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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 4-24-14

Apr 24, 2014|

LB hit it on the money with these great topics how many US houses have no indoor plumbing, another pine tar incident, what percent of men with fancy cars have small junk, and is the key to a one night stand wide hips?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- -- I don't believe. But the greens there's nothing unsanitary home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only -- you go out. And Obama it's time for a fax she Max. Pays tax she -- prize is a pair of fourth row tickets for at WWE's. Money in the bank of at the TD garden -- yeah June 29. Get tickets at TD garden dot com and call now play like. Wait a minute how -- that just switch like Jeff did hello Jeff. -- man all right what's up brother. Why do you or go. Yeah you don't have any pine -- on me I have to examine you before this game we don't have an hour on nothing on your right up and say hi Jeff. One point six million households in the United States of America. Do not have indoor plumbing. -- -- -- -- Well I'm gonna say LB. Turn on that some particularly appellation mile trail of that -- get back. You're gonna say it's a fact yeah growing up -- growing up in home with no running water and no room I had an -- then don't use -- fifty young drum for my my water until 1979. Really. I -- yeah we lived democracy in flat so a little hole some verve and call in Baja. You know but a 120 people. Must have been cold when you went outside at ninety urinate freaking cold almost there and yeah must've run -- beyond -- ran back into the toilet -- out on the Alabama on the Russian Elena had a good up there so what's your answer -- -- -- factor that amazingly. Long nice work Jeff in in 2014. One point six million homes in the United States do not have my urine -- countless embodied in the West Virginia I've been to West Virginia let's drill them. A little glory. Order everybody what's up man not much what you from Cory. Gardner from Gardner. All right -- 70%. Of people with her bees don't know they have it -- or -- -- Or light shade they don't know they. What I did I know they have it now okay I'm that you're playing smash yeah. Just another record -- completely wrong -- -- -- is it just mirrors a semester political look at what is why I'm here I mean does that answer your -- and -- I talked yesterday. It is a fact because. People -- countries not have any symptoms of passerby -- as somebody else to somebody else will have symptoms usually that's unheard. Yes -- LB it's. If -- tricky little bit it's actually 80% 8080%. Of people -- you have written is full of the other hobbies and why do you think there's what does it figured this super gonorrhea -- -- -- like well that's because of the zee pac ten mile all its name pfc energy of your pianist who blows with Dave. Are always Steve government. Stephen the theme is pine tar incident of 1983. The Yankees called out Red Sox slugger George Scott. Or pine tar on his bat after home run. The game was restarted the next day after an appeal from the point of the home run backed -- -- Well Greg we all know George brought did not play in the 1980s. -- for. I believe there was a blue uniform and yet the name of George -- I would say. That didn't know. You can make your decision act I think I I couldn't have said it better call. A lot Eduardo -- -- that those duties while I just I like the way your plan are not all about America and nothing else we're I like George Scott boom there -- -- as a youngster I used to like the boomer hello Leandro. They're Andrew how aria. I know -- sort -- excellent according to a new study 42%. Of men with the expensive cars. -- small junk act or she Mac. And in just a little -- But what are your decision I read that to me give objective to. According to a new study yes 42%. Of men and guests who have expensive cars. -- small job. -- I thought it was big trucks ends up small -- I you know instant. I you -- -- -- go fact it is -- fact I had enough money makes up for it area you know a lot of heroes did this study can that there is more you guys are. While that's about it I would go to notre question about -- I unity that it but but it's it's a fact I mean the best thing you can give your rich do it is by a fancy cars or your house great Condo because and the girl's gonna overlook small children and I really well liar Grand Slam and out. And female and you know I had -- you know you know that I'm while and a -- -- don't don't try to play like evidence in a hello -- Well I Lenny how aria. Lenny women we have wide hips have been scientifically. Proven to have more one night stands. -- -- -- -- Should -- back paths Miami -- for that matter when you're when nearly forty when UUUU fourteen -- started dating chicks that was the first senior looked forward to being a gap I'm. Go back yap shut look and dash eight inch and it is back to ladies and because. Evolution yeah. They find it easier to have the big short on -- -- -- the line up -- down -- they are more willing to give it up until it appeared trying to and -- -- I don't -- -- 500 because you always -- and you behind -- here no that's not that's the now. I don't know I thought if this turns its -- is out here and the right to the end could hit it right there.