillow fights -- candidate I think logically and even. Are you alleging that things in Playboy that these women say much about you through that and so here is that we're saying now about my jacket around the thing that. I -- I don't necessarily stories coming out this weekend so is this does this mean like -- they fly you all over the place but what the upside. You know while -- It came -- Friday yeah yeah and so. And you know. I would -- -- -- things can come from that's. But this is kind of like my first tries are gonna see how many like every yet. -- reviews that people like me if people like the picture. I'm so you know hopefully from there marble come it it's kind of like. I personally have to be proactive to get more work out of this because I could completely leave it alone and never you know. I don't and that's got to stay after you get -- you -- Well I don't get your beautifully approaches are phenomenal yeah down yes I have tweet did not only the picture of Rachel in the studio -- But also though linked to play is a call Playboy Mexico is that would -- or is it just Playboy dot com is being -- -- Comcast and acts for America has. And and racial Isabel who was a miss mantown about Daniel you are still don't know Playboy dot com dot MX dot yeah yeah I wouldn't have something like that doesn't. This debut here and that's not the advantage. Yeah you know at the Melanie and I think I should now you now and don't worry about that LO LO -- A great great so you don't did Harry you. And put an -- radio I'm Gregory Evans out of them that a couple but -- typified how well up in New Hampshire not yet can't -- I'm and we remember your form a year that we could go old school to WAS listeners can greatly a couple of more that you can't question. Yeah. Look what would you I just asked her about dating we can ask you feel I asked upsides. -- wrote pressure regulator. Apparently does what what about UG GA we know where and what what was the other one. And order up its its and it has -- there what what what about the GGA. Provocative girl grow. And now now never kissed a friend or anything like that I mean my girlfriends. Yelling maybe just like Alec -- -- on the cheap but now and check out you know and now now now known -- we now on I think I have no problem. -- -- -- Now I'm not a get this -- thing out because people say it's not just the link working on Twitter -- not because people -- if it's for some reason it's not and I think Britain they're having played issues. But of Slovakia on errant yet everybody probably crash site. And I think they've -- in mind that. I can see it's you know that I have. The plane WiMax that -- stuff on here so on me you can send me picture. Yeah I can China kept a little rules keep -- like that oh actually wait Hancock. Yes if he heard about it Twitter it's Claiborne and acts and they have a bunch of links. I'm on the -- -- -- government taxes should be right there -- Lee bully loses this it's very exciting and it's rage and that is an element crash ever in our togetherness that he. -- Pixar and aching go to Iran to -- -- that like I had that. I should be on the home page -- but it likes girls over between four -- are without a. Don't find the find yeah. There was -- I doubt they're great pictures and I'm really happy about this outfit and get my my mom and Jennifer and are happy and proud and excited. You know it's -- and you know obviously this is not on my parents wanted me to do my -- on your grade school and yet so they're really proud of you know that but on top of data aren't. In other just like you right. Your daughter were going to be happy no matter what you do as long as you're safe in your happy it what is your dad's -- about it. You you know -- He -- it isn't happy asked about it you know he has come to terms of that past. And you know I don't really had. Sarah lot with them to do that now has I don't really want to actually think they don't know it's they they do you know they know that Playboy happening now a published Friday that was -- -- -- -- around. And that actually was a lot Atlanta Jennifer love it. -- youthful illusions the yeah I was like as a cat like a neighbor is just changing guy like. Only bikini I'm glad it's the connections out a little bit of alive but it's RA is -- I hope beard dad -- and and the friends that were who you know I actually thought about it and trying to not think about where you. Don't worry about it and a co workers and you know honestly honestly I'm proud of everything -- yeah. Like I always say it's just like you're going to have gone on the beach in your way in a bikini. There's not a legitimate business bikini when I know I don't know what your boobs look like he's you know you have a girl parts. Well I -- Yeah I just -- -- operated on this debate issue littered with the -- -- public acting. Not good question I'm eating out -- also thought about that is wow. Yes they do you think in there would be some issues depending on what career path and wanted to go into my kids to -- -- yeah yeah yeah priest gone that -- and you know every -- violence -- lawyer added I don't wanna do any -- that's Friday with political science and -- -- -- the marketing is a little bit more acceptable for me to have done something like that aren't sure and so that's kind of why I added an additional -- there. All right honey don't happen. -- you change and -- you know it's -- fourteen there's I think you know a lot of jobs it would. Not allow you to do something like that hire you those are pumped again if you do -- time if you do a Google search in that comes up I'm saying -- -- It's not a matter -- my world and our economic partly keep hitting -- as I have. Luckily the beginning of the new here -- are accurate it could be the beginning of time. We noticed the idea Playboy America and I said I Islam that I just had to try my hardest and as far as I can -- -- and a phone call from Playboy -- and I you know there. And announced all over the world. From. Are I don't. Well listen congratulations think is some rats or were very happy for you -- and and and the year you've gone international from from. From little old miss mantown -- international fame and it would it would Playboy I -- gonna get to go to the mansion. I hope so yeah I have and some friends who are. They were models as well yeah so I'm hoping that need to be able to join them see an hour later an hour and my friends DJ is the matter has seizure crystal Hefner so now he actually about half -- have one -- -- -- you didn't ask that -- -- 35. We Urals limit I think it doesn't matter yeah. Maybe one of his -- I guess not I'm happy that -- -- -- so I think my age here and you know they did it actually have to be cool and that. I had a note to self sufficient so that you don't need to guy. And now a download that if one and comes a lot of that ended -- -- -- that the IM I -- released out of fish and Atlantic. Hit of around I worked really hard to get here so you know have realized -- -- -- and since it went from. And I really explain. About thirty years. And dad obviously it's working board yeah we're in places you know. No boyfriend for three years -- you know I've just been really focus on school long and I would Playboy and I just you know I have I was given advice before I have for how different he was like you know. Don't think anybody it's gonna get is sidetracked yet you don't want to eat meat of the night and the kidnappers guest Brian in your little bit more than a photographer Angela K okay. Yeah I -- -- Leo but it is -- because you will hold backing. You when he gonna fetish you wannabe super comfortable lead -- have to be a coming out of my play different entity not that I just advanced I don't -- have to think about that yeah -- so if the right person comes firing at spots and you know but I'm willing to wait and 24 -- of -- -- yeah and now yeah I like you know we're not into my life but it didn't. Well from Wheeling out a little bit to yeah -- so thank you very much income everybody Tommy's and take care you and I and someone is trying to do before you know so. And we're video allows for the show I have to admit that related to the Arizona style started a charity -- that it shouldn't go over a thirty -- -- so it. Twelve years too late to -- -- I'm the -- am. The website video that's up and is there more coming also on the last night WA AF backup okay -- so -- make sure you go check them out.