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Are You Smarter Than a Gamer Nerd: Halo 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

Were the callers smarter than the nerd with his knowledge of Halo?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. All of this game. Are you smarter than in game burden they're not unheard of on video game. Particularly in tickets to -- linkin park at the XP and eighty senator coming up on August 16 if you're smarter than a gamer and -- today. And rock bottom robber ran into this individual at pax east the last weekend of big halo player out wicket victory and a halo he was dressed as another video game married he explains why does so confused and familiar with like three video game out well -- happens to be welcome you get confused because you have a life and tell -- let's meet this. Video game neared. I'm here rat -- Pat how long have you been a -- About two point six years now and wouldn't dressed as today and me. New California republic soldiers from the onto me and does this get to a lot of checks but all day every day and -- -- From fallout in the biggest they'll probably and in. New records. Polo neck. It's already bad because blew by my Gamertag. Restore -- curriculum. We'll get killed in that scenario. True or false halo two has more levels than halo one. All right. -- migrate to new for bonus points could you tell me how many levels. Oh my god you know my. I ask you this question yesterday in the -- let this about going on and I didn't know to top I think -- like China and. You are so you are saying that it is true that halo two -- let's see if you're smarter than today's. Jean Bernard halo two who has more levels than halo one true or false. True. It. About one is correct that is right it is true rue hello Jared. Quayle I -- know what's up Jared -- What I meant is that -- I don't BI caught fire in the senate Kigali reaper. A bit of chaos and cost ten years old brown wanted to do but -- that he did have a wife or girlfriend. Yeah you're actually a girlfriend and sometimes literally actually -- world warcraft -- pretty hot. Okay. -- what guy and is the master chief. Dual wielding on the front cover of halo two you will. -- -- -- the I'm there I can't remember on the -- I'm Jane -- our ascent into Islamabad. Gold dole seventy years. SMG would be your answer let's see if you're smarter than today's scheme burner what's done is the master chief. Dual wielding on the front cover of halo two. As NG was a machine yeah. I just know that game and that now I guess the -- both the thought -- you've done. But the I did so with no it it just know it inside and don't mind me better myself -- -- You're up it's. But. Hello dad and -- dead. -- don't yet but what's your name. James is enough that's like Dan PA and yeah James what you thought James. It should be. Besides these sniper rifle the other guy that can zoom up to ten times. Is the plasma rifle true or false. -- -- -- hesitate Internet know as you better play out in let's see if you are smarter than today's schemer Bernard. Besides the sniper rifle the other guy and that can zoom up to ten times is the plasma rifle true or false. False because there's no is human applies to all the company and. The the a veteran leaders via email and they got this guy is lasers now. Laser -- costume hello -- now. What's up -- How much how are you. Well I haven't miserable ride in this morning or is it all right. How are so I don't know what Clinton and al-Qaeda and I think that's the same question everybody ask themselves this morning same question. In in now multiplayer. How many dean types or variants and you choose from. Why didn't you aren't on this. There is. Already hit second Aetna but the bats seeing that match big game battle. -- -- it is. -- again -- -- how many I think I missed. Six. Sticks is your answer six. OK let's see if you are smarter than today's game Bernard. In multiplayer how many game types. Became variants can you choose from. O line and it slayer slayer crow on a team. We'll get to the flag. I've big team battle and the King of the Hill oddball. Looks like -- six. News the news -- Bit there's there's -- -- But I admit that -- by the way there's eight if teams slayer were its own variants. But there's a question whether it really is or is that actually I don't want to let me know how to act like an hour and a mega -- don't think -- -- -- -- go to it's. All right well nice job by him and by and by now the collars that is are you smarter than a gamer neutered.