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Hill-Mail 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the brunt of the calls about the Marathon and a few cheap shots at Danielle.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each unit tune -- to talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents -- -- I think that what you have to -- On WAA. No mail is brought to you today by noon turf care your residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit new -- turf care dot com and mention WA AF. For a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. Here are the best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. -- 9:20. AM. Hey Greg amateur app that what do you mean they're going about -- -- That's gotten. If you're a professional. In an awful lot of fellow community. Under the and fifth you know somebody came to the capitol grill party I can't remember who was. And told me that Longfellow based on yesterday's discussion -- Longfellow and Wadsworth. Both teams from the same uphold the same bloodline of real guy. And so did George Herbert Walker Bush and 41 and 43 off from the well that explains everything off from the same sperm Tokyo's it was -- imagine zealous format -- -- that also have that same -- -- clearly an intelligent person now. Are you -- hear from him I'm Scottish Terrier Leo -- you're spotted -- Scott. We'll hear your family was like William -- As an ambulance yet she'll remember the wrong button. It. 91149. Million. I don't ignore the north but don't know that all my bag at the airport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the fact that the. Am I missing their reason why did you get -- is bag back on the -- alone I I I don't know. No way to be concerned dad well you're gonna be put -- place -- -- so I I come here it's very sketchy airport carries you parent and -- us. And now. I don't know that I could have. Could have been something that is desolate at home last night but I'm probably not I'd probably get remember that I think is still knows better that was it I mean -- -- with Jim Jim Jim would be the one that would be accompanied to the airport to the back nine I was busy over today and -- she she admits. -- now -- and I went -- I had a charity and yesterday manhunt. You're capitalizing on the car I was I was all day is for certain I'd tell them. It looks like in America want them and give their opinion. And luck and -- know what they're thinking well about 6 o'clock o'clock another game new and it -- -- And the message it's that there -- out now. I'm -- for our -- called -- -- well little when he last three innings yesterday and Q2 two and a Florida playing knuckles is a struggle will be little object. It's early but it's I mean it's also. You know they need to start winning I think -- body you know and he gave SES Greg -- DG BA -- -- it's the best division in in based. And in the jail yeah I you know I won't go our local National League but in the jail. And you know army went diving is -- Oakland third of a Western Desert eagle on thirteen five so they're -- four -- of you know firstly -- mail. You know I mean again again it's they're the little under 500 of them and be nice -- Win against the Yankees you know if it's. Anything is if you don't win now you get when the and it just makes it harder -- the united these games count I think what people say are no it's really the games don't count every game counts correct. They're out there at some point you're gonna have to put together an -- and two -- and ten game streak a couple of three times to get back on track. But it's easier when there is a 160. Bottom -- and I think you'd you'd like some you know what time -- put in perspective is so good they were -- they never lost -- three and grow all your last really -- -- -- -- 4:39. AM. There until after 26 point two -- -- out front I feel great that's so great. There's a little veteran out of that. -- -- -- kind of cool. Fifteen -- thing it's a law. I think you -- you -- humanistic pushed on through mountain climbing and actually hit a wall iPad bags and -- -- let my head. OK you know I don't think everyone in the -- appeared on the -- and to thank everybody who came out oh well when. Actually that's not enough I'm looking forward to be -- you know -- both been 1 o'clock and one beard triathlon thank you. That are still -- lesson for a lot of people that's what it's about and that's fine that's you know that's it's one of the best drinking days of the year and and a many of us are feeling that this morning many of us are not our normal. Happy and and robust sell us this morning after -- perhaps one too many last night. 401. And -- And it kind -- who have not been in mid game and winning putt and I -- -- -- bond marathon. And -- -- forget I -- I'll act act reprimand and split it. I bet you didn't -- the open and I mean would win the marathon. That's academic ethnic kept it -- that can make up for the last. An independent. I mean. Now when you know I get why they say it but yet but he's still he was born in Africa. So. Is the un American if this area is the end you wanna NATO and the -- and I don't mean that in order to send -- an immigrant right he's a naturalized. Citizen. -- became -- owners while that's American. Yeah so he got here when he was 32 and -- an -- you know we know -- athletes from other countries do that. Right -- you know they did they they're -- they come from another country. Get their citizenship and in compete in the Olympics spurt for America -- and they've only been here for three years now I did mrs. it was just a legit. Eritrea Eritrean Eritrea. Ethiopia I mean is is parents knocked. Imagine sneaking ten kids out out out of art of war torn country now and I and it leading that's pretty amazing -- they do I have no idea I got to talk to him I meant meet member for alone overly familiar are you. Meaning. Yeah. Mabus for lunch I got caught up -- press obligation I don't own a car I column I'm OK I'm ready let's just kind of looking at it. Yeah I mean. So it's kind of you know -- we were talking yesterday about when the last time an American won the marathon as it was 1983. So I guess you know he -- season personalized. Naturalized citizen and that it's so weekend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Into ethnic groups and none. A -- ten million. Burt hill are full. They're from Columbia can pinch. Or snap -- -- -- around half -- half and -- diesel nasal can you know get Arnold. I I do I mean that you know not not much I mean if I mean it's idiotic sold and I got a lot of respect for you accuse. Like your street high test yeah I mean if I had I can't even America by if you guys wouldn't see me for three weeks of political battle -- No you know to be honest and India the Dave at what killed me was that got a couple. Espresso Martinis at the end of the that I just didn't need to have done. Just to make sure. There is a good reason that Jeremy yeah -- I think again I can't respect myself I'm actually sitting in my truck with a driver and armed. You cannot pass -- honestly here today there are -- Don't know reserves -- really worth it -- that I'm not -- you up the reasons I mean next IRJ -- -- any ads are a you mad at me with a drivers -- and it's my friend. -- whatever -- the idea you'd be fighting the guy buys ads that are each Arjuna. No one -- him. Clicked out we. -- record -- I looked air traffic. To a much cred however. Do not look that it meant you were quicker nothing here they're doing yourself a beautiful days. One quick break. And that. He did it data element -- And -- were you there when mean when he finished I was not I think I left probably maybe -- chemistry and are reported -- -- did he did great course he did the testing machine. The whole foundation marathon team did Aaron lynch who runs my foundation -- Ran with a broken hip or something god bless -- and amaze you if it's just it makes you feel everybody's favorite all those people who are. What often finishing at 7:8 o'clock and I spent 73 year old woman then we were talking about earlier day. Who finished at 8 o'clock last night people collapsing left and right around and a quarter everybody coming picnic area animal with a finish flying off. Bringing it -- really can't can I am another tunnel and slider and I -- and a bloody and can you put the sliders on -- secure and. The top of the loading up on that looked painful little. What's the common oh yeah a deadly Canadian museum and -- Albania. Let out -- way you've got this I know you've -- -- Yeah is about nobody -- -- mozzarella role is looking to planners anxious if I. I don't care what anybody says you heard it from so many runners on the efficiency tiny about how the crowd. Kept them going yup and the Wellesley how important the Wellesley tunnel is about thirteen -- Margaret Barrett. That you did the inspiration the body that second win the body just because. Yeah you were you actually admit holy cow I its I'm past half hour am I'm getting closer. I'll tell you what's -- All the the wheelchair athletes up front that I was married to an hour now orange -- this hour nineteen minutes this person. So early on like 35 miles an hour another four it's amazing. Acquire from people who drive up from Quincy that they do guys ever get is not intended to Boston. It's just rebounds absolutely. Amazed. Line and not. -- -- indictment if that is I got to look at it became do you look I think it's it's like is eleventh straight Boston Maryland some ridiculous like that the guy the guy just has nailed this course. Yeah it's here's sorry can you say he's got a lot of great and I -- easiest Czech is number is amazing hello ball. -- you guys. -- -- -- -- -- Nothing and other stuff solidly to the senate seat you know giving other ways to repeat order -- I -- and I putted very very variable -- yeah. I was just let me tell you something it was extremely emotional. And and eat all of -- there are so many -- let you know I we were talking about this yesterday with the mayor. But there were so many victims say it's survivors. Who came out yesterday. And the first of all the balls to do that it's it's going to be it's got to be difficult like James this fellow yet. Hang around without us and and just loved the American. Wanted to make sure that he was there for. Everybody else right. Are for everybody else and that's huge because and that -- -- in the weeks leading up to this you know whether the anniversary are actually the marathon yesterday it's like. -- -- -- be inundated with news interview requests and a press -- photos and appearances in like. You know Carlos. I would imagine that they'd be pretty happy that things are kind of winding down for the now but they're still there every event every photo up talk -- people smiling. Now it's amazing it is absolutely amazing. Thinks they -- all week and hand. I don't wrecked our coated -- like outbreak of the right they don't get why would expect expect and I'm real Mike would anybody -- new York and Bellamy got in the group or not. New planet and he you know math. Now how is. This Jeter's. Dubai tour doesn't it that would end. Like. Oh he's got it -- be at the end of the season you that it won't. We'll announce it will happen tonight is if it's the the hurt his first game here yeah southern I'm I'm sure status and oh yeah what are you missed any on that I don't know if it's going to be before the game into. Red Sox presents him with some sort of well Warner. -- into it now and in the gonna play. -- and -- -- to everybody does a series get out and play you know yeah. C elated tourists go every time the guy gets to another stadium. Yeah for the first time there the last time -- -- -- I didn't wait till the end of the season to -- the -- -- -- go to get noticed that I got such a Smart comment we have -- yeah I -- -- -- some guys you know some teams -- -- Charlize and this increase you stopped it. -- Very easy stuff now you know. Unable I mean. Becoming EEE even though we hate them you gotta give it to an unbelievable career I saw it first ballot hall of Famer -- unbelievable career. -- -- -- -- We're doing -- no relation. To that often. Well. Mathematics. And then you have got here obviously you're not married men that's the only way mind yeah. Just very very generous man and now blessed and grateful would you buy. Choose no let's -- I can't have shoo ID UIQ I am I am -- -- -- in -- room forum -- in the house and a laser procedures -- and trying to be practical and get that thing that I -- -- -- We get a new enhanced immune yoga is. Really that's an aluminum and stuff and a couple of other things I was at the it was a lovely day you better for me you better Wear those. Yoga is when we do the amiss yoga pants competition -- -- at Ernie Boch spool that's part of bringing down. Them than me is -- pageant which is coming up next month excellent next month with the fact and we don't know man. -- -- Into that. I think it LLB's. Doctor in his mirror dry. Doctors. Combined Mira -- dry here right near our chance and I decided to -- I heard Chad actually I'm here under around the country and that's letting this morning on this yes yes yes. And little old and. They have an American one proud -- Well there are some creepy -- could have a part 200 that connect. And the message and I believe that's -- -- that. But I -- an ending that they're predicting a picture of the Atlanta. Airlines does look a little lighter whose grandparents and I think there's good players slump I believe there's. Captain bandwagon marathon question about the an American winning yes the the marathon -- about an American thing don't. But but they're positioning their position whatever anyway but yeah I am a position I mean that's that's coming up. 7:12. -- Yeah I wanna pitted then -- commit Hewitt they're confident they're silent. In the Nextel and have a transplant that's a lie. You're never got to that now now. You have pace they're not for me -- my mom from the main items on the return of the track I act again and I did -- reaches our university environment I have enough to touch you right now tramp stamp and -- -- -- over. I just you years so adamant about to cheesy that's of the tramp stamp but you had chest Packers. Still. I'm and I'm never sat there with a classy thing in Atlanta community. Flag. It is not exactly you meet parents down everything you need to I didn't cleavage like literally like ten years before anybody else out on the law doesn't join our first started doing on -- you're gonna. I want the trend -- or whatever but that's -- Saturday why -- not happening at the -- in the back of my -- and the hooters waitress was -- -- -- to look -- -- Ellen's coming -- so it's over fifteen years from now when people do the reverse flag -- -- -- -- near parity trend setter maybe you are an article opening RAI. Maybe you are beyond you have a big are you seeing any. Whenever -- -- the marathon -- on the thirteen miles an hour. I couldn't bear it out and out there and in my driveway. And the message now. I used could not it's either I mean it's amazing and the guys 38 years old that serves that is also phenomenal effort. And I you know we have you know yeah yeah -- you're going figures it -- is presenting at the names on his beard and bright and again. You know he's not a taker you know he was legit from the -- go ram -- inspired you know nine I mean just from our heroes. Very very very emotional day yesterday and I think it one off grade and that's that's what is most important so.