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Dave Mcgillivray Boston Athletic Association 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Dave called in to talk about the events happening on April 15th this year as well as how his chaotic day was during the previous marathon.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I am really excited about our next guest joining us. Dave McGill Marie was run though Boston Marathon. For. Gosh -- twenty years how many good morning thanks for being on and how many years every how many years we talking about. Well there's like 27. -- me and will beam me. I locked myself party -- running out in the race. I was talking about that rarely -- I mean what a way to shame the rest of us this. Especially those of us sort chin -- is that I mean not only do you run the race in the you're you're up early in in -- to an and then. On your way to Boston but then you go out at the end of that the end of the night or whatever and run the whole marathon I mean why would you punish yourself like that. Well I got to that point seven in the boat I don't know what I was thinking but and I get -- back in my sanity and and continuing to do this but it. That I -- I consider myself. Person almost an athlete and then -- BI director and I. One experience that same. Euphoria that Colorado has experience crops and a genocide and -- your right to be at the stabbing lying so I think I continued to do it. Well you know today is is a it's certainly a somber day but I but I also think when you think about. This city coming together. Since a year ago today. It it it it really should be a positive day because and and I know you have a very unique perspective on this but. But you know it it it really is heartwarming. The way the city responded to the marathon survivors is to everybody that was involved a year ago today. That's not -- At the city bus either I mean it's pretty fascinating and it's in my world where. I'm involved obviously in their road racing industry and everywhere I travel in the last twelve months it's. It's it's it's unbelievable. How people are talking about it but they're not -- the FB -- on the bit in doubt -- And run and in the middle that can. And if people writing another another without -- and all they're doing it about question and it's really didn't. Says that the topic of discussion hurt for twelve months so I'm. I'm really glad we're here I'm obviously they had that that any of remembrance and tribute and hope. And you know that concept of resilience -- person areas. I'm so -- job and it is the right thing to do. I'm I'm I'm you know I'm obviously looking forward to the next few days that we stop focusing in on the athletic competition. And the pursuit of athletic excellence is what the marathon has always been about and both about some commitments that we have to be careful because we can't pick I dropped the ball but they get so caught up in all that I -- saying almost all cited saying that. You know where we're losing sight of what. But the business at hand and what we have to do -- normally. In any normal year. It think it's very complex and very talented and now we're right out the more people the extra layer of security. The challenges is quite daunting but I think -- I. We're ready. I ready. You -- interest your story in and the long mile home I believe that's the the title of the book and you know -- had you you know in the 27 years the you've been doing this. I had a terrorist attack at the marathon had to add that it's being in your mind is a possibility. Right after 9/11. You know we. Yeah we we we always have these hypotheticals tabletop exercises. -- Folks from the Massachusetts emergency management agency and executive profit public safety and well fiscal kilometer. Area. What happened whether it be a weather related incidents are you know any kind of emergency and it's certainly not happen eleven. You know those kinds of situations. It had been just got them. And -- Robert pat. Very strongly Arab security. With this race anyway Bobby more than any other race in the country -- but obviously now things have changed since in the normal. And public safety officials have really stepped up and an unbelievable job you know just trying to determine. You know what what's needed I'm out of balance between. Trying to maintain out. Family friendly events and at the same. You know insuring everyone's safe and well. I'm I'm very confident that this school that will be the safest place on the planet but being on April 21 because of the Spitzer but so many people. Well there are some you know we -- we discussed the yesterday. And once the mayor kind of outlined some of what was gonna happen. On Saturday and and -- you know there are some people who are concerned about. Personal liberty and and about backpacks being checked and things that I wanted to get your opinion on that because I know. If anybody cares about the spirit of this marathon it the it is you. -- I didn't Libya for me and -- -- perspective. You know we have to keep this in perspective I mean I just. Doing that's just because we have nothing better to do I mean all of went off. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know little little you can adjust. -- I don't think you can attack. Ambac and I think leg congestion. Faith -- yeah you know right now I think it I think. Think it was on edit and I think that's again not public safety partners have been very very sensitive about. Yeah -- what level and I think they're doing. Just and not over the top but not not underestimating. I -- what. You know what could what could happen if they don't. And I think the whole idea is to give every once we showed up. -- -- -- Security. And comfort and good faith. So. That's what they do when we let them. Do that we -- focuses on what goes on between the current. Some -- we gonna -- -- and focuses primarily what goes on a tight race. And you lord gave. A year ago today. You would have gone if I remember correctly had gone out to -- intend to start running. Yeah well we have a -- last year we had sat in front row and that was. Awful and is now we we also I know no one I think -- could have died. In those conditions. No -- we're just praying for we have great you know we needed a break and we thought it. It was a wonderful woke up watching it and I already low fifties and out popped in and everything was great. You know -- hope caught in the lead motorcycle ray got to finish aren't great and gotten caught -- better and I went in the medical tests and you know very few casualties and there. And then I guess that well everything seems to be going well automatic pilot fatigue -- place. Not that -- net but it checked out and -- -- -- opted them and that's what I did and I got there about 247. And it took it to like a phone call and salad I. A state police brought right back to twenty minute they get captain that I would like back to work. In the book I think there's there is there was that there's a guy who drives you your body right. And and -- and knew that it was that was like a white knuckle ride back was is like the fastest ride ever backed it. To bust I mean that would. Mean that this state police motorcycle. Guy going over a hundred miles an hour down and -- I can and -- vehicle -- coordinator Ron primaries if friend and if seven -- to forget folders and you know he rabbit we he's going under a wild and out on some -- slowdown as well -- -- We're gonna lose that the school. Well right you know listen. I don't think that we can say god I'm gonna get back a lot of myself so yeah I play benefit cuts that would have been on the court I. Yes yeah. Well -- when you when you think back to a year ago today I'm sure that they. Things that stand out in and one of those things pass them the how your volunteers. Responded because I don't know if people know. How many volunteers who make this marathon happened. This year we have 101000. I mean -- -- 2000. First and that it is huge rotary owns 101000 volunteers at. -- like one ball here for every. Three riders Arabia or Iran is so extreme. I know how many people behind this thing we're gonna make this thing make this -- -- golf phenomenon occurred when it testified that the you know that apple way. Go to them and we walked into. And about our volunteer. Any eyes and ears and the other ones to really make it work. And executed being planned but. I think that's about what happened last year -- you know what it was until then fired it would not eerie air into. Yeah out all or something in our front seat or something what happened and I'm not on the road and had a direct. In -- not an area that's one thing but. But you know bombs went -- and no -- know if there are others. And on the majority of people evacuated the area as patient out and they -- old. But and they are -- folks who. And because they would get help. The runners and help other people and -- that's pretty courageous when you -- about that it's -- about other people are not themselves. I'm not knowing what else might be in Indy is in the area where we're at it where they are. And is that what what makes this marathon most specialty you did there every everything you've seen. Well it's it's certainly the holy Grail at the -- -- -- shot. It's you know the Super Bowl the World Series Kentucky Derby the toward all rolled into one. And again. It did Debbie let -- in the world. You know opportunity. Has sort of you know really hone their skills and earned the right to participate in our most prestigious. -- -- In the world so. But history the tradition vector art that you know being that the spectators along the course and I mean they're the most educated. And you know of this sport in the world they step up front door and they aren't. Everything is all that so many so many -- is that there that. Just so fascinating and so exciting and you know I'm very fortunate you know people pick -- -- -- boy you know brought in a marathon not being. I think a lot of pressure. And yeah I consider them is that -- -- -- -- pressure there is a privilege. You know the privilege of being. Able to be involved at this level and you know I don't run right I think -- pretty good idea let's let these folks a look at our web but the deliverables are. I think I think cal worked out really well in the end. Well. Good luck Monday and I know that after reading about you how focused you are on it and you go into a complete isolation -- get focused on and then. I know that I think Monday is going to be a very very very special day here in -- may be. Maybe the most special marathon ever so -- -- wish you luck on had a great job and thanks for checking in with us this morning and and a job well done. I appreciate it and it certainly you'll be a race. A race for the injured. All right Dave thank you -- are you all right okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ally in another -- but that is that is a -- -- but -- the -- just somebody stories associated with not only what happened a year ago today but one of -- -- personal to so many people don't really yes and it is it's just such a great -- is such an incredible day so. I will be right back.