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Hill-Mail 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the long weekend topics include the Bruins games and people missing the show while Greg was gone.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online -- on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. Now each unit -- -- talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- old -- out. Well it sounds like anything goes airlines doesn't business rivals. Guys -- that's right guys who never arrive early and they always try to win at the wrong airport. On WA EA had an actress. Felt well brought to you by noon it turf care your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care -- comment mentioned WAA after a three flea and tick treatment. From the experts at noon -- care. And here are the best mail messages of the last but it would we have 45 days -- -- it's going to be even if we've been we've been off for a brief vacation so. The best -- mail messages of the previous four or five days. Friday -- thirteen answer. Oh lord it would be Hillman. Unless he's not but then director nude -- might view. Unless he's not there. -- POW. I'll call you back. When -- clock issue offer our prayers here was -- he does not -- in my. And about family maybe maybe you was it was -- back. We're back today. Nice brief vacation sunny Florida China's sea effect to get some kind of a college scholarship offers free brought to Miami and so obviously we can make that happen glad -- Friday's nine. 45 AM. Hillary no Hill Man Morning Show go to war. Because you don't know where to go get our head on down to the list goes. -- it's. Mean at -- so reappear very -- -- single bag so it. You're gonna -- -- that go over. Mean. -- -- -- -- -- Here until Monday morning to appear the news older than -- thought -- important that no lights return back from an error lead. And then now. Calling me snow Weiss a slight I gotta tell you actually get a -- I get I get burned. One of the days did you Whelan on the not obviously not there's the rest of it not to riveted by the I did lay out a little bit Albania. Online traffic via our the beach you know. It's kind of embarrassing as well there's a lot in shape people and will never went outside -- off you know on days it's let I. That's what -- -- people there in shape people move from all the other cold weather cities to go to the -- cities or don't have to work well nine I show off to make themselves feel better I don't. And I kept I kept pressure on and antagonize its is there nothing that indicates in England they're more wide open as their. They're sure not on the B. Why did Jack convenience store worker in Minnesota what do you can now wield some hot chicks in ramp right excellent point. Tripled to 46 PM. They're -- -- radio personality Mike you got it is considering that might what do you think the -- on what. Look like a -- Tell born in hope between you and -- being -- bond wanna carry when you spot I don't call my first spot. And court -- what you couldn't -- dormant. It was either but I I organs may be bought what type people -- pick it up that they get that they intact. Thank you might say we get -- what you're manner a clarinet he cracked double. And that meant. Handing out there was a discussion before we left about musical instruments I don't remember life. As. I'm -- about the best sacks alone right out. Because Courtney Love was saying that the saxophone doesn't belong in Iraq and room and she was denigrating the great Bruce Springsteen it go ahead. I mean to me. 7:51. AM. Beckham that he got. When Tony Clark and -- and cheer and again. Yet like there -- -- -- back the ceremonial aspect but you don't performance art what vote until oh I'll -- -- himself performing are going into art. And now. Exactly don't be that guy today yeah Danielle still be -- -- -- Danielle said it earlier but to get to the you know performance arts hero there's some professionals who were trying to work hard to keep everybody safe right down here today so. Don't be that that guy who causes a problem with your backpack and Kelly with a poncho ask you is this any new prime news on that anyway why not I don't know. Family isn't his -- feeling issued actually I thought was a pretty well written statement over the weekend I'm just saying you know they're hard fight by his acts. You love the way from home for some time like we discussed last week he's bipolar -- -- by the horrific. You know it's it's -- fathers get seat for head neck cancer is going through clinical trial at Dana Farber. Our -- you know we don't we we were horrified that this happened mom and I think the daughter has run like six to seven marathons and are just like you know we're so sorry for this. The so -- you get pulled out like every possible and we've brought and 8 o'clock spreads and -- ago via please let go to Afghanistan. And they won 26 PM. -- -- I think that when you're happy. -- -- Top end -- -- soon I'm blessed and just left this mortal -- Three years ago yeah I mean c'mon it's too soon. I think we're finally get that -- I think that's. I can't wait to leaves and I heard it got a little dark months regard her star Alex I think you're responsible medium sized so I think we're gonna get a medium breeze -- -- a medium -- -- -- it's -- -- -- -- -- five months. Explain and have a pet sponge you're building your best buddy here it is beyond me happy I'll be locked kidnapping at 3 AM back down now in that. 6:40. -- And that message. I believe that was a loops and this. Well that's mine got guys that gets -- yeah couldn't look at it through all seven crew for older. It was mid morning shows -- in -- like Monday and Tuesday. Ten to 25 to get co host -- we can score like Kuwait to Agilent couples of different machines and occasionally. Equivalent of the annual great you know even shorter than 200 Kirk Reynolds had been spoken about this -- Mean honestly not sure it or four months ended here. I took two days I mean that you know I mean what -- -- would I mean it's it's ever but he takes speaking out -- don't wanna get to now you know. -- sorry. -- 639. Yen. If there's if you want to get a box and current what are the capital. And then -- pitch man got Sarah. -- created there -- I. Hear wind and it hit a cute older. That's kind of surreal being back here at apple know -- -- I'm -- actually Danielle on the kitchen. Without loud -- -- didn't soon. She's wouldn't that bad aggressive and it doesn't if ranking and I were in the kitchen at the capitol -- yes don't think. Having sex with me would be at the top of his priority. Now I'd be go let's. Is delicious fourteen year yes I. And they tested the level of -- thing that can I have some lobster Mac and cheese cam multitask kitten. Family -- O'Brien. I mean now you know the address the rest -- that the match and she's on her back. -- -- That's not -- -- April you welding equipment. Here's the Texas is Greg -- correction and Johnny Egan will be lucky dog at an area now I'll be out there -- the get treated by the -- we just gave new meaning to Cuban's group well it's -- I had today as he announced. Ahead. -- -- -- -- Ridicule other rational beer there all of their ace CC Playboy. I've been. And the -- Yeah we talked about in and week not Florida you know on nice quiet school is this they're like -- all girls that Catholic school in the area went like this the worse than they -- are you know girls those who say it's it's a license to go and sit down there isn't you know the Florida schools is they seem like they're really the party schools a -- -- Qaeda. After a college young stern college to have some fun here and there you can bet you got to balance the social with the academic studies the academic -- -- the eighteen year old make. Seems like he seems like it's a little party centric down there I'm not sure that that's the best place for a billion and a young a coming student to go. -- -- Think 21 AM. Don't matter you look at account that it. I don't know supermarket -- had an audio. 50 geez it costs -- a season without love is out and got 5000 dollar fine issued to me -- -- each. For a stick in the not so so. But LB says that's legit that's an area where you should not be putting your stick purposefully and that's that is just man -- -- actually sitting out battled got away easy news -- I really got it -- today. I I think because the brass didn't see it yeah I you don't have to check the rule book could gravity. Officials that listen divisional and NATO official data analyst into the -- I thought it was a match -- with a match apparently had their game misconduct in one game down.