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Erin Lynch 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

A key part of the Greg Hill foundation is checking in before she departs to run and raise money for the Greg Hill Foundation.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online -- on your schedule at WA AF dot com. And I do wanna check in speaking of runners. Win we have Greg -- foundation marathon team that is running this year. And the director of our foundation Aaron lynch is on the phone Aaron lynch is is actually running this year. And so I wanted to -- sharing good luck on the air Ernie there. Hanging around -- when everybody -- there -- areas where when and where are you right now are you hockey hall. Are you still at home waiting to get out I agree it's pathetic that that's what time we take it right are you. Try to avoid that -- I would be avoiding at all costs. We have Aaron we have how many runners running today and our team we at sixteen -- not backing. Sixteen runners and how. How much money will they raise that we're not quite mature on the total but as of now how much of the race I'm 1101000 dollars this phenomenon is that stands at trainer I say nice work. And we -- and our goal they eat out and sell our and it got a great job it really I mean it's amazing Aaron is running injured she hasn't been able to see you haven't been able to run for two weeks right. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Shall not just in -- bigamy naked chasing you -- a I got out of that that's enough inspiration yet you did it down here. It's out there and -- But we have we have some some some great individuals on our team and they worked really really really hard this is one of the hardest years to train for the marathon because the weather right Aaron. Yet and so cold and I hate to -- miserable. Well we have a great team we're getting them involved in pushing each other and it and it and aren't we are not. And how many how many of the how many on the team are first time marathon runners. -- -- probably -- now more and as mobile. And that's unbelievable a lot of the guys are an inspiration it's awesome and just just know I wish to runners could see. That's a battle if that is going on at the end of Hereford street here where you turn out go to the finish line you know between the cameramen. I'll have all the with the news colonel they're all trying to get closer to vice the other fighting for position and they've been there was almost a Donnybrook diners classic. No it's great well what what -- leaving and. I'm leaving now and Lockett said commenting grab the -- -- -- -- -- OK and then what time do you start running. -- -- Elevenths when he side. And I you gonna beat Dave Damien -- here I know -- -- -- -- of a fundraising battle going -- against him. I think I'm -- and it worked out our -- I tried. To all right what I want -- Listen I wanna mention Aaron I wanna thank Adam Benoit who. Who also works for our foundation and not Adam is running today. And -- and adamant Caitlin who work for the foundations spend the the weeks after. Last year's marathon. Hunting down every single survivor that they could and finding them in the hospitals and giving them checks and -- It's really personal to these guys today in and it's incredible you guys decided to run and are running today in and sell. You have all of our respect and we wish you a lot of great luck today. Thanks thought -- that'll -- -- but there at capitol grounds that it might as well that was the he'll be away. We'll wait for you are right aren't -- gap between. I'll -- nice guy -- easy jog and I good luck Aaron. Aaron lynch who is who's running where the great -- foundation team and we as Aaron said. A great team of runners. Kevin White running on our team is -- lost the leg last year Kevin was down here at the marathon and he was injured and as for his running today and -- It's really today is really anything personal for a lot of people and not only in -- not only survivors but I think everybody who. Was here last year was watching yes you like everybody is today is a day that everybody can come. Watch the marathon and -- you know what this is an incredible city and this is a city that recovered quickly and and was devastated a year ago. But is able to rise above and either I I don't know if you saw I actually retreated over the weekend you see the Guinness sad that they did for now. All they did a great dad just shows two feet and in sneakers. And it says. In Boston they run to. I did not from in off an -- so great job again -- -- and.