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Hill-Mail 4-23-14

Apr 23, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours topics included the Bruins Game 3 victory, the slumping Sox and some abuse to the gang.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each year returned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made up our. Are you -- but then go to the -- tonight. Outbreak of the that's the right thing. Maria walk ordered that the best bet is that we might -- would anybody -- New York don't meet god and Peter do boycott. On WNBA. Basically let me just say this field. Jacoby Ellsbury not treated kindly. Yes by the friendly fan of Fenway faithful last night it was a little surprised it was as bad as it was snowing I figured. But the you know the first up that they'd they'd you know throw the applause you know World Series Amelio left for the dreaded yankees but. And I hadn't been committed to doing an NLR he gave it to a Red Sox yeah yeah yeah that's like oh really OK thanks Andrew. -- Muriel -- messages today brought to you by noon turf care your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com and mention WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment. From the experts at noon turf care. 730 my old old. Blair. -- All. England -- that this. I guess you know it's it's unbelievable how how much of breaking game this Sox get though because you know. When the World Series and no one's no one's just news. Everybody's just waiting and -- -- in like October well I mean I think some people are starting to be a little bit nervous but. -- sees it you got a long way to go a long way to go to Italy 2:27. PM. All right -- -- and I portable equipment -- solid but not kept. Up they are. Our. A message. LB was saying the other day didn't remember war cup it was -- he was going commando is let's -- Adelman played zealous you know that's. My theory right -- lump it all answering your every thought every little piece of Jack. To me and we will kill them. Let's talk a pretty -- in the moment we can create and who are the next guy that you -- look at all. Into that yeah and a lot Zain. They're turning. I mean it was just October though is a big gigantic parade and everybody ecstatic and now they're earning. Will be fine turning poppy end up voting where you are yeah. Six nineteen yeah. -- capital are. And so what worked well yeah no doubt and they they -- in -- And apprehend. Her to back up there aren't there. Think they wouldn't you know terrible. -- -- that she does a great job caps you know he's a Smart Rosie announced she was used to be so nice to us when she was on NASA and demolish all the time and she's I think she's home for a little while Manhattan back I think tomorrow to bid to cover more NHL action so -- capital Jonas and a little while. Jeanne we heard all continues to. The electrifying when she is on the screen and I thought I stayed up to watch her pocket -- after the game and that she looks fantastic. -- all tough to do an interview for me is what without exactly yeah there you know Leo it'd be going through my head it's tough you started twenty years old she's Jennifer -- itself he -- you you got that the big until the big game winner ma. 6:20. -- -- -- it -- that a lot of money to accept the love dogs brought in and watch it on TV. I would get a -- with -- dumping the -- back there at the go to their output for a little while I would say it again. President out and into the -- done. -- -- -- -- -- That's that probably needs to be explained but we are talking during this 6 o'clock hour about. Boston's strong and there have been an awful lot of -- trademark applications. And the government has decided. That you cannot no one can trademark by -- restaurant itself and then there was a discussion about how many people appear to be sick. A Boston instructive -- I don't I don't really get that America's they're just. Tired of hearing about so overwhelming inappropriate that's overwhelming right now because everybody's using it for everything. -- these people or like I'm so sick of hearing now if I never hear it again I'll be unhappy. How can you say that. I mean some people just it just get it if for them it takes away the deep meaning of what how it started. You know remember you know it's it was a rallying cry after the marathon people that her people died. Try to bring everybody together now they're like OK that's I want to be reminded of that we're celebrating everyone who's here in the -- lost but. Now it's just -- so much that it's well that was so they don't want every they just wanna be they don't want everybody to be together they just wanna go back to hitting everybody yeah see on I don't I really liked him -- that President Clinton out there. Uses corn and I've ever really nice like five days after regular people know -- -- -- -- -- you know see that's -- I think I. I don't agree with -- I think people have BM I -- out last year. Has been like the nicest. Period of time and the city I think people have died in cover every IIT economic -- -- the only -- -- hoping for so on -- I. Think you think that because you've been so closely involved. With people who were involved with that that tragedy in and helping you know the families and people who don't you know who are affected after the fact I think. You know because you've been aligned with them with your foundation or whatever other events that you're seeing the goodness of people helping out one not -- the average individual. You know Joe Schmo who lives and still is like. Hate that they're out there that don't like they don't wanna hear Boston's done here again and to go to so sick of old time TV this week now play around. That. Thank -- for older. If you want to take something good that I bet Red Sox game I don't believe David Ortiz who can't measure although I don't know what a bomb. I hope they don't -- European Cup. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nothing like on a big gigantic I mean. It it was. That stadium holds I would as a whole muscles 65 to -- -- its massive -- I don't know when they. Did they think that there was going to be 65000 people -- -- a most of the home games now they'll I built that place hot but the whole entire. Like upper -- The and on well bottom the little bottom -- like there's like. 101000 people at the game but I'd just in what two thirds of the state of Florida is over the age of fifty that -- climate in the upper deck -- -- yeah that's true. -- seven and grew too -- man who ordered that about it is that. Okay. And that they're playing playing phenomenal. Yeah. Image Datsyuk carried just Babylon and you know there there almost like almost 500 on faceoff Sigourney a -- -- doing awesome. I mean the one thing about that team like you mentioned Datsyuk keep it that those guys do have when they turn the speed on and they and they -- -- start to go and and if they could it took wasn't so good -- you know there'd be different outcome yeah. But can you back in the news they they have when they -- the speed on they are fast team. 720. Arnold and hand. It would we go on the floor. -- -- Put -- into a message on me don't. That's. A city a what people are texting and about and Daniel said this earlier. They don't like people using. Hash tag Boston's strong bank. In reference to every day thing everyone else like that chip kept doing it just got my iced coffee. Standard often earn it. London and chocolate chip enough -- -- it'll definitely didn't agendas of the worst offender. People are supposed to do himself is like progress -- and LA are you are their wives or whatever and now like gag you know I spotted 250% of her reps that I did fourteen point for a while flop on Armstrong Wang settled down via. Though Barbie is now that. Out of the gym wearing your yoga -- wearing full make up -- your stories secret heavenly love spell by the way -- if you -- love spelling your over the age of 28. Just go do something with yourself and move to another country and she's a fragrance should never be worn by any woman of that -- The F she's totally gone up everything doesn't try and pass and seven. Pretty. You can't. It would have beautiful ceremony. -- One dunk it but -- Leaning one and -- -- you -- putting oracle well I'm a little water that would report couldn't have. -- -- -- Don't act and then I caught the bunker and think -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- comment because you're saying about you know you talked over the last year people been real nice and -- toward each other -- may be human. Daniel made comment about how you're you're in the middle of it because your foundation well. I mean -- -- all -- Boston's strong its most people. It's not -- Joe -- sit on the couch just to prevent the problem -- they don't feel better of all what happens all the people portal up. That the Brothers -- -- and all that stuff that goes on and people all you know. That's why it's there it's not for the Joe Schmo is sick individual shall always secular Christmas out the second week until you know -- kids yeah like ridiculous. Date I I it's. First there are so abrupt and right are you about that so here's. You're saying you're saying the people you're kind of saying what Danielle is saying is that people shouldn't be using it. In the every day hash tag on Twitter or FaceBook now. People -- you bought Christmas songs that have territory to be -- does get a little setup but it's a sense of community -- -- it's a sense of being together. You know what's wrong -- that. Yeah well you know what I mean the people who -- -- commit -- the same people all of a sudden after eleven they look at conspiracy here. They were -- got everybody talking about it. It's you know it's something that's a tragedy that happened that all eat together. There are people rallied around rebuilding -- and more important benefits for someone they never even -- donating money. -- in Boston altogether strong to support their community. Anybody else -- anything to say you voted negatively is -- to expect. I'm. I'm gonna do a quick search on Twitter NC Graham. To see what people are attaching Boston's strong you know like literally I did the search in the first -- comes up not even marathon related. This guy Boston -- focused and fresh. Plastic -- take plastics LP hash tag driving hash tag Boston has -- -- -- -- can hash tag hip pot hash tag Boston's front. Because the how many hash -- as the it will that is what our 240 character and -- really -- -- We'll -- lower what is it 1996 due up next this is -- -- on companies that lend you any risk factors like a. My god I'm gonna get that does kind of diluted one. A little you know yes but -- the president brought the very phone into the dark there are you. -- I never. Like somebody says they decide somebody a friend there's just -- and I'm on the Red Line Boston's strength. A lake a really. Six crew I have -- older. -- -- -- into an advantage that. Matter now. Worst to first tourist I'm -- that 2:40. -- Thought -- could look it doesn't beat the other day and that animate yes what you -- -- in a moment. We'll put them practically they're -- -- and -- Michael and couldn't let it like all the third and get. Well it's a little. And Britain and the Matt was off them I mean we -- have been the priority we live in the cradle of liberty yep. And our senator. Wants some kind of a DN on the speech. Army it's amazing. To me look. If they get where we where we are gonna decide if you're and they get it yeah yeah -- -- decide -- -- -- and it's it's almost. Comical if it wasn't so outrageous. You're gonna go to the Internet or to radio or TV. And decide what is hate speech. And then you're gonna beat him at the room and tell people that they can't say what their opinion this would mean generally I think. The market. The free market does a pretty good job. Of legislating in this room. There have been good if it. You know if there's a website in a blog. Or somebody is is -- hate speech. What would you column aficionado crash there I'm an expert their hate speech advocate but there's there's not a lot of people that are. Frequent big man unwashed are not normal people who is not a lot of people are gonna advertise on that blog crave but the guy has a right to say it won't. As disgusting as it is simply does have a right senator Mark -- I mean do you remember where and when the in your state. Where you've been an elected official for a hundred in nine years is that. When the Tea Party would have been deemed to be the Boston Tea Party would have been deemed to be hate speech against the king of mingle and put the kibosh on that to me it's it's it's not so -- Just understated to address sick -- tired -- also saw that -- then that will be used to it now you know it cannot give that little bit. If people they used it. And they just now -- on the match trendy saying yeah regarding mean I think for the game that lived there. Is it something and they're not overeat at 80. Run around -- -- throw. -- no I think and I think the issue on the trademark thing is I think I agree with LB it's right that they're not allowing anybody to because. There's people who wanna make money off that you shouldn't you make money opera man and I mean who you know. Yes but a by the way the guy just called out on Twitter follows maintenance in the car on the and it's probably listening -- -- sets so no I -- I happen to click and it -- finally follows you look like a but. John if you anything it's just the worst topical Twitter I mean I've heard of but -- thank you for proving my point. Seven crew through and then. Beat -- a bit like my dad to be -- back and evil people let us. -- -- -- -- But what exactly I. Agreed agreed but he did have a nice assists last authorities -- incredible series and a image should be a play great -- Jordan crime. Getting better and better each time yet to know these guys a little bit better now. Now as the big game last night look Tom. They're good or what's up -- I'm going to move it to a seemingly separate story together. And Ed Markey a certain way do. Often draw will be centered on anti Muslim hate beat you yeah you're. You are correct about that means yes yes. Sent digestion of it hit the.