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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers and this week we got some info on why men don't actually listen and why your boyfriend doesn't care that his friend broke up with your friend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is 814 were about to go inside these simple mail mind with the help of LB. Who knows it well so if you're a woman. And you have a question about a man in your life whether it's here boyfriend your husband your fiance. That guy Randy guy who work with whatever. Now is the time detects that questions -- 97107. And LB you'll answer with the honesty in and of fort fort right before it right now. Straight and fourth fourth birthright to the fourth read it and he'll tell you the truth tell you what's going on that ultimately have begun to you -- -- grow as a text that says Greg is turning into spasms comes to the creek side not a -- -- -- -- it creepy and in his fatherly manner you did notice when I want to debate are finally here as daddy manner at that age difference I want the best for Dina and her career of trying to I -- trying to. The best for him in your rear and I have threatened her and it definitely -- -- career she's a very -- -- a very lovely woman that that I don't murder don't murdered journalistic credibility on the all right are you ready here we go out a date. Inside the simple mail mind LB how come I can have a full conversation with my husband. And fifteen minutes later he says -- And that was who he says. What did we just don't we don't we just don't hear you -- with you have to understand -- with you each and every day. For so many hours and you say so much stuff. Or not listening to -- I didn't know what it's not that you don't you you take in what you need to take in. If there's an immediacy death. Alex if there's something unique dine. Like at the moment rate there yup we take it and and you'll probably get it done. Immoral maybe the next day that that's that's our reality but in general in general when you mentioned something that needs to get taking care every year we've place that you need to go learn -- Just until it really has to happen we gotta we need him like why do I need to jumbled my brain up where it's. Can get a courtesy acknowledgment. What the real little I think we're looking at it while you're Tiger Woods isn't government. The should be you know what I'm -- but -- to plant stand in front of me day and plan a vacation. For Christmas. -- is just ludicrous. You know get the good there. Why do men ask for a woman's opinion and advice when they have no intention of taking it. We would just translate to sleep. I honestly but if we can make you feel good enough that you'd like to sleep with me on I you know -- last -- I have cannot I have been dating the same guy for three years I really like him but he has this disgusting habit of staring at other women's boobs and saying -- owns. -- -- I -- so why a little creepy. Everybody else. Street when he wanted to I feel for that -- for that young lady along with bottles and so yeah I'll tell me on yup. Got a somewhere -- actually Danielle that that's that Gary it was breast mentally it was a votes and a half. Yum yum I sit on a store when I was younger at different -- needs to be honest that that did the easiest way to deal with some -- Arabic student and knocked it. He knocked him out. Right does that in church and I got so they -- I would hope not now. Here's another tax that this woman says my boyfriend does not say -- on this but he stairs bleak Lee and other women know what that's hard. How offensive is that. It's not it's not offensive. It's like anything do you work eighteen some major but what could you -- movie -- to me steer boobs look good we looked little tiny little -- do you we started to do -- but you know what you know it's unbelievable as I again I'd I'd never understood anybody -- Wii's motion on this because. As human beings. What if what Morgan -- wells street and checking out the old lady and checking out the fact Gary I tip of the fact guys don't produce you know bad actors don't -- So I can make myself feel better right off and then you looked you looked at the old lady you know like you know in your and you know -- Would you go there -- I'm not I wouldn't I wouldn't go there Haley she's a little -- but I am saying and only -- -- my god college and college junior athlete what about how and about a quarter. Ovals and -- and boots ball boy wonder where she works we got to go there for dinner. Why -- why are men oblivious to important details like why his best friend Chris broke up with my friend -- I'd Frederick but again. Is it relative to me. I bet he's still my best friend through what I mean yeah week is again just days don't. We -- stuff like -- but we don't go over the edge you know you waste a motion in the crime and that it believed that such a -- you don't have read this picture was. But you're not in the bedroom with them you're not in the house -- Demi don't see here -- you know so is the issue here that women want information shared like what I'd like this always comes up when somebody as the baby. And you don't have the full information at the ready about how many talents -- parent. What it was what is we'll look for the initial problem with this scenario that you described. Never allow your friends to -- your significant other's friends really has it's great fun for like six months you guys you don't have to doubled to -- -- having a lot of fun it's great that -- house on Saturday grilling. Everything goes down the crack her open and now it's who -- him -- right here then you're a trend your credit contraction. Friends complain in about this and why he's such an a hole he's complaining that she's a prude -- -- -- keep nagging me all the time and it creates bad blood don't you friends don't setup friends with a difference. I gave my number two we're going inside the simple -- mind we do this every Monday LB is kind enough to allow you ladies who listens to to the show. To go inside the male mind. So Tex if you want 97107. Is that WA AF -- motor group tax line. I gave my number two guy at the greatest buyer after the Bruins game Friday and he hasn't called yet he asked for it why hasn't he called. We lost it -- yeah yeah that's really him a couple of weeks. What is gonna have to find the number why you know you're the only thing is -- go eat you gotta give me if you like him. Give Jim Jim a couple of weeks and then. If you if you really wanna meet up there again and then head back to the greatest bar and trying to and trying to bump into him again. Yeah armoire in the area if you really soccer if you really like from. -- I think I idolize any of these phone number and yeah and she gave me two weeks and well were you saying yum yum when knees are knocking out. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm a UD I mean I brought the brawler and a first date just in case she was a Psycho. I. -- I gave I gave I gave the brawler that night after like twenty minutes is they are candidate yet editor. And we went -- to -- a decade. How does my husband not here are ten month old crying every night -- yeah. Do you honestly you really he's just a few words as a lot during the day so you can engage your asset program Madonna and he did. Some under the name being on yeah scores yeah. -- and it does not listen to game of chicken aviation industry it's -- -- you know went EU EU EU you guys want -- kids we provide an -- take care will be what Accra. Right right and I admire Ryan -- consequence of fifty -- a fifty year old bearing a -- fifteen years younger than her. Having a baby for -- he wanted to see him right. And fifty year old. And -- it's so so -- you should be going to come when we'll cries and are well that's what happened I mean can she have it without you now. Of course and so yeah we did we do we do we do our part we go to work we're we're currently about a roof over their head retirement car so when she preferred haven't you struck a -- While this will it was an accident he was stuck whenever -- -- -- I mean. This is a thought this whole thing was a -- miles wanted to harm anyone at work were making it work you still have to get up and get. -- here's a Texas says Danielle please confirm the three day rule time exchanging phone numbers and it'll -- -- such an antiquated and look at you really like somebody get -- the next day like it's right this is not the age of land lines an answering machines just act like -- you probably thirty friend requested -- on FaceBook so that -- -- know and you know anybody you know to do well I'm gonna make them -- China. I -- let my whole thing is -- is if you really like the guy. Shoot himself. You're sure pitcher that who lives there though his hit it big for you wanna -- -- faster W your door. But don't sell -- but hey how's it going I'm at home today. Used. Why does my. Why it is my boyfriend want me to send him graphic sex messages it does nothing for me and I think it's gross. That's that's just sad. -- -- just play play a warrant can do you -- you got you've got to come around not you he is a little speech isn't agrees this is Jack and he'll beat it out right -- -- give -- take but yeah now but you know. I mean you want me to go to a -- an enormous semi some graphic texts -- Apparently she's a bit of the crude is that leaky gas power or something you need to copy paste it's not I mean again while we live in the age of technology I love it does not legitimate -- It's any less legitimate and if -- come up with all I can't wait feared a -- he -- it back grant her. You know we don't care who says it just and why do you guys always have their hands in their pants. I think it's just -- Gets a string enough together that it is having -- I don't I don't think we have an option why not to and is well I just think I answered it's been their whole your whole life it's the I -- like I always -- up. The underside scratch here it's phenomenal putt there up I mean it is just it's like the key to premiered and did so -- on the coach and he's doing all day scratch scratch scratch and adults. I've been married for five years and we have been really happy I just found out that my husband. Has been exchanging. Dirty text messages with our neighbors should I confront them. If you look fuel on a while it if you're asking me know a lot of around the sites with the neighbor first and then you can dump this but -- -- -- I guess if you're trying to do not mean you're your idea of happiness for five years and as I did practice but there's obviously it's a little skewed foods. My boyfriend of a year and a half wanna move -- together but recently has avoided all talked about it he says he is still. Thinking about it why why is he still think because he has -- -- with you. News struck when he brought it up them all that that'll just don't turn on a -- courtesy and rappers -- after. Yes you know push it together that'd be great and when -- when I say that went to ensure that. When it but it wouldn't say that the bar worst idea ever a LB what is the best way to go from the friend zone to friends with the benefits that is what this techsters asking. That is simple -- agenda so we easy technology meant to send itself we. And you're gonna be unhappy there's no such thing as friends -- benefits he's gonna fall -- -- at some point but at first it will be great sex and -- very careful loving your knocked him wanna be in a lot of time he's gonna be saddened and then you can just move on to Columbus Ernie -- Trick question why can't -- if you're in the friend zone the other person doesn't sleep so you can't go you can go -- got it about. If and can go from you can go from friends -- benefits -- from -- zone difference that I mean this guy can be in different -- this to me. Illustrates the dramatic difference in between the mind of the female in the mind of the male. This woman actually thinks that that that a man any man. Has her categorized. As friends on the guy knows she would be willing pick the players. That appealing to an usher complete at the odd ball left -- even point in America. Just like with the of course he's not when he knew it that's -- -- -- yourself into the world are of course you've put yourself in the that the course -- do you have put -- that he he done these foreign just there. I asked him right is that the. Delighted to have been sent to myself into added time in a place to show up is there -- LB is moving in together after four months too soon waitress -- -- that's what hole alarms going. How what what's the period of time and what is it to -- years and years there's two years just imagine it is other girl learned actors habits -- Gary as a girl typically grow well again all your stuff becomes serious -- and then you don't -- months four months that's we too fast. Genesis Reynolds ears you know he got a spends. You know weekly hate the person write in movement legality and -- it's been like you know couple nights a week over at that apartment up. Figure out if he does that he doesn't kindness than there in the there's maybe 34 nights a week at department. And then that's when you're gonna find out. He still wants to hang with it because once you start paying an art department that means you can have -- is other black object move. I just below logic what you know QZ bottle of your black wood chips they. Give your ring out -- no more like tank I was going to you know like a because secure and look what do you do and you're like oh well my girlfriend and I just moved and I can't in particular the movies and -- it. All right so well that the -- That's effort today -- as this Dexter says LB destroying relationships throughout New England yeah that's that's for Dana that's an happens when we go inside the simple -- mind here at WA AF.