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Kayna Whitworth Channel 7 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

Channel 7 Kayna Whitworth gives us the perspective of the marathon from the media.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online -- on your schedule at WA AF dot com. LB was just mentioning the jockeying for position going on down here by the news networks and I am delighted. That our next guest is taking some time off while doing the news this morning to join us the very lovely. Beautiful talented journalist in -- -- on channel seven. Good morning. Get more and what -- you -- about listing. My Italian now I always try try to balance the fact that you're a smoke show with the fact that your legitimate journalist -- -- that -- -- As well I don't. -- -- emotional day in an amazing day and I know you guys that channel seven are working hard this morning. Excited about today began last week we -- anniversary there -- a lot of heartbreak a lot of years that day it's really excite. And I yeah every -- it's so important you're now we really can act and it's fine now we can and not let you date. More excitement than -- Kelly I'm telling her that and I have read our line. That are kind of bang and -- and he meant and the jockeying for position all across the group but we all are. Reporters all over the whole merit under a all the honesty and because every single factor -- -- today is going to be amazed and. Well and and you know I think that we were talking about spectators and those who were here last year and -- who've never been here. And your talking really about that did the estimation czar anyway a million people come down to watch his marathon which is double. What it was last year so I think people really wanna shell Upton and show the world what Boston is all about today. I agree and it's so cool it everybody intact -- hit hard and Marathon Monday and we have to be runners. You like you and I let you know sit down and have a hamburger here for the L time I think. As. -- speak speak for yourself I didn't competitively compete in a five day and that the sentence. It -- a because I think for yourself but yes well I really -- accurate. Well -- you know if they put -- in front of -- they don't be rude to not sample here at the at the capitol -- but -- you're right I mean it's one of the it might be the greatest day in the city if you if you think about the the stuff that goes on year after year after year. Marathon Monday with the Sox game and now it's patriots day it might be the greatest thing and I and our city and what happened last year was was was so awful and so this year for the sun to be shining and for everybody to be coming out here today is just incredible they're. I agree you have my friends that are born and raised in England. She she offered by the way the captain of new England Patriots Cheerleaders thought that a -- amazing. But I mean look -- -- -- you and me you know what it's like you know weakening -- the -- every American -- At about really elated that it had to come out of that COLT went there at an off all. She -- everyone thank each other Pernod beat then and it not to attend the whole world is looking at yesterday I read was that it. -- -- -- -- of people that you run in the marathon today we'll be representing every single state in the nation and an overnight country. While. I don't while all all I heard in that statement was that you hang out with Patriots Cheerleaders that was really that was the like you -- god now -- -- the comment on a -- that was our case I think it's a. On on a serious note does not just so they climb again and and does very Linden a Flanagan who finished fourth last year and Israel and into his second in 2011. Did did there ever a real shot you ought to push treated Jeff -- You know -- Now I keep reading that it that he just really is the paper again next year that's everything that I Bret I don't know that ankle. People want American built in here. By read it yet here -- -- if he'd been there of course but they read yet again and anything about how they're running I actually have that special. Boston Marathon trip I went in front of me. And they have buy it at the very specific approximate time. Of eleventh -- -- The woman opened and it and it eight for the men and where you. They are planning unbelievably. I don't know who now lobby. Asked LB was just trying to prove that he can pronounce the names to you get -- sister that's that's not a huge fanatic. I don't have that this year you know I visited the name is there a whole lot easier this year but the thought a decision and cash equivalents of -- -- -- -- -- Well. -- the bank. RBI did it this five K that's that was three points ones is that what that is that's regardless -- I. I I hang my hat on the the PM CI a gigabyte get of the based on Friday morning I -- 211 miles on Saturday and Sunday and I would have documentaries reminded and. You are you a -- came to. You know -- it's -- time I -- that if you marathon and bed as far as. Pick up I mean every time and it -- -- like that last minute or so. Yeah it is amazing -- -- how do you keep your girlish figure spinning -- plaza spin classes. Guys you know that he had any out I don't I don't eat crap and also. So let's start having my -- with a -- at and I -- him but kids. Really all agree there is hard and heavy enough that's that's odds that this time. All right so channel seven will be able to -- coverage all day today right -- Yet the will be on all day long month and that's really cool -- you -- liner and you're right if you take a picture marathon or video art and I want. Show it you can send it -- -- on Twitter and -- right up my marathon and then. And then we'll put on the air talent like that they're going to be really clicking today's can be great at. I think it is still and Andrew are we're glad you called this morning -- -- we have a great day today and as they say come by here if you wanna hang out capital grill outdoors or have a little stuff. Well I well I really viewed as an end this man last note. -- mentally eager to remember that each body glide is that it mattered only. -- a couple booked it. And -- feel. I'm not making eye contact I left and right. I'm not tired did you hear that said that can't just say okay. So body collide that's for the runners only if a if byword how that all over me -- would you -- -- army creepy note that it. All right -- fantastic great to talk to -- -- by seeing Barack. This year is the -- came away with as a text there says the single hottest reporter in the news business.