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Masshole Theater-Miracle 4-28-14

Apr 28, 2014|

We once again take a trip to the Masshole Theater inside Rob's family for an epic monologue.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hill Man Morning Show -- It's cold. All right. -- got a family members. To execute today's mass whole theater -- who's this guy is my uncle what's his name Scott uncle Scott -- where's he from good guy he's and Bridgewater a time Barack Wada and bought in the area. Good morning -- him retire I love gone over -- and on the weekends you know he has a family get together every -- every Sunday. And he'll give me some old war stories him in my dad you know he's always got some kind of I don't know. Good good message heard good you know. Good faith story of then make -- through the tough times is always a moral to it so true mass hole. Too I mean he's top is now's -- you know he ain't. Nice is dude when it comes to people that come outside the family try to command how we got two daughters and I mean I look up to him as a father figure and he is mass hole -- -- -- well. With this particular I can't give too much away but with this particular -- or monologue. I figured you know this is. A person who you kind of look up to Yahoo! needs to give inspiration OK in my uncle's always done that for me I mean he's always given me true mass -- inspiration -- it's always like. The right thing to do it. But it's always the thing that everybody in the back of their mind wants one no -- library. I'm so I figured he'd be perfect for any laid down forming and I think -- came out great all of skinny in the end these up first this morning hello Andy. They I don't ally death. And where you're from where I'd be ready to decipher what the film is today during that whole -- out and shot all right listen close. We gave this some moments. Of born on opportunities. That's all you have here tonight boys. We haven't stuffed it. All of use -- this one race here. Tonight we bring out one game. Irregardless of the fact that if we have played them ten times they win nine. But not this game. Not have they asked. Tonight we skate with them in tonight we have a field day. And we she got them down because -- sick nasty. Guy -- for us. Tonight. Well liked a manager at humvees. And -- greatest hockey team in the world except of course for the 72 reasonable. Born to be hockey players. You mad good. You lament to be here tonight. This is you'll what kind. This time is old but it's all over the kid. I'm sick and -- day here in one great team they have. Screw bomb sparked the skids off the ball. Is your time. Now go out there and -- -- -- so we -- house opera. Now little subtler and both subs off let ironic then right after he didn't tell us it was time because I -- tell. I'm gonna need not much of this accident. Danny got an answer. I have no clue I want to say our goal I've never never go there and learn having you guys did an -- here that there were several. We the titans guesses but now it's miracle absolutely -- the job. Options. I love it now and it's time for -- south by south this uncle Scott -- He's the best -- now by the pick of the craziest points out -- yeah sounds like it is -- -- get to your knowledge needed some motivation and I'll tell you every -- -- -- guy every eight you know him it was kind of plan out this Khamenei says you know you guys can come home when averages there was heads up so we have -- But every cookout you know with a beer in hand he's got a -- story going and it turns into some kindness and beach about. You know what you need to do war somebody's commoner to Stanley how you can protect -- -- but I mean he is one of the greatest storytellers. There ever was and but I mean that's a big things from Yahoo! stopped doing now on thank you Scott we appreciate it.