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Are You Smarter Than a Gamer Nerd: World of Warcraft 4-15-14

Apr 15, 2014|

Are the listeners smarter than today's gamer nerd who goes by Link?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. Always -- Are you smarter than a game and not heard of the video game. We did all right. We got tickets. Goes -- kiss and Def Leppard at the XP and eighty senator on August 1 and of course kissed. Was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame last week. That show airing on May 31 -- right now if you think you are smarter then two days. Who Jean Bernard it's nerd week here on the Hill Man Morning Show and good that got really got -- -- got to be good to meet this guy ya ya 61793121. AAF that's the numbers 617931. One AA out. And let's meet this guy when rob went to pax east over the weekend. This guy was -- cost him criteria you'll find out when I intro him and I talked to him and ask who my -- the guy he decides to it you don't juice himself as it's cost him as his scared. And I am here -- The link from the legend of Zelda and how long you've been. -- -- -- located however we now. 32. What would have to be your favorite game probably. Links in the past -- -- superintendent. Do you have any hobbies asides from being a virgin blow this Justin in. On a video game commitments and and stuff like that. -- -- -- -- pretty had a great life. That's all that's what else -- a video though he is there any American and he refers to himself as -- way. From the from the legend lives on. Very buddy buddy plays World of Warcraft. Is that correct yes he does that's his game -- -- for the questions today -- might. How are you might -- at -- -- where you're from Michael. I don't know yet gotten it the same bull -- bulldozed them on the how many and when it comes true world warcraft Mike how many classes are there. -- seven. All right let's see if you're confident let's see if you're smarter than today's schemer Bernard I -- how many classes are there. In world of war Clark Kraft. Depends which expansion you're basing in on the that is a kidnapping some. Since the original I think there. Eight. Relaxing nine. Warrior road -- warlock priests. Made some implied in and that your. It -- Iraq. They kept adding what what they called. Other thing -- -- and everything planned and a half but let's can we hear that that -- hear -- -- they kept adding something all right how many classes. There. In the world of war Clark Kraft. -- depends which expands the basing in on all yes -- a kept adding some which expansion here but -- and and it is -- -- there there are nine he did know all of them although they Darren. -- up our -- -- where do you come from. Your favorite. -- Darren which city is the war home city and it's not. Open Margaret cook and we and parents. Let me see if you're smarter than today's he murdered what city is the or home city. It's or from -- and -- on patrols. Yup -- elements are apple folder Allen pulled up -- little bit obscure reference yes last. Weren't the -- again too bad guys in Lord of the Rings called pork is no idea I -- I'm pretty sure anybody goes crazy gigantic goofy looking guy I can't believe your mantra. That is great aren't they can't really entering this world is he right is correct. A woman in a load Barack. They would -- all started Derek. That's a bit you've -- -- work out getting out of it not yet. What class does not have a healing spell or a fact without requiring glimpse. It he can't think about it. Our goal -- the -- warrior that's your answer. Let's see if you're smarter than today's game Bernard what class does not have a healing spell or a fact without requiring the west's. On an answer isn't -- healing spells side coordinates. Now the major is director of milk. Laser show absolutely. Minimum -- it hello Andrew baker article wasn't sure okay. -- Whether -- a -- at the it -- figure easier in the world worker. Rob what profession. Can do and -- night trains meet. What are they -- entered. -- -- -- -- Our credit worker. A I -- let's see if you're smarter than today's Q murdered what profession. Can do in pac and I trains mute. Alchemy. Now that again the guy is laser show he's got every one track right now -- bar. The CO does the final question old Tyler. They don't what's happening Tyler. I don't know where. Eric here's the text that says I like -- would rather appear ignorant and suggest he knows some of this information that I -- that from time to time yes. In the world warcraft other. We have -- where I would be but I'm not know you wouldn't. All right Tyler. Cannibalized. Is a racial prayed for which race under out. Those are very confident thanks Mary very confident but to let one opportunity. To do let's see if you're smarter than today's game Bernard cannibalize is a racial trade flow which. Race. -- -- Non. And you realize you're just stay in the obvious these questions they were just way too easy but he's right emailed at an altitude. Though on our job well done tomorrow what do we get tomorrow -- -- week halo halo in Italy and action. A video game. -- tell somebody in caution yes and probably had already talked it was all dressed up man woman knew this was another guy another guy the women were very far and -- -- these down there have been really aren't not a lot not a lot of ladies that taxis. For nice nice --