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Hill-Mail 4-25-14

Apr 25, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics including the slumping Sox, and the dog that was taken by a coyote.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- only -- the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit turned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man. They're -- -- look good now part of our look next why not let up. -- -- -- Under WAA. Today's hill mail messages are brought to you by noon turf care year residential and commercial arm care provider. Visit -- turf care dot com and mentioned WA AF to get a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care here are. The very best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. There's only 1:28. PM. You know sometimes I always thought that the man might woman I met -- go over the top and in bad faith. Until they are -- very reminiscing about contests where people didn't have it out. Other than that there may go out people couldn't click that and eating your golf don't cook thank you guys all know the sky's the limit. And -- into action and I edit an actor you're on the radio for 24 years you've done at all. Those kinds of things we did have many many years ago -- If we could outdo them we would attempt to do so now you -- yes downed. The eating of the gallstones. I don't think ever may -- never before done on the radio and dragged out there. Never done after I doubt it -- the consumption of medical waste perhaps never never done on their other legally regulated down on the coupled with the idea that I had. -- I had an old man. Detroit the Red Sox bullpen and other pictures and go. The popular opponent coming out to finish up the and the technical people -- -- tell -- I think it's combined with. Yep -- into the wind up on that ball -- this kid. But it won't go over what our position it's a tough opponent and look up at the million. -- could. And now pitched. That was checked last night at the a grill Tony three for I had excessive -- in my neck in the not pretty came over and did a a picture and didn't check -- wanted to make sure is there was an illegal substance. There's only six. 17 PM. Hill Man Morning Show wrote Greg -- they're suspended and showed. Appointment of holiday cup in between 210. Squabbling that they'll almost got away with the impression put a posting on -- personality. That testing officials all the way up -- shoulders a little -- -- that still says he will tell the figgins probably because that is sentence and that -- Miami. Bullying. I'm being bullied so you can shoot older. Like I go to market and opening. Up a dismal season. Links and links inland. Well Greg you are right they carry that attitude and that road runner he went and Eric L. And -- -- just. An awful incident in Quincy. Poor older woman was outside in her yard -- Chihuahua -- -- she each. And a coyote jumped a five foot fence and dragged for -- to weigh moral Mexican only as a warning that the coyotes are rambunctious and OT here just hungry for the spring they're trying to feed their babies so keep your pets indoors and keep an eye on them and. Thanks to a mixed in him. Well being there that -- women like without -- doubt that -- -- looked pregnant wife already introduced into. -- -- -- She shut me out and that is that's the worst sensitive caring guy of the look who's the pregnant lady's situation -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sure you'll only hear in preaching to now and they're really keep it up to make yourself look desirable during this pregnancy. 704. Hole. You are quite good article that you can really can regret not. And I'm man up a is there on the band where you. Now why aren't they don't look decorator can April gas. Air -- -- Agassi. Zander. Struggling a little bit freer Boston red stuff that's what it is -- there's a long way to go LP is that the law and season and sometimes 81 and 81 doesn't look so bad immediately easily create happy tears out of first hours. And nine old man. -- and protect our first competent people aren't any. I don't -- yeah. I don't get that. That lives. It effectively admitted the wrong doghouse and now we -- and grow now I don't want. Gregory what -- -- air approach at all after an error and that's pretty walked in the past but -- that. One question at -- air out and look at the U. I think that they are adding they'll wind is out of the sales for the Detroit Red Wings self. But I want to jinx anything -- it. Three to one you lose two and on the little bit depressing so little we'll see what happens tomorrow but you can win tickets for tomorrow's game if you're listening. During the noon hour today Mike Hsu we'll give you tickets for tomorrow's game Bruins tickets. From WA AF that's noon today. That in 23 AM. And don't -- it -- -- pretty big aboard a Houston woman 7:20. AM. Lugar I would like to not been that you to consume milk you know I think we can mention that didn't compute in connecting airport. Don't tell him in the upper clinical. I don't like you recruit kids at your upper commendable move out -- -- think -- can -- support it until Gregory. And just let it go agreed. They didn't shoot TN. So I'm going to be -- so -- Not did not expect that it can then carry that these. Now we're going to pretty. Good -- never been uploaded out yeah. And now at how will get an update on the medical condition of the -- come on -- Tuesday on the show Tuesday morning. Seven pretty cute and again. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our partner don't call that number and -- on. Oh. I don't know moto. And -- now Adobe's got a -- Stewart now isn't locked and in any doesn't have to go actually anywhere here though -- now trying to puzzle are. -- come out of remote users click with the -- are getting a new apartment. Thank you for participating today during hill mail.