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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers and this week we get answers on a man who won't pull hair during sex, and a guy someone is dating who has a small penis, he also happens to work with the lady.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. All right here we go Perelman. You listen to show you can't figure out why a guy you're like doesn't he does text your question right now out in 97107. NASA WA AF -- motor group -- line. LB I love having my hair pulled during sex offense off. Saturday night I asked my boyfriend -- to pull my hair while we were going out here and said it was weird. And it took us out of the moment is it weird or is he approved. It's it's definitely not weird that kind of stuff in the bedroom is outstanding. Please you know ego out of my get up a little bit but -- Devin -- of -- apparently doesn't want do you gotta bring them -- who do. Do they you know gave gosh you know do some more little special special form Boca. The message she should just -- she likes it yeah I just should do it well be you know old but she could maybe didn't you know convince some with. Some other stuff from some. You know some -- stuff OK you know what I'm saying and -- corkscrew engine Yahoo!. I am so sick of my boyfriend of over a year asking me to pay part of everything we do. I have been -- many relationships always. This is gonna get you -- -- this I have been in many relationships and because of who I am the man always phase. But my mom told me that's the way it should be what I don't. Right just me or does it in the latest I -- -- -- Larry is -- -- look what -- -- -- nine 58 and in another you are right ma'am not slow enough for another I have no problem. You know maybe it. Number one you better be good the rapper if I'm paying for everything you should be I I want my sex on the rag around all day every day whenever I want I want I want my laundry done I want my -- what you cook at yeah. I don't drive no problem can transfer. She seems a bit confident in her and her and herself that are landed at at the Butler as a denial of that. Maybe she knows he's got an accurate you are you somebody thinks the man should pay for everything I mean that we have we done everything okay. And give equal rights amendment mean everything's and then maybe 70% of what most -- do -- for the same job -- this firm is complete anomaly an exception that ruled it so yeah. Everybody and you want to get on all right let's go anywhere expressed support you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like she's got to be incredible of Julius is just to throw that went on there so that it. In this generally not from the Obama and have a and -- mr. -- half all the time earnings -- about dude yeah. -- -- like convince my balding husband to shave it off without offending him just tell -- the Flintstones aired. -- so it's that time kid she gave that baby bird called doctor Robert ordered. 1800 get here. It's gotta be honest. I'm I'm all about debt. You know I mean. -- would -- if you're if you're in love with somebody you gotta be able to say whatever -- you know pay him a fat -- to jail -- just say it's been about me but it should keep out the comment in well he's -- and why -- like K -- you know what daddy when -- we circled the gym together. Mean you know but but her forever just -- -- -- and I love you. You would look way better if you shaved it. Mean. My husband has four pairs of underwear each of which is at least ten years old they are ripped and discussed yeah. Why don't men care about under what their underwear like we do. Because you're mentioned bulls are sexy right are dimensional bulls are to catch approved staying popular -- Seriously you are certain. Guys where you guys Wear nice clothes -- That you guys don't shirt but we do. My boyfriend of two years 774. Attacks my boyfriend of two years refuses to have anything pertaining to our relationship on his FaceBook. Why wouldn't put our relationship on the social network. I do well against companies out there in the game -- -- -- what do you think you really goes bullet on Friday night for the -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do you call it the -- yeah you didn't like my. That's good I -- what hey listen I'm all about if you like to carrying it in the best thing about it a merry Garza's no strings attached you're in Europe. Have great site. So -- -- guys -- being honest to this forewoman watts guys aren't let the guys are so it's a way to roll. I'm a 44 year old widow. I recently met a 22 year old remember on that I've I've we'll listen to this I recently met a 22 year old friend of my son and found him to be very attractive -- that's after getting to know him -- He suggested a Friends With Benefits relationship I think he is too young for me what do you think I I think what you did you don't use it you lose it. That's right okay. But you've got very happy and I would and that's just a bonus I am right there I'm told your mom -- all play was that the person hit the lottery. Yeah I mean she's arguing wanna go to bars -- years she has ads and she's you know. Probably I mean that's just do you make the phone call you fly over girls all the time. And -- I am seeing a guy that I work for America ma'am. I'm seeing a guy that I work with recently I was -- with -- one of my female co workers and -- -- -- revealed to her that he has a small penis I didn't see that he was coming down the role of cubicles and talked to me I'm almost positive the overheard any. Should acknowledge what I said and try to cover it opera or just ignore it. Well what they hear awkward. What difference co worker were but there may indeed if you know if you if it was worth it great and -- -- not gone back to the well it's too small all right sorry about -- Tennessee guy every avenue like they're running joke and any on the K Brad sorry yeah -- Just the girls are still the girls or time washed my chuckled drive me not for all American Adam yeah. My girlfriend -- you do just to make -- DE BUB miserable. Could have someone on it there I want. I want to have professional lingerie pictures taken as a wedding gift from my fiance. But he doesn't want the photographer to see me in my underwear -- think that's a little bit of tricky yeah thank but he. Why are guys jealous like this are these what am not not all guys jealously. I thought I would -- but the subject's -- -- a problem I wouldn't have a problem more than it is that a common. Wedding gift and not that I know okay. But -- but again I don't want their -- I have plunder and you know what I do know one person that they know it doesn't say -- after the way. Doing -- doing without his permission in the and I apologize and then you get and then every time he looks at -- the guy's gonna be fixated on the fact that like Joe -- photographer from framing it -- might make it -- -- -- like so you know -- you know what you gotta do it you know you do is you take a picture of the photographer first yeah. Go get a fact -- older. But that's got to do it it the fact MB old era by the way. One of the only things that's worse than a FaceBook model it is a FaceBook photographer -- -- -- -- by airing a creek. -- building is the -- -- drama for low while none -- that's already shares it's it's regard it's -- satisfied with being turned arm. With chicks -- -- You know earlier predators are really appreciate. When. Former miss me and towns. Move on to get through to success rate yes and now one of them. Who is. Has appeared in now Playboy. Mexico. -- play. Is coming in here at nine. So she'll be in the studio nine her pictures her pictures just. Came out on Friday and it's so a former miss mantown with some success internationally. Let's get a -- that's in the studio after nine which I'm very excited -- Derek all right I'm excited last month this morning don't take it. My boyfriend of six months loves asking me if I could flash other guys that he won't stop asking me to do I think it's weird. I think my moves -- just for him why does he wanted to show others. Because he's proud you Baird writes he's -- So you can't get your breasts and your body and everything that you are -- and partners with the guy who's getting married to the other chick who -- -- lingerie photos because. Yeah Jazeera gets through to the other I can really -- -- your car. -- definitely can make win and we make a -- Switzerland are like LD cloud that is inside the simple male mind and it happens every Monday here at WA AF.