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Kathryn Tappen of NHL Network 4-24-14

Apr 23, 2014|

A local hottie, former NESN and now a member of the NHL Network called in to discuss the Bruins vs Red Wings series and the rest of the NHL Playoffs.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And it is our delight our pleasure. To have our next guest on the show this morning. She is not always been a kind kind of this program whether she was working locally now she's national network stars she's fearless. Still is kind enough to join us from the NHL network Katherine happened joins us this morning hey. I tell you empower you know I'm glad I was hoping that somebody better than the I don't remember the last time -- -- then. -- an email that. They announced that it was late must have been in the mess and days like to -- 2011 to get married they shot and I'll say yeah. I think it was either it must've been me I'd probably creep you out last time we had -- -- I want you -- -- I don't think it's so listen great game last night and I mean IE we were talking with -- LB before about. You know the Bruins and is is last night's game in the nail in the coffin for the red wings that I wanted to ask yeah. I mean is that a decisive win last night. Well it's certainly convincing when there's no doubt about that took the lead -- -- -- -- that -- in them in this area now think it's going to be an easy walk for the Bruins but if they play the way they played last night. There's no chance that the red wings didn't get that experience alive I like inside the Bruins with regards to their response after game one. Yeah I thought include and then maybe not better in game three last night felt it starting to think that veteran -- and then I'm. Experience of the Boston Bruins -- off against the Detroit team I mean they've only got. At ten players with fewer than twenty Stanley Cup playoff game under their belts save a lot of young guys that lineup and the Bruins are just finding a way to impose their will on them. What are you thinking. Did you think because it's some text areas have been accusing. Brad Marchand of the little acting job again last night what did you think of that knee by Smith last night. And I am I'm I don't know I think I think he can. He computer on the edge there -- understand felt. I definitely questioned why don't they don't get another look and the -- exactly what we know they look at everything -- I don't I don't dipping too much employment the -- without MacBook deal on yup and then let's listen absolutely wrong. What do you like but -- Those Matt -- still playing in the NHL I had I don't. So it. It looked and he redeemed himself he could he had two years have a clean slate we are looking up. I did that into NBC on Sunday and we are looking up when the black suspension like the -- out of that. You know quote whatever they call it the time period -- hate to get it got the clean slate again before they get. It's expensive that babies you know we have another bad play bad. Not cut -- in the greater for a couple years now he somehow correct this game we're playing well but you know I'd like no they send me all I have a young and he certainly did back with all wave then that was a terrible terrible towel unfortunately. You know what color of their big bad when an event until about now first hole left to play out that. Tell -- India -- meeting him and in person meeting was yesterday or today. I believe it accidentally. About god how did how did Nichols how to -- slide on that's a blockade you know that that I was pretty nasty -- That's another one I think that got overshadowed by the team that got hit on David Brackett they had their can't let that head and not if they had and that's suspension perceived broken. I mean I thought -- -- the -- since he broke effect but you know the way he played after it completely intentionally -- you have been on the broadcast and and didn't even get old you know at. Science and -- -- -- get back -- not find what he did and pick Clinton can say yeah I don't get it. Why did the united and and I feel I -- feel I feel for my old teammate Aaron -- -- -- Stephon can tackle. The -- took over for Shannon -- that's getting thrown in the. -- yeah a good kid I don't think -- a lot of I would it would soak in that I found now we were without compromise for the GM meeting event. When Cindy -- -- and I sent him a note and I just said you know pick the black can't enjoy the late night you know but he's certainly and finally got very and what that. Discipline it I wanna come semi -- I and that he had looked at a tremendous job let. The department of player safety -- any doubt. They and he -- palate salad he's watching every single hit play unit felt. Doing the best they can't it just seemed like. -- -- there -- certain -- their -- -- get overlooked and another time if you get you know more luck felt a big lead up neurology academy NHL network. -- -- couple signed an island thing. I yeah millions there. LB was saying that it you know 5000 box if -- -- -- guys knots it should be more than that it's -- that's a man's -- that is the most effect sensitive area that the great us that. I'm Donna a couple of times that of the Croat -- I think I've only done it three times and tell them we caught on camera -- -- and -- -- itself. And yeah you know what -- thousand dollars -- about a slap on the list to a plan like mountain Fuji cheese making is not killing every even attempt -- it seems that it seemed a little bit. I have no knowledge that it should be a little bit more given what these guys are making and what -- you know. Did you love my my money went -- my running my running joke was if I was me when -- -- just cut a check for a hundred kaine said OK I'm gonna have mattered for the rest of the -- They don't look at five grand a pop I'm. Now cabaret on on the NHL network can you describe that as a stick to the knots or do you have to use like groin is -- with a. Well I mean it would -- haven't opened old crone quote inappropriate gesture that we had about a forty ballad I think yeah -- And now the food and my concern that's -- think I'm gonna play anything that's does it we -- defend every -- and. -- senate say at this sensitive region investigate ads but a place. I'm Catherine tab that is our guests and yes only. Glad -- the other -- and I asked do you think you are in audio obviously would take quite both frustration you see a lot of player frustration coach frustration. Do you think. The rule book is is it is. Bearing down on the on the officials is it they yelling. You know is that is it running their show and they can't keep. The rules. Well I think it definitely concern here in the play out that we've seen and -- on Monday. You know -- question about what point we just started I think that -- being an issue with BP official Gary certainly wanna give them the benefit of the doubt they work you know a -- they don't wanna make the stakes on the -- that's more than a player don't want them to make mistakes -- -- it's tough I mean there and -- -- a very difficult situation but the rule change -- constantly changing every year they're tweaking them. Yeah I remember Padilla meaning that -- and pine -- why tweaked a good thing you know the game so great right now why did they call it a little tiny change you know -- Here the faceoff I agree out of the top it's gonna change that back you know whenever the -- for the players but. It doesn't make sense to me to leave that that is everybody is watching the game every loved the game. But I'm making loop through and I think the show let. It's becoming question marks -- some of the assault but. I don't know what planet gonna come -- me -- even though probably get big annihilation on and on playoff. Especially having. I don't wanna be mr. jinx over here but it's hard not to look ahead to a Bruins Montreal series and it really it really is I think. After an Edgar. Started -- it all on our call for one you know -- -- you know we live in a time now that everybody just on your throat and god forbid you call someone awesome and I say they're gonna move on by. I mean this series is is the Bruins to dictate if you don't really I mean -- it through the -- have to find a way to beat the Bruins the Bruins if you watched the last two games. They are dictating this year. There's no question that the need after that game I think that was the feeling out process looked at Detroit a great team they've got speed they've got that young. He had a bad night quite a lot of young players they can put up. You know big performance played about the example but optimistic about Turkey -- -- then. You're doing and I'm very good I think the finger at the -- to advance the senate to get out of the series the better because my challenge is going to be resting for the next week. Which -- you know only. It's addictive and a lot of -- the rest -- some of their banged up players no doubt good and pretty banged up in the series. Solid against Tampa that'll be. It'll be better at the Bruins get out of that so they can be on a semi -- yelled at Detroit at Montreal. We went on. You think dot Snooki is hurt you think he's playing her. There's no question yeah he'd -- -- at the Olympics yeah. Yeah he did he'd be very hurt but it's amazing that the I was laughing on fighting and I with that game I thought. During that played acted -- you know screw that I don't want to go over I don't get out of this game and the magic guild come alive but yeah. He is he's very hard and that's what's so incredible about you he. I love watching anyone on my top three players -- -- I think he gets. Either way creating -- unbelievable plays better. Really I mean that's Feyerick on the magic man and they are magical thing that they would pocket if they stick it's amazing when -- Look at that look at how great charters and look what he did him and I unethical I mean yeah you it's fantastic what he's he's an island -- I I call on the hidden Hercules because. He's he's the people but no you because he's he's small. But he's as strong aren't as Zdeno Chara. I mean and that's why he he he's he's so -- white gets to create so it's so much space because going to knock -- case because he's he's a horse he's the. And in. And any of the game changer -- And you with a 100% and and it Zetterberg with and that lineup I think that would be a really edit the Bruins would. Certainly have their hands talks but at that point I think it kind of figured out Detroit. They -- they certainly figured them out last -- just took it to themselves. And they probably have a strong on the series they now. I think you think the bees since he had to make a prediction you'd say bees when it. Why do I want to be -- If Stanley Cup final so I had already competitive but Tampa finishing up last night losing ahead in the event in the next round did you find out. Do you have an idea of the beast playing in the final. Again. I was like a guy like that's -- I think maybe I like them. I think I have. About fourteen without -- dominant through Saturday and I'm. I went to beating and kicking myself I'm debating doing that they -- Chicago I think a selfish player wanted to go back to Chicago for the Stanley Cup final I -- them. How well I think Joel Quenneville did the right thing by Clinton. Clinton hosts and and sharp back together and -- and -- back together and it showed the other night. Al first and Craig Crawford had an improvement that we've seen him you know he could still a game no question that can carry -- -- -- going -- in the next about the attempted to have. Can't quite believe expect and that's very there's no no doubt in my mind. Bullets and and I know it's a day off today and you're you're back here I don't think they're the crap well I appreciate coming behind you where you now we are here for the Marathon Monday we your money. I would actually I would I was in the game down in -- down in Tampa on Monday night -- currently but I watch star bank and the -- into the studio and it certainly. My heart and then I I you know I was. That was definitely something I was kind of bound to miss out on but I looked like a great day here in the cities -- What the city did and and I'll tell you know Greg he's still could actually -- on the money you -- now without fire -- but first marathon last year and you that you're doing great work so. Well I you recommend that you know what I was. You when you tweeting me about that the -- weeks ago I was the people who it's amazing to me how generous people in the city it's just it's overwhelming and it's like you know people -- gave so much last year they continue to given and they did it for the fire efforts to sell. It's you know that though it's it's unbelievable place that we that we live -- -- It really is now -- I love that ESP and did that. Great one hour special Tom Brady then yeah Ben Affleck went to love it look easier than I I would need can it be supported to a local hospital -- the way everybody and cursed from the doctors and the first responders came together -- Can really help these you know these survivors of the -- -- bombing and -- the meeting -- -- -- worked -- You know and I'm city when when when Jenny Dell was unjustly removed from the Red Sox -- I was I was hoping you're gonna pull double duty and I and come back a minute think. I don't have a I bet they get according might help him. Yeah not -- if you could capture and big -- -- your -- be single because you're married if you can Illini that you could want and yourself if you can't let you know what. Never mind goats or sheep or whatever the hell they're -- let's clone Katherine happened. You married now. I -- -- -- make my bloody idiot sometimes I thought well I'll tell you -- -- got some like I don't know what city and then where they would have now and then on the cell based plan. In a different way window but you know I did that said I can wake up anywhere. And I great job by you when we CNET Jamal Mair resigned and -- and and it's on the fly any job tonight. You guys and me you guys give me everything I need to pretend to be a hockey yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Currently we -- You're just gonna watch latest stop and watch simply do and I want says beyond horse she does whatever she wants to see what she knows what you look like not since. Let us -- So I'm just not yeah Iran all morning Rhonda cook the cook all afternoon and uncle and their car. And I don't tell me don't tell me that Graham and move out of the corner was an amazing for the Minnesota 11 happened when I'm not I'm. I. I don't like I don't know what's gonna game. I've been reading bam thank you we'll listen and we'll look doctor they again made the I got -- I'm -- I -- nine batters he had a big day I thank you. There she is -- happen. Several texts they're saying nothing is hotter than any chick who knows there hockey and that in knows it not -- -- is -- No and no that is -- your knowledge and skill and knows it.