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Dave Andelman of Phantom Gourmet 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

Dave called in as he was walking around the athletes village before he goes and runs the 26.2 to raise money for the Greg Hill Foundation.

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-- -- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And Laura always online -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Our pal Dave -- the host of the Phantom Gourmet. Who joins us right now from somewhere as he gets ready to run this Boston Marathon Dave where are you right now. Some animal are -- -- not. Valid now maybe I'm ready or not you've got this thing and. Now BA behind the you know I hope you know you have to go to hockey and the stuff I don't -- we don't eat out yeah I thought that goddamn spot. I. David has written Dave what's your total you raise over 151000 dollars as -- I went over 161000. Dollars yesterday in the money still come and -- -- -- Google David Edward RR dot com he got two hours before I finished just yet. Now you have run you run a marathon before is that correct. Yeah I -- all of them but not this year is not real personal how's that for when the bombs went off. So I train smaller than it was cold it was I was small but I'm back and appreciate you looked okay but when I hit Boston College you know toward the crowd ever run like he. Now these. Now what about now what about when you hit Wellesley College units up and make it out there -- a lot of banks you're sure you guys have been instrumental in my Boston Marathon running just brag. Gave me my number I -- has a veteran my body -- once -- week for months we have our hand and how she thought I would survive without them. Actually operation. Being outsmarted the Zamboni so Bruins have any amount Wear it well I don't know without. Yeah they're -- ladies are going to be those those Wellesley ladies are going to be throwing their underwear it well that that in that Syria where winning he always feels sure not that that's the point. Wearing heels concern. Yeah well he says they're ready no touch dog licking my chicken -- I don't wanna be out on the back. Wait a minute the great day geeky -- chicken legs so what a lot of people may not know that as an aggregate to see your legs and the -- Long spindly legs if I would -- yeah I think the supermodel with bylaws that unfortunately I would do but -- -- -- hard to get up until parents go. I get -- -- killer on the brink. Now listen after running 26 point two miles as your hair still perfect tomato and what is the out of Clorox. And you bring that are hard hitting group. Happens -- security -- that brought eight prepared -- he's been in place. From pop it into the back -- -- -- -- a little product within just a -- I thought well that felt really can't bring that in here and are you gonna stop along the route nice try and try out any -- a favorite places. In the column and I -- volley in my pocket the substance or two at a -- And I have also are packets in my pocket I'd pick one. Every seven violence and Obama are you gotta like work out your routine or your rituals. Are doing all the same spots and I'm ready to go. I can't believe I guess I mean you know it it's been well documented on this program but I'm not someone who likes to exercise I can't why can't I can't imagine. I did that ridiculous five K thing for our foundation and I I couldn't walk I still want to let 2000 where I can't believe you and everybody who is running today it's the most amazing and it's the most amazing physical -- I think that human beings can do nevermind those ridiculous. Super marathon -- should they -- colors they've collected fifty miles that that's just absolutely ludicrous but. Well -- now I can find assume we're not under. I'd punch -- in the nation repeatedly security and I really do anything that great. It would have to -- doesn't look walk in the park. Well it's I know for you its eyes are your commercial on channel four and I and I know that and it just like probably most everybody who's running. It is really an emotional day today and it's a chance murder for everybody not only the the runners but. We spectators feel like we're playing apartment Dylan and it's a chance for everybody. To show the world's what this city is like in and -- how everybody has reacted and reacted in a positive way to what happened last year. Well I'm not a -- -- athlete or super talented runner I'm a good athlete and I trained hard and I'm. One of 36000. It is real personal to me that I was born. A mile from the finish line I'd live a mile from the slide I was there that day. And I want to show the world what we're all about so anybody to do this today has some real balance. You're twenty mile runs well that was nineteen when you see him yell loud there are pictures energy ranger -- What time you expected to two run biased here at the capitol -- one minute try to hold up -- enough cocktails so I can see. What time we think you'll finish this. I'll I'll get former blinded -- 1130. And I demand that you have a shorter routes and a bottle of water. On the table actual war I've got to get a finish but I got to walk back but I will definitely be -- rebuke a four hours from the time I start. So you start about 1130 and then you're looking for what's 44 hours a -- post reported side. Okay good for your body are right Dave bliss and you've done great work raising money and -- and that's gonna do a lot for the foundation in and now more importantly we will. We'll watch you finish later on today all right David all right you're -- yes thanks I could letter word but it. There is Dave gentlemen of the Phantom Gourmet.