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Hill-Mail 4-15-15

Apr 15, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours todays main focus was the Game of Thrones spoilers.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each year returned to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. They're great I think it's too early in the season that they have the read that hit rock bottom. But there's nothing like -- -- and local boldly rock bottom. On WK. Okay. -- don't give up its early days there that's the Sox vs the Sox tonight next that's. We couldn Chicago's like forty degree her move stuck -- and I cannot affect that they're called sprint now. In baseball or you're in now the baseball players are OB there's little sensitive the things I maybe I'm Aaron and -- down fifteen -- but -- sweater on now. LB what about Elizabeth Hurley you don't find her attractive when it comes in says there's not -- -- -- returned -- -- she's awesome and she's a lawyer. But what about Kate Middleton to exercise their objective public Kate Middleton -- -- his mom she's a hot English moms and you said there were no on English I've facts are few and far -- do you get between any -- -- any -- -- any decent. Bogus -- Kindle Wanda and probably not a casual off you have been -- Tripp yeah go to Europe you are there in London -- -- -- there you. Hang in that we hang out -- that the beef -- the the guards there the guys who they don't make any sentiment and last. But what. I'm not sure enough -- -- As a very particular little fairies here in California pan am -- -- makes you smile a little bit. -- I love to hear our. The best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. 9957. AM. And it -- But a little more help first call it like. Talked about but -- little effect -- ninety. But he indicated an. Like right away and make it part of my thumb up -- -- -- Yeah. It's like. We have coincident. Look at the. Under that could beat this message about AC DC colleague lawyer horrible news today. Awful news today from Australia if you believe it. But Malcolm young is is sick and advance some sort of pack actually thankfully I didn't so much credit for this. They have a pact that they won't players I'm. Without Malcolm I think it was Larry it's probably same and Angus at if those guys can blow here you know that there's some loyalty gathered there back and I keep it don't until they're seventy -- -- -- don't members and everything like -- But who I mean. Eat I mean yeah I think most everybody would have a -- said top five rock bands of all time. EC the season. You know I say Bruce number -- but then you got -- I -- think you have to throw The Beatles in there you have to throw the star -- Apatow is that why can't Jaromir -- Beatles and eight marriages with. Then I can't get over that hump what about whom you probably if the put who -- man yep. But I mean big news from Australia that that. And they were planning a fortieth anniversary tour. Which it doesn't look like it'll happen now so that's that's the news from Australia today I had grow. Old. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's -- yet I'm not going to be able to make it -- today that's actually is that I'm gonna need a little expend an update yet. -- it -- not over our Elaine. More than now to talk the better than an extension it's like -- it's like a reprieve if they. They need you don't do Daniel like July 15 crap I got a call -- just spot to file the extension and don't worry about it for another three months. I just it's hard -- -- these current tests are my body Joan bill -- separate super -- busy now has what does slow you -- does -- accounts. There is awesome -- but anybody to you know he had the he had knee deep does the Bruins foundation you know from now Monica -- as he did. And stuff that it -- -- get a gather all those KFC receipts in. I don't know I don't care -- I know that's pure -- can't read -- I don't know about how I mean it's you know on your way to work or on your way home from work it's the business -- not a business lines and has university got a after a summer house there will be a bit but I can't. -- -- always on my mom myself I know it's a fair way to weren't in the -- in Atlanta. -- -- According to revitalize and what's happening. I don't go being. Armed LB. I hate you are my favorite person how can you even saying anything about the eagle -- not be in the -- and the Everett that. I you know it's one of those things I I think the music sucks when it. I thought so why it was so what do I care -- he AB -- I understand exactly how big day where I understand. That did you girls passed out marriage should -- very big big blow up the Ed Sullivan Show him I mean I understand how big bear but I think their music sucks so in my world. They don't exist. You have a -- the top sounds he would do what about where he -- have Led Zeppelin. I mean we got a pop art. Maybe maybe AC DC isn't top five million mean their -- they're top -- -- -- -- and you know I equated to what it always -- Yet they would David well we need to date but we in the yeah it's. Sports are always say you know there there is that upper Echelon of athlete story in in all sports are -- -- Wayne Gretzky. It. Carl Yastrzemski. I mean you know and they need an NBA Larry Bird or Magic Johnson Michael Jordan -- menu go then there's a next -- there's superstars. -- you know and ice are the CDC is in that offer national arm of amazing amazing incredible. Bands just their longevity and. Forty years I mean you can't deny forty years of continuing to play continuing the -- -- hello -- -- I thought I had high heat. Let's go Earl Boyd lets you know me what's happening. I'm Kyle could do that could be The Beatles how they operated. They just don't they shouldn't be kept out. I mean it -- I guess how are you judging -- I mean I you know if you're judging based on. What you hear music wise is subjective but if you're judging based on. Sales. Impact on the like music in general you can't. Denied. On the whole they socked with I look -- -- but -- emigrated here think 21 in the end. Yeah got off the air activated -- Are all right I leave bill and it didn't. Not that I. Painted that I got the king Joffrey we lost a couple of listeners today following a year's worth the listener calls doesn't deal occurs because I don't understand John Jefferies -- I mean I. -- -- -- Think it's -- to talk about Tuesday the minute you can't watch game thrown by Tuesday that. You're not a -- and evening and people of Alaska I understand people -- out Sunday night or whatever but get home and watch it Monday sides so that we can document on -- -- Thinks than he thinks it. All of -- wall. What's important to do to -- short. This is Dennis -- Dennis. -- LB everybody I feel your pain man I mean. Like The Beatles I love them but I think they're violent people give me crap for it all the time you heat Milan. I -- right there something about it it's just I don't know it. But again not light they're going. OK but -- -- you know it but again you can't deny he. Brunch. I mean you can't any -- can't give him full credit for grunge but you can certainly say. That they revolutionized. The that John -- I mean I -- It's like again I get it with The Beatles because The Beatles were around for as long as some of these other bands. And I'm not a huge Beatles stand. Either but but I I don't think you can and I the effect that they had on music on on rock and roll in general. You know I I don't think you can that I. Twenty all -- No we. Can't help -- picture and video found -- Well. I've got brought it is triple pro rate of being here -- would bet -- not -- I don't know what it. You -- just let us pretty good idea all of the double double and triple fully affairs in the valley request sent -- record crowd -- when I have -- you request -- two for 333 you know the fish in the medium Fries you know during the Clinton went -- from those -- he's built -- and they'll take care in -- 21 and all of. Are they don't you bought the Bob Arnot who -- dad. Saw -- you -- cool great arm you don't do something real like nobody like you both culpable. And that and that I was well. From well is that where it went up but overall I don't know that. Right now we're already there otherwise -- -- is supposed to supposed to leave some funny. A man and I was a theory behind it general -- have just there's some there's some connection to something that is where somebody says something somewhere that may prevents them but that message to parents are dead so I'll hit nine elevenths I can't say I'm like a man I hope the Democrats -- like not like not whether Susan and -- -- I love my parents so that's a valid job real and -- must sit -- a -- -- -- high school for a couple. Oh boy. 7:27. AM. Spoiler alert program spoiler -- it's not pretty it was always there are wanting quiet little finger. I wrote the book and I went. -- -- ago. She sees. Red the Blue Line. He is glad you love that I about people who was the queen. There is this does not not his new wife but Tim and his mom and I because I think if you watched that episode purple letting. She was freaking out that she wasn't going to be the queen anymore yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we will get it done -- Coogan is full of that being the real pretty and -- -- Because the boat picked it does come as cost. And then that each and our right their cash anymore. The singing -- that that -- know yet if you're gonna do any -- creative did what was -- I don't I don't even started the Celtics have Dixon melodic and water out. While -- look there -- lots and alone -- like one of the only teams to lose to the 76ers this year Greta that's pretty good again cheered their -- fourth or fifth last pretty good. Hello Dave. Morning everyone waited -- it what's happening did it. If we are talking about over and -- but absolutely. Spock I say -- who is a work hand out there I cannot and the one on -- -- I just don't get it have you ever seen lines. Never is still alive I couldn't go out and all of a huge bag I don't like it didn't help or another and I and -- He he can be -- huge bag at times but they are a lot I compare him to Bruce -- match. I don't know recently it's him recently out of it not that the tour now anyway but. I can't I can't go out that I cannot -- I cannot endorse your comments hello Steve. They're great you know it's funny you mention of people and I'm not provide them in the same category I think the league there -- -- great but it's what -- percent. -- that we have the generation generational transfer -- real rep. So yeah that the good point now help The Beatles have sold more records than you know anybody. I may be beavers get get get well. As it was -- different -- -- -- I don't remember in the Lawrence Welk Show was the highest rated showing candidate only like twenty years. They've stuck. I think I -- by the way every forty year I don't wanna what makes you battle over budget this year fortieth anniversary of rush him you. Fortieth anniversary of rush you. He didn't count -- him. They're outgunned. You know what I -- I know finger or more that they're you know -- -- -- -- -- Then and it caught darker it I think that I don't know if they don't probably been about like your -- about it. I don't know but. I don't know anymore you know -- -- -- whether or have done it eats.