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Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

During the busy day of the Marathon Mayor Marty Walsh called in to talk about the big event in the city.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online -- on your schedule at WA AF dot com. A gorgeous day here in the city of Boston we are live at the capitol -- overlooking the -- since street and it's a busy day for our next guest then and I want to thank him very taking the time. Out of that busy schedule to join us here the mayor of the city of Boston Marty Walsh joins us here this morning mr. mayor. They serve that great that you have me on this morning. -- and I didn't call you on it but there was supposed to be some Red Sox tickets -- a Bandana and a half and I mean I believe those were promised on the issue. On -- you don't -- out of summer are you guys that are. Dictionary a girl guy guy got -- -- now listen it's okay you'll take it -- you know he's supposed to say mr. mayor you'll take care of his next year of that idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- America again I thought it was my fault our product mix up the dates as I saw you saw you on TV at the roadside stand yesterday thinking to myself -- hell is up -- -- over the marriage and attitude to stick to our interview. -- -- -- Listen. Certainly we're -- looking at that at the finish line and at the Hereford and boils then and it seems like guy -- a lot of people here are ready and it it seems like the city is done a great job getting ready for what it's going to be a an incredible day today. -- Played the energy all -- on in this city was it you guys has been incredible people excited that. In looking looking towards in other words I started taking records and try. They're going to be 36000 people -- The majority of them will be taking back -- -- -- Today you know in the in this race everyone that's everywhere that's -- a part sub Arctic today it is a winner and -- city so countries that are running in this particular America. You bomb eat what we did obviously last week was I think difficult but necessary for the city and that I wondered for you as a new mayor. How difficult that was you know not only to speak in and be a part of that but to kind of see what the city is going to. It would it would it would try to establish. A variety he can't he can't while not because it's a -- survivors. What we're so -- inspirational that you're Fred it's very remembered helpful and would not helpful it pretty difficult to meet its -- city just feeding off their inspiration I -- think about a year ago. Here obviously today Marathon Monday. Four people lost their life are in the course of that -- that on week. You know hundreds of people who are planned in India who -- attractive with some of the other injuries. And solve many of them one year later here aren't stirred -- inspiration. To all of us on how that that is if -- -- more inoculation. And the very typical situation which to me it's remarkable. In British penal and a survivor resonated they've -- Being around survivors in and see what they've overcome its incredible. Well I -- we were talking about that last week in and I know that you know. Richard Stanley very well and and so. You know eight in reading that that that the peace in the globe and seen them at that immense last week. Are you really feel like we owe them a debt of gratitude because in in you know them so you probably know this but. I think they did that for they did that for us I mean you know these survivors. I ought to be able to go -- what they've gone through and then to be able come out. And show the city that they are stronger and that there is that they what they went -- was horrible but but they over they've they've overcome. To -- I think a lot of those subscribers incredibly did that for the city. Actually you know everything they bill. It is try and and that is that's that's unbelievable because you know and there in the case -- -- -- chairman Iraq it's fun. And they want to make sure that they're respectful to everyone. And then also noted that bigger republic Turks and customs and playing on the news that -- skeptics. It is simple piece but it just -- so hopeful. You know do the families. You know survivors who locks you know -- again good -- with some sort -- last to a three week now meet people. And everything it isn't based our ally are -- our. Really people are remarkable in the city like earth say this -- I was really mean it's incredible -- Fletcher after. Security stepped up and all you want to -- stepping up today again. Around the nation around the world people offering its prayers and support the folks in the not ever Red Sox -- you know you're -- I think a little bit about. That that emotional ceremony at the beginning of the game my site. It and then you know all the Red Sox once. I wasn't about winning because of wins and losses are scheduled. They want that's what my site because of fox and and -- big you know the people of Boston will -- Red Sox went back. I think so I guys I think you're right about that so. Now for those who are on their way here today mr. mayor. They should expects. A little bit. That extra time getting -- Aaron and being checked kind of as they come to the finish. Editor in recent checkpoint -- right after them please don't bring -- -- need to pick. All all you needed it is it yet. If you hear voices and in your opinion of your body here. You know if you're -- rain coming and the truck -- a -- Be respectful be patient and if you Don -- -- street there's going to be. Security checkpoint a bit you know there's going to be a lot of people don't I want your thoughtful -- history. If you you know you share these runners on enjoyed this city you know be respectful of everybody this -- You know two days that there is another -- first -- additional member. You know -- Richard. -- -- -- Sean Carter thank you will. For the sacrifices they made and rot this city last year but also all the other victim's network said that you know. So affected by this is -- -- -- -- that they thought the love each other. Love this -- Was it was it at all difficult for you as the mayor to kind of balance you know freedom and ended. The right that people have to walk around with the with the security precautions for today did that. You might get quietly had a meeting a couple weeks ago -- -- and actually exceed. Couple months ago I first elected it. We were talking about security. About climate. You know a couple people concern of those army and -- result delightful. In -- on the street exit in other People's -- a lot -- So we were able to listen to us -- special needs at dark about what's that what's the right balance so we're gonna have. I was very good -- friends in this city today as you have all we can however big very big -- president while they're there as well. Into people people. I felt faith we -- also states being being out there today and this addition she -- on them very much. And you get the job of placing it is the what does that they. Lou what kind of -- on how do you put on the head of the a winner what is that lock up the. -- a little about well that's that's why I couldn't run the race today because. I -- I was just I was gonna train and LB rules and endure amount on training but more slick. Yeah for the next four maybe eight years right here on the straight reply. L and he's really a kinetic and obese -- training consists of going to daisies and then yeah I agree v.s and you don't wanna be around him when he's training mr. -- let me -- I call the boils in -- very marathon. Alitalia -- candidate and give me a quick check. Out there. Are some of our fallen off. What have you bowed out of -- Can send them can you send him some of those inspirational messages today mr. mayor he'd really care that you think I parity in one day at a time -- I'm not 100. Well listen it's just I you know and feel free by the -- -- -- down here come we're having a great deal foundation event at the capitals will stop by ally I have ever try answering got really Iran they're -- it's not. Yeah I would love to see and more importantly it's just you not I it's really an emotional day because. You know it's this -- this is this event is this event is Boston and the way. Already the way people are responding down here the crowd that is here already. The excitement about the race the excitement about its. Showing the world what this city is like is it's very emotional self. Thanks for joining us this morning and Andy Garrett thanks for doing a great job on the good work last week -- itself.