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Jay Pharoah of Saturday Night Live 4-25-14

Apr 25, 2014|

Saturday Night Live and comedian Jay Pharoah stopped in to do some impressions and make everyone laugh their asses off.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Yeah she out look at I got targets and this is currently -- -- put it -- Jerry over that. This is one of my all time favorite guests here yeah. He's blown up now so we -- you see we don't get to see him as much is yeah lifeboats army up but it's Jay-Z yeah yeah yeah yeah notes army yup and he. Yes the black India we were to me when I was talking about your blue marble yeah why she's -- the most influential. A person according to time Mankins yeah I woke up like -- -- some. -- go like did serve boy it served boy. Now people -- Hawaii you know what's try to do that oh our old -- it's because of beyoncé now. -- -- and apparently. On the bottom some people. Are talking about her and the president having an affair G well. And not old enough. That would never happen on one allowed at the half from the round small boy you mean you know if people wanted to you know -- you can do and you know wouldn't happen if -- output she -- don't disrespect me move could come. I like Q. Got to one Orpheus. Outputs when all all visit so was it for me saying get my president is -- -- who would vote. I mean -- so people are mad about it like Joseph you forty's we inform anybody know he's the greatest book mr. cash is community. He's the cash is clearly need to Mohamed -- yeah. And we see it again I believe now notice a nice phone -- -- -- -- -- stick practice and didn't you know taking pictures of genetic Zia. -- -- Police are made -- film that's Swine Flu. -- still have its one flub a chip. I think actually you've got what we get we have full bowling on here today you -- you -- -- that -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- not you know -- actually attributed to -- fifty -- and -- 47 Saddam industry. That this kind of from a New York. No human not you know man knows image you'll soon -- They make money let me sell you stuff up up up up and they know exactly and they say. Kyra -- and this is noted for four in order right but this is correct and you'll should give this piece on the -- priests computing know I could do would you sum. It's there and they. So jaded or how it should call you tonight is that the -- Yeah tonight at the American Idol. The -- that they think it's -- will Florida Condo my days completely separate corners of your -- she semi -- you can never let alone does funniest man on the planet's -- as -- noted in the way it's funny because -- actually what he sits -- adamant that age where even know grow as a league voted to young. And as I got it from -- American ground down by yo baby you eighteen night you know -- saying enough -- -- -- -- and eighteen or two who -- -- the young have a conversation mandate is it made the -- -- demanded it wobbled through text me I'm like could that some of the helicopter pick you have a life here on Saturday and you know what he's been looking at me. I don't think you would be dating celebrities and I mean I want Margot Robbie. She can do she can -- could be mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- The that it but it Hillary do I know. Even better at that you just break it down can wait a minute ought to excellent -- -- -- sort of always reacting to -- And the study of congress -- a gymnasium and there's another man punching and another man talking this -- absolutely. Crazy on what's happening here but this isn't the only problem of people musicians they're just. A very talented and there are a magician or musically inclined musically inclined. Allows actually saying magic -- in. About -- Very. How the run. It does Obama like the impression that he found out there that actually did it for him you did I was really weird at the White House or no -- Harvey wants things house. And house foreign. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I love. That the wounded two. Food is going to be behind we don't know the shuttle will soon. Financial district of nuclear fuel at some district Ferrell master and I think. So all of its arms are so I guess so certainly it did did did somebody that would -- just launch into it or it was somebody say like. Vacation gotta you gotta do the impression they dressed me up as President Obama had no clue he was going to be standing right in front of me. Like that was the weird part because he's got a big hit Jack like he's got a lot of brain -- men like to president he's do you not see why he's the president and -- have a lot of brain Brad Pitt is humongous. It's an end to smile and it was like the sign markets feel the influence on the side in my face I could feel his smile acknowledges McKinnell for confirmation every time to make sure that he wasn't mad and they wouldn't. You know you know -- point racquet and -- suppose it and so I was like. Well. My daughter -- it fuels like are not you don't get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I do. Did you smile on my home -- -- And I gave him a hand state you know so when it was weird moment when I thought he was tournament was with so -- -- -- just trying to get past me. -- -- So window I'd give him like more than you don't. Like lower but he's now also have another black student -- go home thought that we were. I've thought that we -- within the messages veto -- our. Big big Smartphone also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No human beings on the -- to read into him now held being -- that he hope the people of they came back though at the after the individuals like you -- argument that they -- do that. They definitely got. I'm glad I met him he was and new lunar orbit. -- that. -- OK whoa whoa whoa I know your record. You're like sockets do. How. And almost we ought to -- did you different did you look him and I can no no I. Yeah it charges putting up the pictures in the video on social that glorious burden other people that -- Like many in. The world police -- to go to -- to get the I'm -- No dividend to alleviate any fingernails if you do is down in the in the tax please thank you gave her Kanye and Kim world's biggest fuchsia while. I got a running joke with the ever asked yes you know he -- I'm like listen this isn't the third well currently what but look at the ball let's break down let's talk about how Kim -- blue okay look. Bet I'd be mad because first of all she is more famous -- raging like milk. And I'd be mad that I don't like my opinion is made you famous like you should think mop mean look like. Mob scene should be happened to claim here -- there wasn't she knew it was my penis in my opinion is made you do you have any. And now she's Moffett had a hell you just consider it -- brother -- raging. Britney's brother that gets them under the existing met -- and admission and do you know it out -- looking at the porno tape. And a look like all -- is the greatest thing have a house right now really light up seemed more bossy way better than that night she was all right look at the bottom of her but would like to loosen -- -- Was hanging out. I think Kanye West and I was like well I guess he likes it but because he's hit the that -- Jeremy I guess he may not get that when he -- you know I mean he got a -- -- -- you have -- yeah definitely I could make a lot of a lot of sugar content -- come on -- who couldn't get somebody -- -- -- somebody's moment and I'll teach you. So -- a college professor something some -- compliment Joseph craziness you'll get somebody who can't even talk in public -- out of -- -- you. -- wanna know women -- -- -- goal public they look good but don't say nothing but as soon as they stopped talking and you'll realize they need dominant that you won't allow that. You let it shut out Michigan managed girlfriends that Diego had -- today. -- -- -- -- -- But the good. There you are a museum to let -- keep them in using a couple. Okay nobody touches you might talk to you -- talk -- without you -- about -- -- -- stand up to all you need to know your role in me to play at -- -- didn't quite fascinating. How -- -- big dog and northwest. -- And we -- have -- -- airlines that -- again. I went to everybody have a good found out what to -- I think that. He's not an -- it. -- -- -- -- Did going off. The fifteen minutes or its way Eagles also way why don't you take yourself and doing a business thing is so Gagne could. Have been made sure I got. -- his main. I think a lot -- autumn. Do I'm what are you a -- own what do you want to Freeman was going home to my -- wasn't a -- multi like you know -- -- that mother pregnant nothing. I don't think we're not a mother. I don't know but yeah -- away a little thing and you know they controlled Bullock isn't as regular definite article it is going to be good and the very well. Now. This. I don't know how did. That is like taking a long time to get some body down my colleague content Yang from. Here it is -- -- -- how much -- wasserman like I think didn't go to -- through use of it that's an even Denzel is I mean just. I remember when you're the first time he did Denzel on the show -- and Danielle actually thought it I did it I was not in a studio. Eleven I think yeah yeah it's gonna pay attention -- -- -- like all right and I was like that that's -- Did their job today got -- -- -- that Denzel customer service thing is clearly some children less than analysts are sounding like that a lot of times in exchange you like that as of July for an. Because that's cool when I was in middle school imaging in front there was Jane Lynch that's what was talked him through and are you looking emulation who conceived stage you can -- you get -- -- -- I have to. You didn't turn -- you know you're gonna right. All right Lucy you got on the blue and white but is bound to turn into who blew in a way to this would. Cost -- months. That's right. Room hope Jake I even know what that meant and how little what that you would the release it didn't look like wells -- -- medical president intimate -- I was talking. Mike Wallace feud domain name mark I'm now when you know you've been making me more Hollywood of that. Why doesn't make you more like we swept them at my best. Edgardo odor -- a hole I had to. They Luke who can she hates it it didn't the word voice I'll really did I hate us and our car in there. I love him or -- but if Denzel we're talking about her being -- spectacular did you have -- you have to accept it. We usually like your phys Ed if I said a word from the blockbuster and are doing like. Moment you mine went through process can make you more flight KQ would like to Penske team yeah. You can did elaborate with the comparison okay with you can't you've got to do it because K kkk -- watch Rihanna are. I'll let you should expect less so to wouldn't what Leon I would do you cannot lover bit -- Sean has silverlight -- -- it'll survive is if we go. And the legacy won't pay as you very attractive she did she at all I'm element -- ever -- -- -- an excuse me hooked -- -- -- does say oh my god come here and might yes come come. And I don't come right now Rihanna always got a what are you doing here because it. Like oh my god how do you do that jays in the -- make that is so amazingly how do you do that all right but we'll watch it on a tour bus and oh my god you're a phenomenal. -- how do you do it and how do you do that. I think you're just say LA LA and -- yeah. That's kind of -- that could. If an almighty -- like oh my -- -- -- among good people -- you can go and yeah. An -- successful home boy that's more board group that there's broker of American. We that's -- who she who she and then on I don't know who she's you don't don't you and you don't notice -- do do do do you have been looking at the new as well so who. Well as she's written without -- through all this you know. On guns and Jamie -- is you know you know and now -- I smell like -- there was another I have and you know -- -- she's she's had a recent pictures which she's a recent -- where it would be home victory. You know Andre you know that Canadian guy and it was underground and yes I actually. Canadian tax bracket at the -- you know I mean that's you know I don't be -- if -- -- -- -- old -- -- and right -- I -- lookup of that I can't. Okay the that's millionaire crazy cheesy. Has awesome Adobe is being with hardcore -- he doesn't care as a -- -- don't care attitude and ambient -- -- anyway it's okay it would be good. Well beavers need. Enough money forever like I don't think he continued -- up. Yeah and a what his mom hasn't had her parents haven't taken these guys is that the -- that's there I haven't taken yet. No he's in the -- went -- first I got to know him and he's a break cool kid he's very Coca bush. You know before I met in my god and know what thought do I do is was looking at the television late oldest chip on his television and by go crazy -- -- I don't know Brodeur couldn't put it tick all the don't let me and that's amazing I don't like this girl and then I -- I was always a guy out there oh snapple. -- and I -- a little -- better I think my daddy look look look like hello pretty little lesbian. It's amazing managed Fernando but I mean you know and that's I mean he's very cool very cool most people -- -- But you know you don't know before you know you just you just look at there's a petition online -- Obama acted deport him. What's gas. And when it causes them to all goes to North Korea yeah there was very little career -- any number -- Internet and Dennis Rodman. Dennis -- is like a Smart -- Because he knows when it all goes down he's going to be fine because you know I -- when that bomb -- amendments to come -- him that -- -- -- fine you're gonna get advance notice he's going to demands not. I don't the other Custer thought when rob. That was where do we go I don't know I'm not like what what we thought we don't we -- even believe and I'll play to at least play against Wichita North Korea operational grizzlies haven't. I don't Korea. -- pleasant OK right thumper OK okay coach no honeycomb come up and -- class of students at a -- do some crazy stuff neglect abandonment itself. I did look like I like you don't have to have a midget porn star Carmen would most sausage fingers and Jews and -- -- everybody is okay yeah. It's. Good for you know because some. Little -- revenue -- and and and do you like that. And I I don't know. Feel like my kid -- got as well. -- -- -- -- -- you know delayed because a number at corner crying at home yeah. We have big hero Bridget the midget a good yeah that's amazing that she's just she's employers. And I think if only I only god I was in there -- I've learned how burglar took another little kid I really like you man only -- -- it ought to go well though -- used to move. I think there's a bite size might be effective price -- below not above the -- travels mother could. That okay the next time you that -- the next time that Harvey Weinstein is the president's gonna ask you put your midget and -- -- with a porno film could show him. Very Obama and after about you know me stockings okay -- keep -- there and Malia and that's momentum news Honolulu predicament that -- a lot of -- -- But let's have a look better and a mammoth show -- -- -- a lot about it. You would show watch midget -- that's amazing and tell me more the the president to the president wants and in the in the lineup there things we don't. -- well you know let me -- maybe as like I would have meant to see if -- the president is who was me I'll have Michael presidential boom for the -- -- without. He comes -- -- -- -- you -- the president I have to deal with problems everyday I have the deal with the problems of the world every day and I have to be the biggest decision maker in the world one of them. No one -- can all forget that. Like you know I -- a jerk like I need to relieve myself because the five don't then guess what bush. Yeah at the you -- a little bit -- that no wait for the last two most of his presidency beyoncé when he just comes and he's got boxes going. He's got a wife beat it at that and he's got a little pieces stain on it and he's got a -- here all the big -- and not just a normal -- about Philadelphia -- like -- I don't. Middle East and be right one of them the data don't make you could stop that security right now that's what I can't wait for the door that he just won't be like hey we're not. Not. I'm not. And LeRoy or not. And in that I was him I take a Viagra and not let everybody see it every day -- I would take a Viagra and I -- show beautiful rock like that do you smell what Barack is cooking. That's what it was -- on the top of my box is -- let's take a dual use if you just mail what Barack is cooking and ended up to smack you in new walk in the back. Six. That. Hollows are -- there and today is that -- will be at an event tonight in its checked his motive who have come come and all of the top mom coming off my head with this stuff I need acted read a whole new set and hit a yeah. I think that it. The laughs yeah like you have laughed down and that's like the key to this -- I was a little things ideas is to do I do just fine thank you always get the last of people advantages they wanted to Will Smith. And I think there was you know he knows he's getting a laugh there. -- -- That clear there. There you're zero. I don't know what that's hilarious. You know war like me in -- have been together for like ever and like it's not going and you know me because it's cheaper to Cuban film. And our thoughts guttural -- -- always -- for somebody. Six to Rosemary moon. But the game but not -- that the whole field I already know it. Their heads to a there are two lodges that and then the Denzel the last -- and that act act after -- -- -- at a hooters. Okay yeah. As ordered his mind though this were -- used to laugh. Where you which what was happening or you FaceBook you know Republican at Twitter that Pete oh my god thank you for the best last severed today -- Really news -- -- needed -- -- in the more than they have moved with them have a have a Red Bull turned out. You give height is the Mormon temple she got to go to work you have stuff you need to do you have to. That you might have to do some construction you might have to eat you might have to be away and you don't put me to wake up. It's all the same at this they really gone away. I'm just saying with the help OK I had the wrong during this morning okay I had rules that drink numero sleep. Minerals that I -- -- that I got traded Google's -- and they don't want you to do. The Red Sox went to the lineups are and our president mispronounce the name of Mike Napoli who plays her column Mike -- but it does. I thought you go there he at the -- he does that. The ball like he my anger and a bullet that. Or Napoleon Dynamite I don't know I don't. Mike the bullet and -- and out of my modem what. Putting -- I'm not gonna I'm not a lot about it I'm already tuchman and I might pull a guy who could. Handle any potent -- And about bowl. -- -- -- -- bullet and a bullet -- Napoleon Dynamite guy and now we all know we don't know what tablet. Article one Cuban sailor. -- and -- He took a big gas LP was done poppy included David Ortiz and he gave him a little trouble for what what is what global. Why what was your ball would like a Samsung deal or. Well -- -- Morocco's -- at the White House said no more self these with the president uh oh well he was in the back and remember Zain Norwood Joseph Biden on the day. Let him and Joseph elected magnate do I -- -- get the filters may be looking at the filters and I do I -- -- -- -- -- to separate. -- was -- -- alaskans own who disappeared there. And that was one night vision about what about what about low resolution elect our one -- you -- what way has been outside it looks -- to a group that's had people begin fooled you know I mean you begin fooled. He's received girl is the -- she got a little original -- Betty C a person's like -- -- went out there going man what happened here light Rudy -- who is -- a city is Alice -- is. -- Palin so they're at Julia like -- what was the blood -- -- coming up till like this should be electric. -- over one with smoke you flashing back to Bebo. I remember you got back that government. Yeah. Let's go out ominous miles bigger I can't now when everybody away. What about a way to you pay one of the drive put the partition up -- -- -- -- they put the partridge in fact that Japan aren't one. To -- it by the right. Now a matter of black or white is black Nowak. Could ask if my. I scary moment. Has come around just doing what I don't like just like you say whatever they did it in the wall. Warmest. It was a Barack where everything about -- Potent. -- you know threatening the threatening the actual safety of Americans. Well I don't think to put. Did you -- -- I've stated that. Is black would wipe out debt and let. Time black but white well what -- -- on what went -- says the most potent -- what digital. World. -- must that your -- that Canada. You don't know that the at. The end also. I can also. Say lol -- what -- was one ROR room when I don't hear from global war was a moment ago. Don't know what that they've. An advantage of what. Had good Margarito had I worry about none. Of them. I -- -- -- outfit I worry about not. Thank you and I loved the microwave so yeah I certainly Larry I'll kick back and I. Well well well well wait a minute. Now where you're so good that's step there at the same goal. Reason I've -- more people just get sick as -- split its full schedule of little habitable thinking that something and I you never take -- opera. Never slow the momentum at any moment about the blow in everything up well the -- momentum any opponent -- note. And mostly mark my words my number relentless with my small blood. Don't give them. Do -- given to help but worry you what I felt I needed help up a competition you get no look. The -- to light vigils are now you can't nor Roosevelt board to save the apartment I -- yeah. You know it right melanoma. That it has been brought you must modify imminent looks -- -- His best. It really is -- for years. We are before you go everybody's texting because he did DMX last I think last time here this time this and I have it you still doing the Max you know there now a month and a half feet coming in after doing impersonal. I mean yeah. I love dogs they love Dawkins now it's all about the practice. You look ahead -- actually gets about the Molly -- you know. I picked -- in the pocket do you know the part that they did not get do people -- -- -- -- -- it. They they did have a lot -- -- That the. And a little out of Oakes what's safe what's BJ to have the image calmed down now you got to come down is ridiculous. That's what -- you look like gods know you got a big no sooner. -- -- All right guys schedule. Do we we we direct route to work next week and I hung -- I. He's -- -- -- ideal columns he can't just hang for like that and I know and -- in and goes and listen if you do nothing else -- TJ and I will hurt get your tickets at the U over dot com and we'll be right back -- -- -- And there. That didn't go gather and no math. I'm just I'm wages they hadn't gotten mad day. That's my thought that I thought about it all high blood -- it. May be Drake should do that. Yeah. I mean maybe I should. Yeah via -- I don't know when I'm -- The our own home yeah. The -- effect. The I forgot it's not a from the -- -- yeah. Generals gathered in iron general Powell generals you know rules. And amassed. I'll just like we issues in that match is. All learn in Idaho man. -- -- -- And who it's got real soft. Contact I don't pathologist who wanted to lure a fly to put cotton though she can't. And the driver's -- So listen -- If you do nothing else this weekend goes CJ -- out tonight at Wilbur theatre while film shows at 730 -- does still. Although after this morning might not be able to but. He is still get tickets at the Wilbur dot com you and we were talking during the break is because somebody -- in about Shannon -- -- He has the attack he does not like the aggressive he hates it be any -- to go up don't believe the ailment it. I mean do while the lead to a brilliant by almost a -- people -- out brilliant. I don't buy it. Thereby thank you know Shannon -- -- you don't you don't sound like that you sound like a normal human being -- and that's why we love you here's a cookie. The tour that play and he you know his percentage shops dueled his face like you see him in interviews -- -- you -- -- the wonder and right like. -- ride him. They can practical how to -- Saturday morning is back in -- ride him because he got to swagger of a hole it's like he got a whole swagger like I don't like that I'm sure every Tom. And so every -- horses do be doing the -- -- Jesus stuff in your. Cape town sports cynical morning look at the television but I -- it was made it did. I don't know. I don't know what it was -- the three biggest thing about him is he's here -- it looks. Yeah eight it's like it was here it's like courage Rooney -- and ordered to do well. Listen his faces cartoons like yeah yeah. Yet that what they hear it does look like his personal and Minnesota it's a part in -- listen folks. Take some but if you over the age of thirteen and I've learned this through because I had applaud at one time you know due. -- -- -- -- It's a frank put upon no payload designed this but what you well when you don't want to get you wanna date kiss something like that -- -- trying to look for in playa hate you'll forty years so there's no grown man cut it. Just try to keep it sees it keep it nice don't need no audio aged stops on hold on you against people in trouble -- that. -- have done this economy that's done it's they would do you talking to a young girl and boy you know it. You'd spirit to what Starwood and the you know she's called the cops in clay and you get some don't go dogs like to lie yeah who live -- alive he did baby into. And began he did so to me that's why stay away from all messed with -- Tracy Morgan had to happen so yes he did man he told a young girl -- public that -- Portman. How -- -- -- -- -- -- we don't wanna talk about shoulder to drop what state could be it's important. Like ours the ball you'll take somebody -- as they continued pregnancy like the yeah them goes into events that should happen -- announcement. That everybody Armitage -- -- -- -- to pregnant you don't -- and did most big huge important -- baying at the table like you just talk about the portal company analyst Emanuel who is Chris and everybody is looking at. -- I mean everybody say wow man has got a free quick minute is that Tracy Morgan I don't for real don't go big right -- traits of a ticket seller if we did a great. And George separate ticket that's invesco it yeah. The black and white with the black and white hope it's. -- this committee that the is that the league and that's the bottom. And the funny you've got Tracy Morgan would not let you finish a conversation. -- was worried about right now I try to have a comes to hit China over proud to have -- from -- days. What -- way you've seen a movie -- and let them know you had to move the bids on these girls wouldn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You always Willie -- -- Let's see Donna flaws. Yeah. That. -- -- -- -- wife every notice existed you know the -- -- but I -- -- when I was you know you know listening to Wolcott well you. I don't know but I want my rambled -- they know -- somebody wrote -- about a -- -- -- -- what. The independent candidate and -- -- and don't put me this question close. And why you -- -- -- that because you know she said the council -- he's imagines you -- will be here at thirty were used to always felt dirty rotten. But I think like thirty rock the diesel even if I don't get a report did I think I have Internet and what is the art yeah. Check out there. And oh this is blasphemous. On the very comfortable what seems to be one of the best legal series ever you'll only you got the Brooklyn nets who did not making it at all everybody thought with the whole piece of eight Kevin Garnett come in Albany that they won't Gordon could be the hottest thing but -- -- -- -- it will always label and that's what these days because they should stay. -- That commitment stats last amidst this disrespectful. Ed did. This didn't collapse -- -- -- picked off. When they issued a stay here but it was the home and listen and you just don't know lead vehicle to would not the place since gone on hold dual life. Did not go for us. Active small. The NBA the National Basketball Association. National Basketball Association national basketball -- the national basketball apple didn't happen but. Yeah. All of these words they can't pull it would be good days into this game. Day -- -- like hopscotch. And -- I'm angry. I'm. And then it's like get -- -- -- all you know what you know who to be disrespectful. Well why don't like that probably don't we. He debates. But would you want. Somebody with that got David it would Jason that not good gig to gig Jason -- dictate that nobody can -- America secretary wanted to you know what about a classic but the ballots are yeah we -- please call like Jason Collins -- think college -- make a few points. We don't. Wait -- idea and I got the. -- Fifty sitcom all day is Stephen A Smith only he's probably cool the only channel -- not very cool he's he's -- -- outlook. All broadly yes I'm. The hotel you can do when that impression that's amazing people into. Was always -- those -- won't do me. Ocalan immediately you can build -- to be included it wasn't a disagreement that all of those guys there are amazing I have a we ran into him. On book holds that we got mad -- immunology Jefferson have a Christian charity into the if you don't. In -- -- like with the I don't like Baghdad included don't I don't -- If we found that might be in baby -- the -- could basically toppled by -- baby you would buy cute baby. I noticed they've made that Modano and they didn't make up a bike. Baby baby baby baby Arabia like baby at -- I'd like to know they met him at the meal. You met the young people the gulf when you guys understand him like I think humor -- an idea that everything would be a wake up -- need to put this deal. Every day before when I do with this is the only good on the -- but they've all in all read enough not to look -- English every day. You know English it would be repelled but yet but the spirit Alpha Bank if it wasn't about to act that dampen the penal when the -- -- Could go to the the -- noting particular speed into the tournament to beat the idea of an acquittal PH. Obviously -- but at them and B yeah you don't blame but but a different -- that -- is in the penalties. Texas you forgot quite frankly for -- with all quite a beautiful Kelly -- -- so dirty words he'd miss the think it's the ebony Smith asked say wow what I think you know -- I would think because I let individual. I don't come -- to yield wired. I thought listen. Thanks I -- her she's just so much time in coming back from colonial America -- we love you. So. Tonight goes CJ 730 had the world learn what what period of plummet and Wilbur theatre you hear about it and OK gluten and the odds go to the -- -- -- the Wilbur dot com that's that you don't know we're darn county area now. We yes and once satellite -- it -- currencies and you guys what are you reruns what's going on here we're old and coming in this weekend as -- re rumba you know where were all for three more episodes so we have three more -- -- seasons went by so fast who's been your favorite post -- -- -- man Kerry Washington this year -- that was amazing. Even though you know way I had a lot of you know I was going through some stuff but you know I like the what is more -- -- a lot of people think that just came out of in the sky miles going to paint those candles painful real that. And they do you mean girl whatever we but you know it was late at night and when my homeboy is Lou and we were in the remote rural and he was like we had a period assault. And he was like I don't know what to do would it also meant I was like Hollywood about. What does my -- say. Yeah. He won't let. I would have no different. Yeah. That's Canada harassment comes from the inside a quiet guy all this my oldest government of barrels bunkers but I thought that ought to ought to stuff. It 28 reasons every government right a lot to -- -- -- been you know and it's Krugman fund has been a different year and you're armor we are happy that you know I've I've gotten spot now feels good to be part of the show into actually you know be able to. You know have stuff that -- some control. And it is a relief -- good are you on that you have -- -- -- along contractors how does that work. Well the better it really doesn't really matter is if we have to yeah. And whoever happens don't let that you would have been much can contact us. -- I don't object from -- a good counts are tomatoes are gonna well if I mean we don't have a we will we have. You know Americans say exactly what happens bullet you know with a look at that moment and just admit that -- -- cops you taught since she always go before a deeply troubled by the best thank you so much -- It's cold man it's you know it's really the Toledo and on loans that went into assessments of what a way that wasn't you know whether it was at that there was -- doesn't want Michael sits there oh lord is probably listening like trade -- sharp drop. Workers to enter the -- Actually new theory should if you want to -- talk about you do do the -- and shortcuts and some are -- Or the error when I was laughing yet so you made good points you made it he had good punch lines and you know what can you do and stick to that. The business and generate. -- -- to Terkel wrote the business show off what you're rewarded drew is -- what to chill or. It took the young people's seat shield children -- go -- corporate culture and so Mike Myers totally made his character -- -- -- under appropriate item -- about a nice a nice guy I'll give you -- -- And you wanna give me bridge. Nor totally just doctors it's important that the world chorus. How about if they thought America. CJ -- tonight. At the -- Wilbur theatre 730. And he get tickets when you go to the -- dot com. And follow him on Twitter in town right now -- was very funny today. Yeah ads say they allowed. The age they are always H edgy fare little spell it the way it's supposed to be -- us -- -- go to Raleigh it correctly. So we often think about it talk about me you always think about with the market strategy could really genius you don't know that I hop style follow me don't win at. He -- -- 00882. OK love golf I did the bullet. Yeah. -- -- -- I'm very NBA today it's 840 nothing hit W. I mean think. I generally don't worry is that I'm on the line news through truly want and just does it -- -- -- ahead Byron it's very paranoid that.