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Mike Hsu Talks To Paul Stanley From Kiss About His Book "Face The Music: A Life Exposed"

Thu, 24 Apr 2014|

Kiss Co-Founder Paul Stanley holds no punches in his new book "Face The Music: A Life Exposed". In this interview hae talks about his tough upbringing, staying staright through the 70's, and Kiss' induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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Congratulations on the book has it reached number one yet last I saw was it was number two. Well you know river 800 and really at number one -- the book flash forward which it's about the reeking of the stock market and so I mean good company so and I'm happy to be in favor -- that book. I am I've been a fan since my cousins turn me on to the destroyer album when it first came out so I didn't know that you suffered from this -- microshaft. Court. It's the is that he's so you have -- like -- -- that was malformed and your desk in that year which amazes me because you just use of your success in music. Or you know. I didn't do what they do that in terms of if what -- Having your first affect me. It's the scrutiny of people and this very credible policy and it's for you were relentless. So what -- -- very it was or what wasn't very happy and you know I I thought that the cure all for everything would be becoming famous boy with what you know people say that wasn't the same thing with. I thought that nothing really changed you know if you have secret. You can some from other people but you don't. So all we need you there live your life to the victim. Or you roll up your sleeves and get to work configure the brake lights and I do have a great life. -- certainly. The great. Perhaps inspirational for other people so so it's been so far which really interesting every -- what I want to. Before the -- achieve the fame though when things got. Very dark or it looked like things weren't going to happen the way you wanted to. What was the one thing that you may have thought of Laura Montero or something you you look back on that would keep you going forward. You have to have faith you have to police itself. And I've always been a survivor. I. Have always been -- and propelled forward by the idea of it's perfecting myself improving myself so. That's really a few -- we have put a a choice to life for those choices either to. Compromise so -- is simply we'll let everybody go forward there's together so. That was never an option for me -- but you know through to wallow in. It was situation that would -- -- fighting through it. What would you give advice to someone like. Justin Bieber now or say Lady Gaga -- I know you you know Lady Gaga. Did you give her any advice for people that shot up to fame. But -- same so quickly you know it was an overnight success for you guys but when you did get famous it happened very quickly had to have you given Lady Gaga any advice or what would you say to someone like her. I couldn't give are very polite but firm you know she certainly has worked for what you there there are other people who clearly. Did shoot to too quick -- and unfortunately those people would actually drop this quickly. If you don't understand why you became successful you'll never be able to. Sustained it's success. Obviously if you don't have a great. -- four or if your parents or clinging to you would venture spotlight here. Was horrible. I also wanna touch on the of rock and roll hall of fame if I could. Your. You you ended up going. Despite the fact done on how you really felt that you said in interviews leading up to the the rock and roll hall of fame as you it was a farce and and such why did you stay away and and back up those statements like say I'm not -- even participate in this that that you ended up going anyway why. Our way out of respect for the failed them. There are a lot of friends who spent decades championing. And it's validating -- -- validate their opinion. And the fact that they have fought for our -- -- -- weigh -- because it meant a lot of the factor that means absolutely perfect for me. Was irrelevant it was something. The parents want to. Out of respect for them -- -- it before our history a private boys' club. The -- award. Most of the inductees for every year -- spiritually here there is because you've been folks it's but people hall of fame. -- -- -- Critic and magazine publisher who. So leader who -- -- or an encrypted and in the public or the view and cutting -- See more -- -- ago people. Who hasn't been perfect -- -- In. 4050 years. That's why I love you guys because you always make sure it's about the fans when you're playing -- live when your recording music. That's fantastic man and an -- to me there's there's doesn't seem to be enough of that these days it's something that got lost between. Somewhere -- you know between the seventies and now. Where it was people doing it for the people by actually buying the records. -- hopefully we served as a wake -- -- everything we have because. When you go to you know prepared are you -- -- in their show. We try to show people that shouldn't. -- -- anything great show and the respect. Their prayers is what your. You're so the fact that you're paying particular. Mean failed you were prepared. And verified person you know social. A group or stage make you feel it during -- papers show. -- for repair of both deserve your respect or your money. You know we we are very here is to serve the people who break before we are. You know -- both face the music was really. A hopefully awaited fired from people and it seemed to be doing. The -- people. If we prevail. The ideas that. Famous people or perfect or. Something to be emulated and should know very real way. Or people there realize that my -- it wasn't. Unlike -- it was bumpy. I think from multiple voice what feel. I suffer with a whole lot of insecurity and we have to roll over -- sympathize. To fight their way out. Some of the revelation of the book that they are surprised -- what it is itself for the ago. Another thing that fascinates me Paul's all the stuff he went through. Growing up then. And at the time you achieved the super success. You never fell into the rock and roll lifestyle thing as far as drugs and alcohol. You never speak you know you kind of stayed away from that and that's fascinates because a lot of people. You read about that have a similar upbringing and who achieved fame or get to a level very quickly. Kinda that kinda takes over what what did you do how did you stay away from that. It's common -- The idea. -- you can vote at the history of people who've taken drugs and then signed up for the same thing it is. He threw a sign of weakness or sickness. In either case she did help support this whole group. You know I've interviewed Jimmy Hendrix -- you -- or John Belushi. -- job politicos saw so it's well documented that drove will kill you if it'll kill you peculiar spirit so. The idea that I would want to succeed to become a deadly agent I didn't wanna do this it -- -- legend or do you have a great life. So. I never understood. That the people who. -- -- Consumed. By all the so fight the book book. People become performers because they have that security and because they have so -- issues. Otherwise you would be of stage in front of a huge crowd trying to get approval when he came here from. Small crowd. So. You know for being I think for once it became successful you have to toward the you either you -- through security because. Or you put a needle in your army but -- -- -- and those who for the shotgun in your. -- what I was gonna do. Well thanks again for -- take the time the book is called face the music. Life exposed mr. Paul Stanley congratulations on the book. And thank you as it's a great read and for the fans you know congratulations on. Something that that clearly if you look at if you get invited to a party after fourteen years she's clearly.