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Hill-Mail 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours and the main focus this time being the Yankees pitcher tossed for using pine tar on his neck.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- -- Online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man up. Thought -- I -- it doesn't beat the other days and that's an element that wouldn't go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On WNBA. It helps to undergo the market unless. That the -- police are coming you'd expect at a time practicing and hate speech and today's till -- messages. Are presented by noon turf care. You're residential and commercial lawn care provider visit noon turf care dot com and mention WA AF. 483 flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. We don't happen 44 Indian. They're not good enough -- warned that the court would welcome that it can't go into. So tournament -- are true and Iran's condors dinosaurs can't. And he -- -- eBay swans are dangerous. And only 270. Man. -- can go out. And to come to expect. A simple and so as if it's just doing what we're entitled to 16 -- -- don't know why I don't think you won't -- ankle relating to move. The ball. Anyway I can't remember that shape and. This coming could. I want to come up I -- -- think if anything can -- -- -- they become necessary. And a message we're talking quite extensively yesterday about a swine attack on -- man. Who was knocked out of his kayak biased Juan tried to swim to shore he was killed. By the -- -- his wife is suing. Saying that the owners say the owners of the pond. To have known that they had a dangerous vicious yes yes and they are responsible for that man's death. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Payroll this year over 200 million. Welcome -- an aggregate popular haven't been living in pine tar on his back and watch and cheer go all. -- -- Right well I am a little. Indefinitely just. Yeah I don't believe and now I'll aim it at any time. Jeter's -- to move well amid complaints ever knew I was twenty years at one time. Why don't 48 inland. Anderson -- up. 01. Older. A Yankee or download. Now -- on what's next why not the playoff. -- third. And that -- 611. And -- -- -- I want to crunch the it and get the hemorrhoids. Then I mean anybody team hockey. There was to know how well. But how how how would you rank -- -- you interpret I spirit yeah yeah noble guy yeah I mean cheating. I like giving yourself an advantage that I'm gonna concealed puck as. You're considered lucky -- an attempt -- your account let me tell you something. I you know each nobody was better at the concealed ball in the glove trick in the Little League and then double zero. Nothing like that and I'll battle in Iraq back from the mound with the often act. Nellie got it soon as he stepped up the back China they ought to try that more in the Major League is finally finally don't. -- the Quebec that. 28 million. -- -- -- Apart. And then who couldn't think that that stinks to shoot an old. I'm -- Or hack. It in the message. A -- wouldn't even. We could not good thing is that I didn't look that movie DA won't give men men in black and let -- -- Well it didn't -- it. It has been bad luck but this -- it. Let them get on get this thing that people under intact when complement of people -- can -- four and couldn't get evicted from the game. And then that -- -- looks like. That guy looks like he had rhythms. Hot chocolate Sunday before. Before expected to the mound Wednesday wasn't -- -- specific apple -- and I mean if there everybody in the place that matter everybody to Gerry Davis being on the back what do you think. Nobody's gonna notice that. You got you look at your neck looks like an oil slicks of -- of -- looks like the Exxon Valdez was drew drove passed your Mac so we had birth manner but that's. -- out your current Mac looks like at the public -- but Litton. 7-Eleven. -- -- -- wouldn't I got my neck. This so called a double down -- -- a little -- that. And that's why don't look by the way yeah I wanna thank Garrett is somebody that are weeded me. In Canada yeah. They have taken a double -- two days in incredibly. High. Out of this world level -- they call it the boss. Instead of the double down with no bread no end in their bacon in the cheese and it's actually the take. Too chicken patties that to double down -- don't put him in a big in a in double -- and you don't -- Pickles lettuce tomato. With the dynamic mix Sox really big Mac. -- SARS. Who call the boss so it's a big chicken sandwich but how can you know well but it but it how is that it did special sauce are. How can you mix year a year vendors and -- you don't like it but I just KFC and I don't have -- I can do I can do they make it home like somebody buys the doubled down and then and I know the character a chicken in Canada sells -- would they can't be using the if it is not next to us I mean that that's trademarked recipe -- -- us. As an accident -- well it's the flavor of -- what's. Did you when you read what's in the summer -- exactly what's in the big Macs not -- the and a different angry or whatever it is they're genius I have to do some refuses to KFC is KFC Canada. It's Carl -- and every other country a public law I -- I'm looking it up right now. Here are gonna send your -- it's called Mac inspired big bucks. Gets called the double stacked big -- -- -- It's. Crispy you got to crispy chicken -- is lettuce pickles cheese. And a big Mac right -- purple -- it'll be fun. And then of course -- The other so hot spot and there are not seem like a complete replies -- out. I love you know it's called genius I don't really 00 so so I knew balancing Nike the other -- what I mean UK. Sneakers or sneakers for him now add an extra. No you normally do on a -- -- -- dot yeah I had Jared -- The next Jarrett I'll get -- overnight it my and I he saw the Eagles they would be nice yeah just cool it took putting put in bed Saturday article -- for. Are energized and bishop lobster what is -- to sell this concert and we are -- Billups. Right. I'm tweeting a picture ever right now. There's a great review of this sandwich. On Canadian business dot com I think I. -- goes into depth about like what the sauces like -- -- they always level people post like the before and captures of like here's the shot from the advertisement hears this and much like. Well look at it. I mean it looks pretty good there's nothing better than pickles on us and we -- pickles on your sorry -- on every I love you -- on chick in rural when I guess when I'm Aaron sweet pickles on chicken is sick no I. When I make my hamburgers I AIE a dice up nov. Because I committed there's really outperform rating hamburger. So I just tweeted a picture of that for future owners take a look at that my Twitter feed Greg -- WA AF follow me on Twitter for important. Breaking news information -- like the big bus sandwich in Canada and don't hand twenty true -- Well good luck winning thoroughbred. Like we have been. -- -- And the men -- everybody's back and -- -- they can't get out tonight and converts -- to them what to vote to map out. Not bad -- -- 27. Million. Well group and it looked like the real aren't going -- -- -- -- opening up. You've got to approach component will there all night. -- in London who you know how well back. And the bow wave that. 6590. Man. Where do people get their gear and what over the counter substances can -- -- I get my idea from the field and didn't show and that be OK okay. -- -- -- -- -- They -- that they're using the bees what's the certainties birds bees yeah a -- mom but the government on kids are putting that on their eyelids. To get high. Can't you believe it all these things that all of these things that. Require a lot of effort. Yeah and you -- slob slob Rabin mantle and you know I mean opera -- that -- part because. And vacate that depth depth to kid's life. Now we have nothing but time practiced on arriving at school now meaning get out of school now like to 2.0 yeah. What to do for the rest from there. I'm so jealous he yearly aren't getting into marxism I -- we're gonna go shoplift some birds bees that woman. But there's gonna be nothing left at CBS like what are you legitimately need costs -- poor or lip on Daniel license with yeah. -- -- added license agreement and real -- real virtual anyone you're asking that demand a pay if it's called going good on your kids around a. I got from -- you need to chance that you're out.