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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

Another special playoff edition of Thursday's with Thorty talking about the Bruins first win in Joe Louis Arena in years and the keys to Game 4 in Detroit.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Today's playoff edition of Thursday's with authority is presented by the city of busting credit union authorities choice for his banking needs and also by EMD's Hirono and the EMD. Milk -- And joining us right now. The man where is -- a couple of these sweetest hands in the NHL. -- -- from Detroit. Authority. Florida -- for the not like we look you up bright and early out there this morning our product that actually an -- purpose. What's the -- this is the pregame ritual any different that during a playoff run. Now I am not a well fact that -- 8 o'clock here and there usually -- -- report. I haven't believed that not just -- -- -- Same breakfast on game day every every game and. Not -- out here so it wouldn't. And I'll look what they've all. So no they compete with those visible period and all that I'm glad that. Let me let me guess -- your food -- egg white -- -- I'd like no cheese -- -- I'm not usually usually ever put on your. Now I vegetables let's fair and I hate rational slow it and I felt OK now I understand -- got -- and that can address -- -- beer or -- granny ball outside estimates. Well listen take us through that the play the other night Tuesday -- This attack on Brent. A lot of auto part of murdered on that it -- the federal government thought let's get another litigated so. Few that. We've got pocket here a little bit that a little water assailed side note in his capacity that I just -- the net. Drove his. Out of Louisville I got it -- -- really value says we can't -- -- but back in the struggle about but it is. Professor at those -- I think strike in the Bible that. If you talk. You know. Does it does look like again I have to throw that in your face I mean the and he's got to give the nice try -- -- -- Indicated that earlier really. All like. A terrible but -- elephant talk like that is team lead the way. I was -- it there that you're and not remember the story I thought you were taken amount you when you move when you went laughed -- I didn't think you're gonna pull back right after they were just gonna crews -- breakthrough on a it's so popular crop but. A great job great well we're just another routine assessed for Shawn Thornton and there -- resistance yeah and -- -- enough another -- a goalie dad did you notice I mean I know I know you don't always notice -- -- but -- seemed to suck the life apartment building. There were loud noise. The start both the race ethnic and it could exert just looks perfect. It's a terrible but -- Their little quieter wrap up that second period it eroding their Cabrera trade which has stood about as possible second period yeah. So would you say that's among the -- buildings in the NHL. Later -- It looks I would later in the playoffs and -- -- -- Caribbean this blog -- such as Iraq you know there was not a. Well it is hockey town of course it's all battle just not the on there there are speedy team no I mean you know he can't underestimate. I mean that dates that movement on the -- we're talking about Datsyuk yesterday about this guy I mean their. Fast team. -- -- Here and that's reflective of their future -- and other dynamic it reckless budget and General Motors up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's just north of here. Is it it is it hard for you guys your guys are physical team isn't hard to balance that in the plastered to you know just be careful when using it. Well a pick up that we. I don't you know trying to -- the maligned player physical work we. And obviously -- unfortunate that that part of servers without success because we're a fortunate thing I -- here's a little earlier. Tom let's talk a little bit. About the Mac cook suspension in I mean you served a lengthy putts here I. Doctors said it boggles the mind is isn't it more isn't it mind boggling that you get more than than he does. And didn't look right with. You can't. You'll be but but Saudi. Companies. And it could be reported six weeks. -- reports second -- up here are all the way. Out self. 27 game series -- it. Open series if they force -- vote will long. A bit for the -- an excellent -- as our allies. Repeat offender laws. -- there are -- -- a consultant just. Just didn't. Africa we we talk -- after tapping yesterday enforced after returning fire with everything that's gone on. With the playoffs. It hey I'm -- as that you guys have done an incredible job what they're young speedster is in Niger -- tar and now and nice course. And now we won't -- -- how how is it the eve corralled those guys is is degree neutral play action does did do -- does all on the get -- Well no we've actually. We've been talking all present I think we consulted. There. They haven't yet put a lot. Fox forum at the pit road and hit with -- -- that. Please be careful deliberate very very dangerous hockey players -- picked up to let lock -- field. He noted. Jargon it will go to prison statement as far as where they've got a great job ought to chop -- utility shut themselves with this awful. John -- of the Boston Bruins from Detroit just our guest today talking about tonight. I notice several octave codes made their way this is -- during the -- Amanda won nearly hit Tuukka. Is is that appropriate. Get the tradition. Actually don't mind it but I don't -- to play it. It hurt yeah -- you name your bubble but what an adequate we're probably here actually it. Suited if that is what the you don't superior court the last trip. I I get the traditions. I think. -- when it plays out for helping to regard at all but I'm -- lot of the religion or. Pretty if you let it elicited a bit of a W and gets -- -- W -- tonight which I'm confident. Well I I have you guys in in five games. Saturday ominous start a New England tradition. And I'm gonna throw lobster I'll probably don't waste what a case that I -- delusional and are easily you know Ali Abdullah Ali a lot of the -- hours after the -- A couple of BP got a couple of easy now. I like -- and brought -- -- -- on in the game of light. There's human plot but certainly because chances and what is I would -- -- ability can't -- all but I guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me go bunch a text messages for you authority. Were you laughing when Smith and -- squared -- But that this figure all of it was Iran also support. -- what were you know and explode and the -- joking about in the third period Tuesday night. Yeah definitely always. Always look at all the ability -- -- All -- Don't water without suspended -- of the -- -- and I Margie did not adopt -- sure. For the strength lit up about what does. That road we are suspension about a month ago about job. On the week's preparation we were talking. It was about the pocketbook -- really apparent favorite. It was and how to present a dad I put appropriate that the rapist -- A -- I was up there vote whereas hasn't been before. Entirely entirely appropriate and I and I'm gonna put out there after completely it's. I completely unjust and pay on -- let me ask you this about cheating in sports because it -- catch what happened at -- last night. It. So that a little use of the pine tar last night at Fenway by a by the New York Yankees little and a it was on the -- that. Clearly visible and an and then and the ejection record. And LB was saying that you know cheating in sports is how you win them. And as a what who where do you stand as a professional athlete on that it Jon Stewart. God. That would under their pocketbook they're very early you're gonna back. -- appear here Terry a little bit public definitely be considered cheating you're not a couple of -- web. Let does it applies. It was that an interview I knew that as we thank -- that -- -- from the Yankees -- the same guys that are about. I know they didn't they didn't call it all in New York he had the pine tar -- his fingers up at this and yet on his -- authority it looked like a giant like a gallon of the Hershey's chocolate sauce on his -- -- -- -- -- Part of what I thought Oprah dirt at your ass at air. The usually hide it if they're gonna cheat -- -- I didn't hear that she -- I don't know it's it's like if they can't wasn't on Dellucci. That the Kaiser not check would have been awesome yeah but I get -- -- is trying yeah it's definitely with the -- -- -- In his Lou jammed up you think that 5000 dollar fine for the not check is legit there was that shouldn't have been more. Are. And the apologetic illusions about it. But the thing it wasn't on camera for all worked out here that I care that might not have been much but I think there's another walk around the league that didn't get as much. -- that it -- to let -- go find. It would probably stop. Yes absolutely. So you've got the got tonight some argument jinx anything insane thing on that many eight year low you'll be back here on Saturday and nice to be nice to be back at the garden right. Because it is all will -- fortunate preclude. It'll go to -- all the time or so -- so in a letter written. Because we are all fighters have gone back to work Saturday afternoon game -- a -- 3 o'clock 3 o'clock PR -- swipe -- senator. It's going to be fined ten in Missouri if you had a couple stray a a text line and none -- that. We could put them to use over here. Are we cannot -- or what that. Didn't -- -- certain topic I mean US and one thing in the doctor about your wife doesn't need to go to street cowboy type. She has played over here we go well for such -- topical plot and it usually does it all that you usually have well. She got on the tablet like several it's that. Not me I'm in their since the beginning or our. -- -- -- While I. So what did you this will be my last question John thorn in the Boston Bruins our guest on Thursdays as he has been all year. That we when you go back to Friday night -- we haven't talked about it yet. Was that. Just kind of five days off. You know not the guys looked awful but just do the guys with the flu I mean what was he would what do you think now he reflect them. Data I don't know why I think that -- will be and how that actually urged we. -- -- the second behind heading a lot of times. And Beckett got over it. More room well a little more time to make plays we -- our orchards are not permanently go look look look up at six -- or aggregate -- but there was hurt. Don't get off for five days that are or whatever I'm not sure what the reasoning was that well but not back -- but it is. Excellent all right buddy will be on the look out for the -- -- -- the -- what is it what's the core. -- occupied part of our be on the lookout for the occupy in and we will talk to you next week funeral senator. Where where -- -- and don't forget don't be I mean did try to be a little more selfish don't be don't beat her on the puck away at the the your your goals -- 250 dollars for the Greg -- foundations of the. I looked over -- -- I didn't I didn't -- on the -- but not others could help us. Yeah don't be so quick to is the past month and -- take -- do what I do take all the credit for everything. All right well documented. But -- non there is John Dornan of the Boston Bruins.