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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

LB had it going, then lost it find out what he got wrong as the topics included the 2nd most popular place to have sex, a 2006 Spider-Man comic death, the average number of sex partners, and the speed that a sneeze leaves your body.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- -- I don't believe. Such things there's nothing unsanitary home. Drink -- there's got to be a lot he may and see what. Not only name you blather about aids -- -- facts she backs. Call right now 617931188. App Omar line you up toward today's edition. The action Max if you win the -- tickets for the rock star energy drink mayhem festival which is happening. On July 22. At the extended the center if you believe that you are smarter. Then our very own Lyndon byers than you could be a winner during facts she Macs this morning hello -- How are you ready. The right thing of some kind of an allergy hangovers thing that that just proves how old I am way what do you do right. I thought now -- the other day off yesterday or you work yesterday I -- there aren't good for you. Ready after the bed room. The car. Is the most popular place. For our people do have -- tennis. Back to. -- -- That's out here is smacked what would you give it where where do you think goodness. Talk to me bring my -- any idea what. I. Know are running well so that's kind of like did you yeah question our do you mean the question again there. And public registered please how -- it's meant he said smacked around and he did and Abed I did Saturday didn't W what what what's your what's your favorite musician I mean what's your favorite placed abstinence from February. I want to get there earlier -- got to have a vested and have to ask you that he called back and -- on his working hard. Here are not on the math hello -- Scott -- And always got. Where if -- Not so -- the question after the bedroom. The car is the most popular place for colinas. Would you say factor smacked a man. I'm going to -- That. -- not for nothing. If if you look at you and I know there's not a chance. Right right at our age our flexibility the card -- card -- card days are all right over way sex is a young person's game it is okay now that's it that's that is a young person's game yeah. Young people. I'm still you know if you're you're sixteen to 20/20 42324. Thank you still live at home. Yeah probably probably still be. You can still use the parents vehicle correct or that the car they buy you. So I'm gonna go if I'm gonna go back -- the there's there's nowhere else you can go he can't afford a hotel room right. You too shy to go do it in the commons and the hang entry -- so you gotta go park somewhere -- and -- Stop & Shop. Well fact it is the car is the second most popular place for calling this the third is a public -- Again and again I accessibility. Act for young people the guy. Everybody. You know you get -- any a little bit of privacy. I'm you know I mean and then all the other people used about public restrooms are sketchy it's no I don't I don't know -- -- -- almost guys -- -- severity -- dumping your analogy and I saw he doesn't it doesn't get the tendency four feet. And Bristol -- taking a dump her shower yeah yeah no caller there hello Derek. Sorry Derrick. There are excellent thank you. Derek. Sneezes. Leaving your mouth at 983. Miles per hour. Fact or should -- All exact. You're gonna go back on and on the bit about it is this a trick question because I know it it did that is one of the funny. Tidbits in it of sneezing dot. Although I think it's faster. But I'll go back in prison without the right you nailed it is not easily I thought it would be faster 93 -- -- street premiered in 93. Miles and now. Hello Tyler. I -- I was given your -- for February -- yeah. He felt Tyler he still. And the other day off yesterday are now. -- -- where. In a do Spiderman. Comic that came out in 2006. Spiderman. Accidentally. Killed Mary Jane Watson. By knocking her up with his radio active this permit those just -- The doctors rations are. Out. You're gonna go back -- that guy you know radioactive. But I was I I Zola it's. As -- -- Venezuela. I suspect I saw Spiderman three yes yes and I did not scenery radioactive did you learn anything about -- -- so I'm gonna go -- -- during an English -- it is -- that apparently and it was the radioactive obviously it's tremendous and that is -- -- reference mall -- only Wonder Woman has a strong -- -- to carry him. Very good hello AJ. We know what subject are wary -- subject. -- sounds -- inject it right that that lowered it ORG yeah. The road that turn your radio down please. Hurry so good at. Doing okay Archie where you from. I probably well and they look there are now. Right. RG two goal was originally called them back to bush -- What I'm gonna you gonna coach -- to. Yeah I think it's not nearly enough Bagram is too easy. And did -- -- the day -- come -- ago -- -- you're gonna -- -- that it's back it was a while I was -- -- -- their background when they came up with the idea and 1996 it was originally called back -- in the in the national dot com and -- Senator -- and I. And really down that I got to Jewish -- back to back yeah yeah I'm I'm not a nerds you know I don't know I don't know I don't. -- good days. You -- And actually get it was me soon and yeah it's actually good that you didn't see. I believe. Tyler you -- declined. They actually help the ultimate question line. Hang on hang on for a second. Is what about JJ. Is there a PGA is our next -- -- -- Any out yeah I don't Joseph -- -- good good good good they did Jerry in America. Most people's number of sexual partners is in the double digits. That -- or what that. Back on the MLB double digits doubled and. I you know I I ever remembers talking about this and and and -- you know I'm good with the sex stuff site I think it smacked I don't think it has I don't think about that promiscuous idea. -- highway in the seven the 05678. Range Simon -- bush Matthew would be right. -- believe and and America most people's lives there it's there in the end single -- guys a genius in their lying soon urine outlying area are you are you an hour on the all well and thousands early pregnancy all while parents I guess I believe they're recording it up every weekend on Saturday night. It may be they do these studies in there and and that the limit people unless the women's Hewitt and the guys Buick you guys lions seek to Manny and the girls lines they do you saw. You may affect the little let me ask the other city and out but yeah I need a license and you said it double -- thought I'd bring it back to like most. Most girls would say though I've only had four. Our heart must go on a number yardage for the go to number -- Why is it doesn't sound orange right because it's just that for -- Kind of rationalize four for Dallas stages right and you Algiers Algeria and older it's kinda like all right I've been in a bunch of long term relationships are. If you're younger it's kind of like well you know I did this person -- -- like 23 -- that's not that bad when did you lose your virginity I mean doesn't Wilt Chamberlain -- -- this whole entire thing out Alaska didn't get it didn't -- about 35 and didn't inherited -- house 33 thereabouts. -- is is the go to number for sexual partners like -- is the go to number of -- sir how many -- have you had. I guess when he had you know I do it again and and note the that is subject to miss conception of an answer you should ever give but went to two Beers had you been drinking emails now got it I'm. And I will not take a breath analyzer or not I do they -- Canada. John seed Lindsay everybody wants an Austin and Els and arguments are number I think she did farmer eating a number -- -- plane -- -- time zones in the Nathaniel business if there was any business the business -- money your business is heating and questions are right. Coming up -- with -- 911. And then your hill mail messages at 750. On today's Hill Man Morning Show.