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Hill-Mail 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages before Greg departs for Florida, of course he was a target as well as the struggling Red Sox.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit turned to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents pill may help. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not going to be able to make did today but the fact is that I'm gonna need a little bit and you're a big step up our baby but it's not over. I -- later. On WAA. You got your wish you have till Friday in Massachusetts because the computers don't work the web -- failed yet. Yes than most that must be no state web site that works I like Wright say it's the can't get the help young American health care can't get tax refund vial you can file your taxes electronically. -- right -- before we get our pal Sean important of the Boston Bruins on at 815 today. We will get DR hill mail messages these are the best of the previous. 24 hours. To me 7:48. AM. Not illegal -- they would be a lot of funny joke woke up our O. But today if you're out -- returning the -- at a restaurant. Or elaborate on call here. And then let you know couldn't couldn't agree more and and I just you know. Moving moving moving ceremonies yesterday and well done I mean -- kind of thing. Could not be done right could go either way if it was if you it was fantastic and if that the moment of silence and the raising of the flag by our pal Dick Donahue yeah. I just I told you I was lumbering left and Ryan and it was. Just the courage of all of those marathon survivors and the families. Who I think. In some cases probably went to adapt for. Us yes because it is this this stuff you know what it's very important to remember don't let anyone take this the wrong -- just tested -- Exhausting for older people and we just that I because I started to -- his wife Kim about a month and a half ago and now we're trying to make plans to get together and she's just like you know march. We've got like seventeen interviews lined up already and it's and it's like no no no chance to slowing down is is it's just. They're really date they were there yesterday a lot of them I think to help the city he'll get me. After everything they've gone through. It it's amazing that that that they do that for us -- neck. What's up next. -- As he didn't think it come about in our house -- these again. Unbelievable. Isn't it downloaded it yet they would right here in -- and setting up right. Don't watch that NC. -- -- it's -- it's so hard to watch the whole that he was unbelievable all the stores. Yeah it was that I'm Ben Affleck. Near reading that. And -- Brady's -- -- all odds don't graduate on it would cost. It's it's it's a must watch if you if you haven't seen it. It is it's it's a must watch. People -- twenty cruised toward. I hope you're coming down -- I have some bad news. It's a really really felt today. -- PDC. This. Quick and -- Look at the regular tour are okay and number. Hello I'm going up and ethically. Now. I don't have little or. MX group net I don't want and other. -- Under that is true that it's unfair that Bieber keeps skeptic he gets to keep recording music but he CDC is breaking out below Bob. What's up Bob. They go to great series utilization and then we all electronic. School. FaceBook and -- Percent to well liked it gives you an actual cause of ECD's retire -- -- we're just Malcolm young had a stroke. How does but luckily -- really. I had a stroke of all the blood clot. So they will certainly influence -- we're supposed to -- an announcement today yup but rather rent oh record label. Yeah sort video was also like I said that and it is what a guy so -- it's an unbelievable story out Australia. Yeah is Saddam that Billboard Magazine Hussein -- of the reports were not true but there's several friends have of Malcolm -- that it is yeah. That -- AC DC is done and to we have some Van Halen news. Not another another big band news coming up in a moment or two alone Noah. But more important show what's happening no I under score first today but. The question -- to meet the legal precedent set when we when we had to be awkward teen hunger idiots go underground place under Britain's stock as a -- part. I want them the mayor find. That was is that Comedy Central -- that was I believe that there -- I believe they paid big fine but this guy. Is is it like the dumb ass dropping a backpack. And saying that there's. Rice cooker and it. That that's like to me that we yet we have -- Milwaukee jet makes special Walters special situations so I mean you know they've got a they've got to figure something out that's. You know fair to those idiot performance artist is get you know protect suspects citizens from there -- Yes yes seemingly self proclaimed. Performance artist there at the best. Such crossroads to a full slash quirks there. I think if I don't are here over -- of -- sister LT. To -- 905. AM. Oh it would be I've been pretty rock -- -- not a -- -- -- I don't wanna. And -- message out at at this now as. Thank yet. The other is the discussion yesterday about a town in Texas where there are now being -- resident string toilet water because there'd bill water's not there -- have enough water -- -- -- yearlong stint and drink out of me when it. And that's a little bit alarming your dog doesn't -- me at least have a guy who worked on this show washed his hands in the toilet I'm and it's paying less if I remember correctly down at her turn yeah during the -- Iraq for charity just. You can miss spring it at the -- Won't -- Yeah the night tonight we get certain. The last of the culprit grow -- -- what you hope they don't step beyond what -- court for the record books although it appears they may already have a cup. And now it's it's it's early yet another loss last night for the Sox but. And a turnaround LB get PD back and and things -- and nine Napoli got -- last night right dislocated finger yes and that's why the Green Zone enough not that well for baseball yeah belligerent and I thought it easily at all -- politics. -- it farming I am not by the way to one another two and a half games -- -- very crowded -- -- that's -- -- -- -- look at all of Major League Baseball yeah. Parity is running wanna Zia yes fine it's good news hello Ed. Greg yes -- They obscure reference all of the back east we. That is girlfriend it would take huge war crap he really wants. It to protect other site where I think without -- FaceBook. Oh wait out the bottom and you get a little clip on how much of -- geek she is and how much you love Laird Norton. Well my -- and excellent is -- performance artist. -- that. We really ALK how similar strategy to -- oh by the way have been sorry I. Being corrected it's at my pulley. I think I sent out a -- like I said Napoli Natalie I didn't stay out might not Mike bully. Seven thirteen -- And I'm. The sports page -- -- what I got a -- -- -- -- grab onto the back and academic. And if you don't jump up the bid to a union. -- way -- -- only meant to happen. -- -- -- -- Think Rick because until it's kind of mopped up. Probably coming maybe I -- Eric -- I think cute next Tuesday. And it's not pitch Al. Hack up a live on Monday out of the starting line and at the capital grille in Seoul it's going to be I think unbelievable day Marathon Monday a million people expected to go to the marathon again. And so we will bring all of that you live from the capital -- on -- the -- 7:24. AM. Order boat that doesn't -- more third and done and that may not. Not the line. Now they're annoying today speed common phrase that you're sick of hearing. Morse said than done. Since -- he wouldn't hand. You'd better take a couple days off. But you're right through my own copy of it WA AF -- out there it is quite there might be an -- yet -- their. They talked -- not know what that means op but there are there so I'm Mack Gordon gave up a -- narrow -- And that that you know. What happened but what happens with that would you -- the work Robert what do you do any occasion I'm done now. I'm kind of a relic Gloria how it's funny it is and how are you are you can negotiate any and a failure make your -- or out right away now is one of them. First things I want it now yeah. -- -- smarter than me can you. To Tony for 44 PM. Well it sound like anything goes airlines has been -- rival. I do that right and guys who they never arrive early and they always traveling and Iran air. -- happy that -- -- that's down. That person who handles the Twitter feed for US there was not fired. They just said that it was a mistake as it was a mistake no problem -- And if that's amazing and there -- believe that they kept their job. -- good for US air you know it's Ike hit on if they could prove that the guy did it intentionally then -- -- then it would be outrageous to me but I -- -- -- I think it's one of those cluster -- that kind of like an amendment and. Well Daryn good morning settlement Idearc. I guess the question. Yeah art. Tune some wannabe artist so what yes they're the biggest bunch of more Honolulu hello I mean I could pick up full audit Dixie -- we're all at all and -- look at a masterpiece up. What in fact no it's just repeat yeah. You know not everybody and the. Remember the I'm not -- performance artist who strapped since a fake bomb to themselves and went to the Logan Airport that was another as a unit and other performance artists don't -- I mean just because you say it. Doesn't make it throw them in on mean -- always legal and now. -- -- -- -- -- Well what evicted grow grown up and -- it's -- that we cut out all the what they know what to say we get edited it not to get what some porn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are the bike out until probably regret it would have been paying I would make it in the -- of the pro nuclear people in the wake up. And it. I assume that is the reference to the earlier discussion about going going to college in Florida hours whether or not that's the right place for a young unit to I don't know of -- young woman to go to college. Again you know you you you have to allow your kids to make their their own decisions will always back. They album they got -- -- what's up. Obviously -- -- I got much in the earlier but it -- -- about the people. Who were tweeting -- -- fake bomb strikes the Logan Airport after the person actually bit. Well yeah there was that a girl who tweeted a bomb threat to winning airline. And she got quite a bit of notoriety. Though. Since that occurred that was about 24 hours ago -- There have been an awful lot of tweeted bomb threats because people would like to be known on the on the social sites. There are some that. What happens what that's what that's crosstalk -- hold people hear about away. Quickly get while -- quickly get anybody's -- on TV of any particular and it's evident straight -- but I am not Soriano what do people expect in the. You know he -- you know it's incredible to me is like when someone does something like that that tweets to bomb threat -- they should never believe they should be banned from Twitter. Pro life yet -- as -- It's a constitutional. Across America -- so that that the saying they -- the emails. Then move them -- now Italy's earlier it is banned from using the interwebs forever if you do something like you're not a social you got a name steal lair. 44 AM. Warcraft. And can't hurt you're -- no problem. But I. -- Crack into. -- and maybe we don't have the money to update our men our website that has been going when we use the card can be maybe that's why. And he and I. And it can't talk but not didn't get that -- elaborate that weight -- and it can. -- If you don't like the weather in New England just wait a minute. The sun is out now graduate in -- -- snow and a smarter and fired Saturday not even a clue -- -- them any idea that there was snow on the ground this morning. 7:30. AM. Applied but so what do you get your pain as he -- here are not microphone that aren't you bet there are staying. Yeah yeah anyone an honorary. And I know I feel your pain you've been stuck on the pike for like four hours drive I feel your -- and I I just stuck in an amendment LB drugs for like hours Kelly Wallace who knows what it's like they're trapped and I don't contain non owned 20 man. A book about the future of these Greg Hill marathon I wanted to exploit to these properties of these -- year after the -- -- -- Star -- young man and I talked about an incredibly awesome idea for charity event what was that member in the forty. Oh yeah yes yeah just digging got a bunch of people around and forty yard actually that this might make it competitive and so that if you're pure natural -- -- -- you you have categories. And had some limited you have age groups in categories. And that's the forty yard dash you'd done yeah I don't -- already got its -- you're having -- -- -- -- our party you don't even have the -- you did you know you do is to make it kept to make it even knew if you have to run it first sober now then we have department of and a barbecue in the afternoon -- late afternoon we run it you can get hammered at the the with the genius -- they -- zealots I think it's pretty an idea.