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What is the Most Attractive Car to Women? 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

A recent study showed a Prius was the most attractive because it is practical, the listeners did not agree find out what they said.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- And -- -- And if feared to be a big old fancy suvs are perhaps the luxury car. You might think that the ladies would be hot and that wouldn't -- -- however not so much. I NSC should date the website commissioned parents to do a poll to find out what women perceived to be and you know how they looked at cars in relation to the kind of men they like to have found that women were more likely to be attracted to a guy who drove a practical vehicle. Like a Prius really yes I thought we got. Steady paid for -- That's not accurate right here so you're saying that a that guys in the Prius it's are getting all the -- They said that the majority of women who responded 56%. That they associate fancy cars with -- -- character traits like men being shell ops are getting air against 17% said that they thought big fancy car. So that you were insecure about something is that true ladies. I mean some women Collins and -- -- this could be informative format. And I I think warriors. There's different tears -- like if you can't like you know if he's to have a yellow H two. Relax and get over yourself -- just asking to be knocked nobody -- -- a silver BMW yeah. Maybe well you just in general and car like when we were talking about the fires in Selby yeah. And the hose that was through the BMW -- everybody was saying and that the BMW. Is the biggest boost mobile don't write and that's pretty much what everybody's I don't necessarily agree with that across the board of being the leader. Now -- at it's obvious BMW and also I'm -- that we. Listen. Too hot -- pull up 11 pulls up in Yugo right. And other one pulls up today Murray a beamer a beamer beamer -- five class not even an eight man you know I -- a series yeah. Five series. What chick is what which he communion runway. Well it doesn't aren't that way it's it's not the same you know men to women is his Mormon -- until his women. Look at this thing is like you know the guys trying to shore up his economic status and -- not but deep down they found that women were. Looking for you know they wanted a guide to be showing off traits like -- family values I'm. -- woman on a planet that wants to get a job and go to work if she does now after well are you doctor -- -- But seriously now only two guys two guys pull up what do exactly the same movies. Yea it is there's not a chance that you expect going to diamond. In the day XP fancy car she's going for the guys in the Prius. Supposedly the structure. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When my pickup truck here's a text from a woman they give me a guy who drives a Jeep -- a pick up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like three foot last summer and try to you know everybody liking get into the -- guy and I got -- again. Gonna crank -- -- back -- in the editor and the Delaware shark I'm getting up into somebody's Jeep that's the little bit -- I'm not -- money at -- wearing 900 dollar shoes I'm not I'm six feet up and you're cheap thanks. Again I just I just preserve their studies. Don't -- you don't believe that might have been taken outside -- listen I was. The present at the age bras you know knobs drive prix races. Nino -- -- -- text. It's that I need to know he's a man I don't think the Jeep is gonna show you that he's a man now now -- not I think when you get out of the Jeep and go home and get into the bare room that's gonna show you he's the man that's what proves that brightness hello Justine. They Justine you you one Red Sox tickets they. Our congratulations. Thank you thank you so thank you for being the 25 collar where you're from. Yeah. Well excellent what do you do for. I. Got better. Act. That you got tickets at the paper -- that it's nice job yeah. I didn't expect that now what about. Do you feel about men and there are their vehicles. -- -- and allow them. Well my. I. You know. Now. Well would you who would you go to a Sox game with the guy driving a Prius is gonna make you pay half for began its credit agreement it's gonna take carry all day every day federal. -- -- -- But you can afford anything to my clubs up. I I didn't know your BMW now first of -- very personable I resident park and take -- -- -- -- but yeah possibly about -- right now. Are supporting her story at what point I still don't know what it's worth it still -- -- sorry everyone that lives there. Sorry but this very to my -- is -- -- petitioners in this that says the 900 dollar shoes are usually. I didn't by the incremental. And I think I was as great as that guy you're gonna have you know what. I set it a million times I would rather have one single 900 dollar pair of black shoes that I Wear for the next one here is that gonna hold up. Verses a hundred pairs of crappy forty dollar shoes they're gonna hurt my feet and give out the first time anywhere now. There's that techsters says I'm I'm -- is worth -- -- I'm drowning in. Well hello -- Hey what's up Lauren. What my boyfriend and -- been out -- that big yeah. -- I wouldn't it be picked up a huge. Brown smoke wrong called -- And eating -- yes yeah yeah yeah the -- written a full master and no I'm. I don't know I don't know what I would you add a guy I picked me up out there -- -- that I can't we get back and I had a bad. -- -- -- -- -- If you're a bit of an up Tucker -- I am. Would you be willing Robin -- -- and I -- -- up talking contest that we wanna do would you be willing to participate. And all right hang on for a second so I Omar can get here information I'm Lauren and act like. Hang on -- and hang on this is Michael Mike. Hey what's up. Eight stock car doesn't sell cars just seventeen years and I told you go to -- -- are very that everything. Let me tell you about it how are you waiting it will probably be a -- yeah lit up there -- it looks like torrential. No not now it's true. All I know that -- on. What you want. Yeah -- idea let me play another website that commissioned the study anesthesia date you know I've. This web sites. -- is the finest in Russian deep knowledge to these are essentially like gold dig in Russian bride yeah answering this certainly what it. -- -- -- Little bit and can you get -- -- manage the money I don't want to mammal Kenya Daniel pulled the hookah plot but what. If your gold digging Russian chicken irrational what is your answer going to be because I -- Looking for a smoke -- objectives are gold dating my question who work so I what he's gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- they believe exist -- I just wanna come over because I wanna. -- -- -- -- -- -- And now Mike is your experience when you're selling that a luxury vehicles Lindsay is your experience that. Two a lot of women light like guys were driving electric vehicle over to -- on -- Yes. Bars for now built a head to cook political because people from putting actually yeah there are other girls -- that a client -- that still -- -- him singing thing -- Moving out of the -- neck in the -- could become a big treatises that you could have carnival if you children or something -- -- And I -- you know how that that there are all the Russian brides to come over that's the first thing one -- on how to have a kid now and then -- I'm gonna come. They have given her alimony and -- child support and live result little -- Great obscure reference those oranges the new black you guys won't get uptight I seen it actually watch it -- -- -- this past weekend. I watched everything excellent budget deal like it loved it awesome if I. When season yes what he says jar and money into his -- got its good. But officer Healy -- -- the girls and present. He couldn't corrections officer Healey he has a Russian mail order bride. Which won the white haired guy. -- he does this -- piper in the election -- -- he does yet -- and obviously we're watching that closely that other guy's a -- the guy went fascia I love porn session he's great. Lot of nudity -- that should out of prison nudity there's a lot of crazy nudity being Oprah's New Mexico and I mean -- prison -- I don't understand totally excited. Well I thought we are living in a pinch I don't think. We don't what's up the and I'm usually driven you know why should I deliver result. I don't like it should be out loud yet another outcry and you know all. I don't have all the way to guy dressed so yeah I've given like I got -- -- no no probably no. Intel and Intel so. We'll sort out at the like gold digging Taylor just regular tail and I think you could tell it like we are the women don't drive. Well that's not to excuse. I think you see Danielle -- although woman and she -- things that she's gonna date a guy and a prince however I mean he's I if I'm the guy. Did you hang up America wanted to try to worry trolls need. Well if I do a little -- McCain. I would have like a crap box on the sides feelings I was dating -- I was gonna check up -- -- meeting her I would drive -- -- card just to see the girls' reaction -- she was all like and turned off the -- there aren't going to grow it won't get the money -- faster Mercury bank is an area. -- If I worried I imagine for stimulus -- -- -- and that's where the yeah I mean. -- gas. Let's -- opinions. If if your guy. You -- in in your doing well you might be buying -- Carter trying to get checked eliciting a lot of guys are carport. They're current they have been nice flashy cars they don't have twenty bucks to ballet. Now. Japan in 679 a month and a card payment who was a settlement in America -- yeah. Every now and it was a pretty good about it under way back and -- I hear I -- -- ball. I don't either way it's by 52. The clock. And gold rush and -- -- -- With the I mean I it's there it's. Probably a lot of these Russian brides. Who I wanna be Russian brides who are. -- answer this honestly you know maybe they're maybe they're impressed with -- -- they know how to work the system -- -- in the there that it's obscure -- understand the Russians are coached you sense -- bogus answer. -- if my guys and being duped by the expression ladies. -- and Russian hooker Alia yes -- a truck. Well actually it's not true I may not a -- -- to -- -- -- now. You know -- racetrack you know I doubt it -- -- What about -- Tom what about mopeds the chicks dig mopeds like an animal not -- -- I don't know I know you get you get more -- on a mountain by. You know at least at least they'd think you get in shape but. Quote of the day I don't care what you think I just want an alien yeah ME LB -- -- them. I. Thank you -- an -- it is 853. Year on the Hill Man Morning Show. Not what's going Kelly. -- -- up excellent thank you and you -- that and what's up. I just had Italian guys that I -- right how are appropriate to be in the -- shot -- A truck -- -- You guys are on some you know he he he didn't and I think if you're -- like it. An F 350. Not work related in any fashion is parallel -- she. -- pretty heavy duty. Truck when he was when he did a job. Bigger shock to better just -- out there about 15100 -- 500 sounded. I I don't think it really matters -- -- banker comment. Rabbit then made it as it. Unchecked expenses and trying to gather -- -- 58000 dollar annual -- -- Iraq that they -- and -- -- and I mean I guess it depends kind of line and what your approaches right -- and why I mean. I you know the thing is it's all first. You know first impressions eventually gonna figure out whether the guy is a Duchscherer cars whether he has money or not they did. Really equal sushi -- that is I guess that somebody has like I do believe what they that they totally yeah. Yeah AA it's like it's like anything appear to position. That he don't have -- you don't have to did pull money out of your pocket. And you can drive his second vehicle which is pretty cool. Car -- you know then -- -- -- -- the year that that -- kitten in the chip it -- -- you more more options. The development of the better Europe. We started talking about this because there was a survey that said women. Prefer a guy who drives a Prius as opposed to a luxury and expensive luxury vehicle and LB didn't believe that that was stroke -- just that. 0210 man what's up just. Come a little card saying yeah yeah. I live in this city and a I'll delegates but you guys love that record yeah well what about the go go blind -- I shall operate jab or a place I college have. Yeah I mean. I like this turbulence in the city see how you say that rank and then and now what about what the woman promoted -- we will put in -- when it. What did you catch also we also -- Arizona just sort of related real hot chick -- -- -- take your -- from Austin to solve Bosnia but what about women do women judge whether you take a cab or whether you who -- or I mean is that is that -- home -- -- haven't. I haven't used humor yet now or are lecturing wizards so I don't know if you know I don't know how they can at least he like clips at like -- He gets it every day jury's call again it comes up chose a -- is currently. And it's about. So I do your lives in the air comes get -- -- enjoyed them but it's like dean has changed cat. Would get the chit -- again I don't wanna talk tonight how -- -- happen again. Yeah listen I was sitting in the panic particularly that the penalties about it -- out of us. As well let's say that I mean I mean he's recorded in the fun of taking the cab is -- the -- have can you are welcome to you from across the U you -- -- as -- canceling a -- English name is threatening your -- -- -- don't know now things are all right Detroit seven dollar. Can you go to their glove compartment and then not know he can't and I feel like we got here and they're pulling stuff out of the sand like cuts and erratic schedule OK you know and don't -- him a bit. They're actually old drivers they work for -- Rupp who was sure that they're not it's not like. Fred is on his way to the grocery store and I think comes over and then he picks and I wanted to like let -- -- -- does that the pink -- that's -- what's that -- there. If you nursing like the pink mustache on the front of the car yeah. It that's like kind of thing it's a vote drive your car around you know Peta people -- -- -- need to pick. Whoever is -- mean it's in every city pretty much but it's going to be gigantic it's and it's it's probably the next. People say it's the next like Google a minutes we have had a segment on it when they have their IPO it's if they have an ideal. It'll be -- it'll be it's it's huge it's a success sequels into noise yes. Can't get -- -- okay and it'll put the cabs cab business a while to implement I. I lied to when -- welcome out of business by that night in Iowa it no in the city it will but -- could be used to have the airports separate. Then after yet they're gonna get rates to be able to -- you know I can't get to Cambridge -- Boston -- -- a Boston -- in Cambridge to turn a Sox it kind of sucks if you spent. Like 200 grand on a cab medallion and then letters yeah it is like on network -- -- -- -- -- -- a recommendation of the drink -- Maybe shouldn't try to take on memorial drive to get to block down there. I don't know I'll read I'll -- -- over the house candidate anyway they're close are you insinuating. That. A cab driver would -- you laugh at it and I'm not insinuating a kind of flat out stating clouds and all of them not -- just not good outside of Fenway. I guess up -- how long way to come down by the I have tried to get -- I had to get operate in the Ted Williams Tunnel like I wanted to go to. Just ridiculous I wanna -- site has had three previous 12100 steps to Fenway I mean.