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Leah Hextall 4-25-14

Apr 25, 2014|

NESN lent the show Leah Hextall to talk about the Bruins game 4 win and a potential 2nd round match up versus Montreal.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And speaking of team five NASA and we'll have complete pre and post game coverage. We -- the one hour pregame show on NASA plus beginning at 2 o'clock wood dale Arnold and the rest of the -- rule Bruins broadcast team and a very good friend of this show. -- she's she's hockey royalty -- -- -- joins us here this morning hey Leah. -- -- -- -- I'm one of the -- my belt and be together now because I'm pretty excited. You very excited. That pit the pit Lia and I had a fun time right now one of Sox. World Series games and remember which one was the right. -- -- -- While -- -- or -- oh well yeah and I think coming lollipops well iron and we did actually what little game but it -- delicate -- yeah my believe believe -- beat me. Okay that's exactly right the and so I agree -- that game last night. England and Asia on game because they thought -- threat with a bit of fish sack race and that's exactly what the play out well I'll let that be came out it Lesnar obviously the -- saying it -- they have -- -- -- and that. You know they're experienced -- that came to town in the next -- period ended up getting into an accident while update if you -- -- 31 series lead but haven't quite got to look at Saturday. Love them but did does it speak to the maturity of this club not to get flustered I mean Detroit really pressed him hard. In that first period and and and the Bruins could have gone south when it when they went out. -- nothing -- it but I thought they did did this club really shows that they they have a great core they never get flustered and they just weathered the storm. -- weather that storm and -- many -- could be because obviously magnetic counting accurately saying I noticed yesterday I woke up thing is the data perfectly clear air act. And he wasn't a lot of play around them -- -- -- let me out of it really can't get that very. You're getting a mini panic I had it -- didn't connect an emotional at the Allenby can talk about how clear from the back -- the -- -- -- so much street that -- at the other than that. But it still up and acted when -- Lebanon aligning it democracy in the but I think -- Iraq how the minute that person period -- -- shot I like it -- I'm mark and meaning that they aren't happy that I didn't think of the lateral movement in the first pitch of the game changer kicking and but what we really -- At top aren't we need to get going entering the game they had one goal on the street and and making a huge blue Egypt and garner great Iggy and yet he went actually in America -- that claim that he has but then -- -- mean that they're gonna. Does that factor out the crap I'll believe it. Leah how you know because what we're watching on TV still winning we don't get to focus on but marsh and impact how upset was the throughout that game or do you not let it bother -- missing both of us. Well I mean I don't know you from that body of one and spotted -- let me a lot more it it well bagging out he Q glorious property in eighty. But the ones and the -- at that -- all credit to hand trying to determine lately that we had the live and in the first but got game and I mean I thought he played really really well. You dairy out or the the on the Donna happy and that the Leahy explaining how they're pretty well positioned them. And a lot and digitally created let emails that I putted it and that. Pulled up there on the side and I think -- didn't think you look -- security will be pulled up on. Shot a lot and delivered the beautiful. And think it displays an. Area I mean. I don't and you elderly alike men who include the late rumors did. On yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah having nightmares about that but at least they want -- The ID act it I mean I like the idea that unclear but I think I couldn't -- -- -- -- -- and. And are you yeah yeah yeah yeah I had to do this throughout and I don't. That's due to an easy while he was -- -- compared quite frequently to Glen Wesley last time I'm on Twitter to but they didn't I mean I wanna game -- and nobody nobody remembers it and he's he's. Played great and what makes players like Brad Marchand superstars is out -- stuff like that. You know stuff like that happens to to lesser players are younger players you brood about it you can't shake it indicated sticks with you and and it ruins you know -- again people like Brad Marchand and camp nearly. I'm Patrice Bergeron to harass you make a mistake it's gone it's forgotten and you move forward to win the game. Sigh I will I've I would expect he healed. He'll be -- more afternoon. I had. At a certain rate at that that -- actually in the layout mainly -- is that effective accurate grant. Attending a meandering and little in the way you get under a baking and and it is not -- eleven at the end. So -- next call is our guest from NASA NASA and celebrating its thirtieth anniversary Agassi there which is great and -- you get pre and post game coverage tomorrow and the Bruins are back at home and really I'm. You know there's there's always thought LB and everybody else loads up the cliches and I'm guilty of and also but. You know you wanna win this one tomorrow so as to not give those guys. Any kind of life whatsoever right -- But the regular right now and I think of it being laid out -- it actually all where you're -- the freedom 100 trying to delete him or not. I think a lot of contact with that secular and -- -- -- the fact that in the election you don't get a -- -- Cheney is an issue. Perhaps the biggest pretending it didn't hit it that your -- out playing well -- at expert in theory on April package. Did freebie. You -- opt not -- Arrange because they are gonna -- and Iraq and really need to finish it are there any thinking -- -- -- not playing that. You know this actually happened in the heart you know being a -- -- -- -- it. Will be ready to go out and I and are they thinking I don't -- -- -- that and looking bill or that your theory. But even need to get to that struggled in the first round three year -- -- drinking to get it aren't aware of the fact that under review at. You get it you don't want to get those any I think they did against the right no matter -- But it's -- and it it turned it it can't is that they are and get this thing down at the garden I've. Well since I'm captain -- -- I'll look at. Do that Canadians make you nervous. God that I think that they can't my. You know they are very -- apparently that they -- that one line shall. Well I am going to back side and that they. But they're not getting now going. And yet we're talking about ten different -- quick and accurate you've got an. -- ready if -- -- -- -- you know that they're going to be there being many sports you couldn't be sure. Need to change it got -- or anti bigotry in Asia and I want it can be when they traded him -- deport him. Friend category a little out of your pocket personal -- all. He decadent dirty area will save -- edge. He's like leading -- You read it out and we know that -- -- -- -- I don't think this is how. He got on me and that. Lilja leave the. Now he's stereo bit leery and scared enough wood on smoker you know what I do it. Block we what went bothered agenda of what bothers they'll be easier vast knowledge of hockey things. The simple it's a little bit so I again I've followed that series I watched every game yes and aunts and. And Leah Erin nailed it and then what makes them a whole lot more dangerous yes. LA every team in the playoffs is dangerous what makes -- a whole lot more dangerous as they can roll four lines yet and I don't -- to map for a look for a foreign did did a ton of damage. Against Tampa Bay to the point where. In that last game. Is Steve Sam Kos was so frustrated that wanted to fight not mind the fact that you. It when your goal in game guy wants to drop the Mets it's a -- sold. Now Leo we might remind -- a year your uncle your uncle is Ron -- -- -- -- that -- my hand into line and I -- our brand. Okay I'm -- that not that. It and I don't ever -- really old. But that I think people. Think he's on our nightly on the little that fact that the act of Ronnie that and I made my accident and that it hit by the plane and the will be how they here. Didn't L -- -- Hume didn't he break is to have the stick over the. Yes helping out at dar ES PDT we Wheatley were he plays the -- we -- use and also play some good goaltender for the week things I've played for. The Regina pats were in the same division we played each other like sixteen times a year not so there's a massive rivalry now for decades and decades and decades and I had elbow. Mike Tomlinson. Coming into our zone and like I elbowed him in the champ broke his -- our post he thought he had to go to get to get wheelchair to the hospital. That was rated. And hacks back -- was the first guy. So we we used to come out the side of the -- can make at the end. -- when they come at the end they came through our zone to go to the other end of the building sort senator rice he decided to two tomahawk me woods goalie stick over that. Completely knocking me out when I awoke. A brawl. Between. Bench clearing brawl was on quite that was why I said my friend chicken shocked me yeah -- Jeff Lawson and chicken -- means -- -- are -- -- -- -- -- -- You gotta get involved stand on the -- to your head and he had -- effect is that probably grant of restricted break but overall I brawl lasted for about 45. To fifty minutes seven people ended up in the hospital the -- was so cool that the general managers came down from the press box and -- were fighting on all -- -- ask deputy got caught my buddy's bodies Strom. That's okay. Well I didn't panic -- to be something like that. I don't know about that I -- at Texas says yes the only. Unassisted goal ever is that correct. Well I don't even. But first -- -- I think crisper and different goaltender that OR yeah I'm Elaine and I mean that -- -- -- without without and that it. I think it like it's 18 and Richard -- -- adversity and that mining actually article against there. The goal that that goal. That goal that Ron text all your -- score was was -- directly over my head up your -- and immediately I was a minus the video. That say my god -- you know that -- that the running joke with me and -- move was we used to bad to -- 500 bucks at the beginning of every season. Who would out score each other. I. Well he yeah he beat me twice well -- they go we will and we'll see you there tomorrow I assume. Well I. I've actually been working I won't be able to have an -- I think it by saying not bad that that I will definitely be around. Next next series made you got an exclusive. Q what we can enjoy you to -- I don't pass and I guess not I will be there oh happy happy thirtieth anniversary of subway cool. You make you by the way I guess so many text messages guys is love hearing you talk about hockey it's a your knowledge is very attractive to them so you should know that. Well thank you can apparently definitely it and that they album from -- -- not all guys. NASA and method as complete pre and post game coverage game five tomorrow and Leo we'll talk decent a guy. Thank -- and I have a good -- in Australia there's -- next I'll be right back.