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Masshole Theater-Star Wars 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Another edition of Masshole theater and can you guess this famous scene?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. The hill man morning. Share of -- All right rock bottom Robb is a big fan of the the Massachusetts accent and how that he was born here missed that while it was in California. So. Muscle -- is very simple can't. -- if you can identify the film that the following scene is from. There and you will be a winner and Brian is up first this morning hello Brian. Does -- -- I do not yet okay it's newbies. Brian Lowry from. Quincy are we should be pretty good that so take a listen to this scene from -- film. As reenacted by a couple mass holes. Where did you meet these fine people run this is awesome down downtown bridge wanna brits want this place called Chris goes it's not a -- in general hurt it at home. Two of the world's greatest meatball they're homemade Chris -- yeah at world's greatest meatball -- not -- -- some. I call foul on that there's no possible way that there's a place that has the world's greatest meatball that I don't know about really yeah I. I'm delivering some men -- is the -- Stevie he actually is the one who you'll hear his you -- him and acting and playing one of the -- -- -- -- and they actually have. L these autograph on the menu down there they go -- an -- on my tan. Or -- have you been down -- how we -- everywhere thereafter area -- -- -- yet you remembered that he doesn't. But they -- the autograph to prove that he was there Hollywood and they get a couple of the people on its ups and world's greatest -- little -- at the brings some world's greatest meatballs are so you found these guys that just goes in Britain and lot yeah. I'd well take a listen Brian and Steve you can identify today's film. During mass whole theater. Know -- not hit the days they no bailouts like don't make me destroy -- you don't get a kid you wicked important. You'll be candidates W -- six skills join me can we get trained and with that combined strength we become one bad Bozo and bring order Massachusetts. Galaxy. -- -- -- -- -- do you even know about the dark -- its -- OB one ever told you about yielded. He told me enough that you murdered my sperm donor. Now I think it would be CS says I mean if you. Not not saw the lion and a possible. Yes that such as -- Nancy -- you know it's true no no. I like -- -- -- the second guy gets MP meatballs he didn't -- that comes to a lucky now to demonstrate that knows how to get away with those guys but I. It's a lot -- -- and Brian can you I'd -- the by that film. I can billionaire gonna send bonds got big yes and good well I think. That -- now that was knocked on bill hunt and let them god -- -- Steve is Steve does better Steve can you identify that movie. Yeah well. -- Empire strikes back is correct right where -- live yeah us yes I will be one where you found Steve. Excellent hang -- read this from red countries threatened and red. All right nice work today there are saying mass whole theater. I'm what about what happened I am saying behind -- on alleles and I'm you're on your Bergen on the continent and I'll never forget. It was a little kids and the I. But that the that the fifth.