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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

Thursdays with Thorty moved to Wednesday due to Greg's vacation days Shawn Thornton joined the show to talk Detroit Red Wings and playoff hockey.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- -- -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days with the authority. Featuring John Darden the Boston Bruins. Well are off tomorrow so Thursdays with authority has turned into Wednesday's -- Doherty and it's brought to you by the city of Boston credit union which is authorities choice for his banking needs and also. By EM decent run well and EMD. Milk for morning mr. Horton. Good morning how are how you doing today. The day off yesterday got the states. OK I understand the flu is making its way around the locker -- that true that. Our. -- now yeah. Big news that big. It is is -- the stomach flu or the sniffles or what's what's going on I did not know audit our order hero -- -- It and you cannot probably year forbidden from not disclosing who is it has. Has horrible diarrhea. Today we don't I don't went on giving me the iPhone in -- any information. Yes well it's -- it's exciting you guys advise guys have been there before -- what do you make of the red wings when it when it comes to. To those guys as a playoff opponents. Circuit. Very very simple pop up a lot of -- and puck possession team whose guilt about. -- they got what you guys -- their report there's so. To strong matchup but you got beat everybody yeah. Tom is is it difficult you know when it's not a real rivalry team is difficult. Get up the the hatred. Shouldn't it looks at this critical -- whatever say yeah. Against food yeah. -- my -- Ewing on the amount. That yet they should the united. Back through any ability to walk like output. Every playoff series I don't even want to of course it is. Often composed -- and do it rivalries that are in -- Yeah what good does it it does take. Time to ramp up though right authority and I mean sometimes it -- come sooner and then later sometimes you know it's a first street thing in the first game. Sometimes it's a whole first game. I mean if you guys struggle bit last year Toronto and and that there I might know we're at a stabbed which I thought I found to be amazing I didn't you know -- I wouldn't believe there. If there was some religion but. I'm not sure how would you be used by anyway -- of 40% sporting in first round series and like the last ten or fifteen years. 40% of the underdogs win this series. -- picked it up. A little bit of the -- to first how lucky if you get O'Bannon. It five opens the and sometimes the little feelings here it is we don't. Provocative we've been there before. We go to. -- -- I'm not let. I think other cases around you know that have been a lot. Yeah and so. Did not a posse leader walking and vacant industrial park and Eric you're gonna Wear and if it comes -- here. It happens all of a sudden you and your -- and hair with blond talk wouldn't expect it and walk. Well and you know it you guys who do so you guys who want it. -- Did does that only eliminate any motivation I mean you know as it is it the -- like you take Iginla right you know he wants to win. Should win a cup but is it is it tougher for guys that you guys -- already won it. Not a officer one -- you. What you see that the only thing about the volume watt. There's. There's no feeling like it -- -- everything you ever. Work that light finally paying off well. I think that. Some motivation here just must be out there -- them in the room like eight years. But really walked on. -- -- either but because you don't. It's just sit back out water to inspect -- got a couple of if you argued that they go to treatment act or. You yet had to mention the -- tonight and I had to get that -- well -- and it. You know where we were talking earlier because -- -- LB played a clip from Peter sure -- talking about how everybody needs to eat well. And I was like believe me. The -- food bully the the captain of that the that chamber Shawn Thornton will be eating well during the playoffs don't worry about it. Thank you very underrated you guys do the playoff buffets before games. Not pay it forward you're -- -- a -- every series well let you know first I am not sure what your bottom -- it hurt. -- -- -- -- You know now while -- -- -- -- well I used to put on like 20000 plus. -- little -- over it stop. I gave me I don't you know you -- -- -- did you guys like the first couple series -- my -- of division rival laughter that yeah yeah your ice times. Gets cut back to like a minute forty seconds again. So there was yeah I did I did get out there returns. But a hey Shawn Thornton's our guests get ready for the playoffs on Friday -- Dick -- is it accurate the -- helped kid ask you grow the prom the other day. It news I it was a few weeks ago. I think certain -- could help without a doubt but no problem but it got to find out did. Our little talk. And oh yeah as you say yes. Where was that was that Braintree high school. Yeah let it go in they don't -- -- -- and she's she said yes of course yes yes. He can -- saying -- but she says you know achieving in her mind the -- -- -- That's some. Those meetings -- that's going to that's the that's. It Edwards what what do you think. Biggest assets to be true red wings are do you think did it they get sick and asked -- that the youngsters. -- I quiz -- go to tar and those and company have won a Calder cup play together are in order and takes to win it at that level. And obviously they know what it takes to succeed at this level. Nerves are not nerves. Which happened there but I think you know it's a look at it from -- well. But. I think we're trying to put an unbelievable group of prospects and immediacy that was that -- put it that -- the real -- you probably isn't either we'll see here. Scores are always look very old organization. -- -- -- Well the big one in the minors came up together I'm sure that. Our topic recovered it -- to broker at that point out there corporate a lot of it will moderate and you teach a winning attitude hurt but then about the development. What put there to build up. Circuit -- it would be for a while being pretty -- that the man whose got already -- while I don't know about. Did that Turks who would like to know if you remember who you went to your prom went. What -- well what's it at all what happens. Thought Atlanta when Arafat you merely he's. There were robbed the mood one of the important milestones in -- the forty. Yeah fail. Again. Junior hockey's not like tabloids like the received the high school learn callers are here whether it clearly. 38 games to me if you put in like you go to memorial cup -- Clinton and you know ninety games in junior. We're quietly into Beirut. As we -- the finals of the alternate route is still proud to look up all the talk. So it didn't -- it's funny it's funny authority I did that I did off the record rely on -- on on now Monday. And Kenny D'Amico was on the show -- -- and rob ray and D'Amico and when he played for the Lou it's obvious in the way in game seven in the western hockey. -- finals memorial cop. And and I I couldn't even hardly do the show because I was. Going through game six in my head where we're here to -- but we're up 21 with -- eighteen seconds to go in the third period. And it went south and eighteen seconds we lost 320. And I am an -- -- -- I care if it's horrible the mine on crash still I'm glad I wasn't the senate aren't you you're you're gonna get this you'll get a kick out of us. We got the faceoff. Detailed their catch taken to drop we got to Obama left wing on the right wing Johnny minor and Jason Meyer on defense. Reliever in Nat Ali get a dude it's a laughter -- And do we Windsor drive seed Johnny -- -- -- to do is dump it down on the ice. Guy tries to be -- up the middle of the deficit pitches pocket slams it over reverse shoulder we go to senator rice they dropped a part. Puck pushes forward everybody falls down goes into the -- for the winner the. You recovered anthem and -- any special ceremonies because that you might as -- -- but again and again did you happen to catch the ESP and marathons special by any chance last night -- I didn't I didn't watch a lot but it unfortunately. You -- if you get a chance to watch it remains a very very moving nine -- you know I'm sure you guys are doing the same thing that everybody else is doing and thinking about last year and and you know really interesting how sports can help people heal all it's it's really interest and thing. It and I appreciate and I thought that it would -- looked -- before I hit. Really -- we should like I was -- -- don't do. Could listen to what the real people on. Don't legislation -- processor you'll get hit by but the well. And not Lucas and today people -- -- that ran out and help them yeah the other. What about the other part I'm prepared trying to chart a -- about playing again. -- now it's it did you say it perfectly safe purposely. All right well listen good luck will we'll check in again next week so little progress can be -- and the grind begins in that quest for the cup begins and and thanks for checking in this morning and I. All right there's Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins. He mentioned our pal Lucas who came by this morning's gonna talk a little bit about. Some cool he's doing you -- so we'll get to that coming up we'll get to the the Van Halen news coming up John the whole -- John. And yes memorial being buried where to look up John -- I need some help. Yeah I need to import permit and to beat them not being a -- And then what happens already Groban -- take my -- and up all right. Well that's your knees so yeah now I'm screwed well. Maybe you should get Doherty threaten again and then my mouth and all happening your niece and that it's big gay -- seven -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --