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Miss Mantown: Carey 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

A rare edition of Miss Mantown with the lovely Carey.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And we met our next guest on opening day during our live broadcast at the baseball tavern. And she was there and and talking to us and saying you know my dream. My name and my dream my dream to life in my -- my bucket list spotlight but it left that's my dream was to be miss -- And -- a scary and I carry hello I am not a lot of them where you from. I little -- -- OK so I was same -- well you know we don't really that we don't have mantown calendar anymore and on -- she said you know I've always dreamed of being a miss mantown at. And -- what what what what young woman hasn't hasn't dreamed about. Coming into the studio and becoming a jail may well I guess maybe that's true and it's on every day -- next Boston. That's true yeah -- radio superstar I think she dreamed of a mr. X photo shoot if I remember correctly didn't you say you aren't as well as the mr. Aldridge chipping and that's received mr. acts to take some pictures sounds -- -- -- -- Now what do you do. I work full time. That's out there but -- finance department sounds very important. Wow now -- name. Now do the co workers know that you came in. Did he miss mantown today on two of my coworkers are aware. Two what it would about the book. More the most of the he actually isn't where is our passes away you're I don't -- and I. -- is no leg was was the bus in favor of it yes actually is like. And my quiet you know the the outfit you're wearing. Is vary like business professional fantasy type outfit they have -- work. Oh yes you're gonna work out has so you look like a financial analyst meanwhile. And we're all wondering what you -- looking like -- -- -- exactly probably so is everybody or actually and actually in my head I have already taking your dress off and I was traveling about the progress that surrounds. Through the comedy is kind of a way that he enjoyed it. I know I am I'm in the middle it's. Well I guess I could try to I'm gonna have to re create in my name in my mind here. The mantown questions so that we can fulfill your fantasy and fulfill something on your bucket off of other listeners will help and share of the tax but. I'm so how old you I just turned 3232. Ronald -- You are a little -- new regulatory five years oh my god I was on Thursday did you try to June. The jury to epic journey not a motto. It. Institute talked himself for a minute while he's. Like I am I was able to dig up some of the -- questions that shadow print for your reference I listen into my memories are locked in theory when you're out and that's an -- and try to Almonte. Tweet a picture of I'm totally very impressive is it CA RI PDA RE. Who'll carry -- I didn't create like that. I so I am tweeting a picture review now in year in extra per carry in your beautiful block grant us. Yeah everybody else on the theory. Are he's so how many guys total number guys you've been months. I five really means fifteen that well yeah -- usually. The five guys. What about. Girls provocative girl girl action answered nothing too provocative. A friend of mine and I word scared when time -- Made on a meticulously I don't know that we need money for William William money -- out Johnny. -- -- out of abroad and be good news and be paying you're positives -- -- Palin's choice was Clinton commandment you wouldn't. And -- diet and environs I'm doing. Here's the Texas said it LB just have a wet daydream out. And I can control myself I've amazing controlled rapper. And and in my -- in my mind as well on age at which you lost your virginity 1919 where was it. Car itself -- his house announcement that it was an older or younger old nineteen he waited awhile yes. I was very picky -- I am using glow that now you know you are -- married now I am yeah -- it -- you aware that he was -- opening day yes that's right okay. How well. Is he happy about you being this man out of UK would you keep going he's got that he couldn't come with me now I am listening now Ali yes not a good it would do its business. John John John and connect -- -- -- On new -- and keep burden. I need a picture of this chick I'd just tweeted one on my putting I haven't faced an attempt I tweeted it on my Twitter feed regular WA AF. -- it's it's here it is -- one of her bucket list items to be a miss mantown. Let's see. Are you in favor of landing at the wrong airport a -- wants to now. I don't. And then we pick up the woods exactly exactly as it used to describe the mission I think she understands that I can see here I know she's yeah. -- they're covered this when. There. This isn't the mouth billions and no pun intended. -- is such a creep. Not that he's human beings as you get big -- serious guy here in the one who's gonna smoke show for a few afternoon. While. Sitting in traffic eerie out here you have what we do black wings but but the but no beating new buildings that bathing suit yes. -- What happened to the -- -- -- -- It left that in the neighborhood in the -- should pay out I have asked young said what every rob hill and you what do you feel sexy new field and -- -- Yeah you won't be sexy is holiness thank you have Alicia what's that. -- -- any other under that's the -- kinda like turnarounds. Now known yet turn around and joked I'm here who doesn't know how much I don't know I think it is a little -- that's happening here and -- -- and here you work out on a beautiful. That's his own natural yet. -- -- Laws. 810. Wow yeah and couldn't help but think you do this is come back to form that they can you work out -- percent. -- know exactly she's married sirens come naturally -- do you want to say you know look like he ever had grabbed them. -- -- -- -- -- and tweeting that that's fantastic let's get you a couple kids he says yes they popped out a couple give it six killed in ten months blew up. Another here you're just your lawn and you're showing off now and I'm. Let's see doctor modern day Hitler -- Vermont's what. That's a booming -- -- Grooming -- Littleton went well there's absolutely nothing nothing no there's no track and now we talked about it on the show last week it's called the Brazil again and. Sean Todd yeah yeah I think disgusting really honestly explains. Uniting Medicare is a clean what about on -- I -- No hair and a face. IDC a little down there is fine let me and it played bushmaster. Forget about it I'm not discuss non interest and -- -- no nothing. One on one of the guys does that the porn thing like. I'm gonna reward to extend creeping -- -- -- yeah I think it is. Yeah natural now he does it's one of the things women -- got to put them and yet you don't know him -- an -- or an option. And I feel like if you can't purchase -- -- now -- days without getting rid of all right. The real legacy because he could see everything everything -- meridian and you know stuff about. Right -- at quarterback and although general. Acting on man where is that she can anyone and ownership. Me. It's techsters are coming up some of them it's been a long time. Fong. -- -- No and I mean I don't you don't really my underwear a different guy now you've got district -- -- financial company view though command you go without an hour. Yeah nobody else did you know let me talk to all the other thing apparently is -- guy that looked pretty. Missionary -- he -- been. Whenever I'm in the mood for really good but whenever we're -- all of how to vote if you add that I had to pay if you can only do one busy if the world is ending. Because of the yellow fever mosquitoes which are loose in California. What it you can only have one position what would you bet I would -- missionary. You would yes -- yes because I like you know and yet exactly the one at the person who can't even. Definitely -- secures. Loving acts that. But he didn't ask me truckers -- under -- log out they're gone what would you pick. Well probably you know I. Did you get the tell -- everything I don't really. -- right and their hair pulled everyone I don't know I don't. -- the but he nearly had an accidentally. Looking -- your -- on Twitter. What about the hot wax somebody was wearing not a back. I know I had my -- -- before -- I imagine -- anywhere else on my body though not not absolutely not there -- endemic here Norris is a whole lot different than you know blacks whites. And yeah and Justin. Little drunk for any new game tomorrow marks the Barack hurry up and now here's a Texas says hurry up with the big golf question I have to take my daughter and preschool. Now though that would be the school. Big gulp or Wagner power painter a question you know that one. No I don't okay LB will go I hate to -- get close to LB but I'll be always there. A whisper in your career what that means what's your answer on that. All of the above all and. There again and world -- he had the tech again world ending I would have to say a Beagle and Mary and I plan. Golf my math eight plus how the end of it. All right we covered total number of partners. Upsides. Beat beat -- he's I'm I'm I'm getting nice enhancement at all usually okay yes yes having children you know does a certain thing -- now are you saving up. Ours is the husband gonna pay for manor house that we're doing together gonna do that as early as everybody else works though in on then yeah. Time well I don't want to do because he's perfectly happy -- well Kourtney and he's a man. Things are never happy -- -- just so I'll just tell John is John you'll like him yeah yeah yeah. He's just been there done that he's just tallies that that was my ex wife you have -- -- -- mean -- -- you having with him I also very very very heaven -- -- -- foreign. At least six years six years similar Uga that's allowed you to meet. We actually met at a bar is kind of cliche bar. Through friends that are not really friends with anymore and they're no longer together Sally app and we -- with yeah. People at the timing down and six months later my boyfriend broke up with me and I didn't have please lives so he offered me. A room quality courses as the value as a married and yeah. Minutes. So -- story about zip lock bag blooming flower or busted ravioli. Blooming flower blooming flower that and I area that's like when that's perfect and -- -- -- guess today it's it's in the what sort of -- I do Clinton. I don't hostages maybe three or soccer specific and just Rancho Santa nowadays it's it is out of out of -- -- -- Might not -- personal life -- the plus it a long rain out there get dying for my -- that cry. Listen I I think it's great that here it was on your bucket list to be miss mantown and that and I'm so glad the came in -- mr. racks and we'll probably take some photos for the for the listeners and between them and all that stuff and that's you know. OK that'll be how we complete this fantasy of being this man as I had so much fun are you are dull and I had no listen I think they're probably excited of the financial services companies wait wait till you show up at work there -- the -- the big -- has an average. Is going to be guys that he's going to be very good Johnson really -- -- -- -- -- -- to prefer to give -- receive. And give the -- real gap. You being on -- so I'm. If you get to hug and -- really yet so you prefer our -- -- you prefer to give rather than receive your yes. After six years of marriage it's really absolutely good for you though he had a -- hand he's -- sure it is yes. -- -- On a scale of things that. I -- -- again my husband up I jolly got. Rhode Island. Well listen I'm very very married Abby came in that we really do this mr. -- who -- his. Apparatus ready and by that you can Jean -- or whatever it's going to be what marriage is tool when -- -- who could agree he's hanging from the ceiling and out so well only probably asked and I LB has -- not exactly sure what I don't know if bill lauer on Mormon and I'll stretch it out and a -- extreme limits. It's. A -- This woman is an Angel attack through the -- that's. What do you ever reverse sentiment when somebody said he had a trance that giving that to. No tattoos and piercings. Just players disagree and I and natural now when I was younger I got my really my peers that when I was pregnant with my first I took it out and I. I've got my tongue -- an ex -- -- Was that eating spaghetti and chipped when my back and I took it out of like -- I have no cavities don't -- feed line to keep it LAS. So who's getting out of a job which is Bosnia like going in you Edward and I I -- where you're just it tangent. But. Yet I'm not a couch potato. I will quarter and Wheeler an incoming and I'm I'm on the lovely Carrey who has always wanted to commanding this man down and maybe -- to bring like if it's if it's on your bucket list will bring this man come back pain you know you can commendable fulfilled angles on the -- I -- -- and just a decision that's best ever really. No but I don't know anger and I think about it -- I don't know ways that I know that's ever. Thirty plus we -- after all best ever thirty -- and by the way I heard our listeners you do not look at die if you told me you. Graduating college I would believe really you -- said that just tell everybody why you'd what you think you have 35. Well -- -- is fantastic it's another Saturday dance putting 32 that I am always there last Thursday nights where happy belated thank you. And -- the stock -- before you go. I'm not meant to news Kelly I -- I -- Carolina I don't know I don't try to do you really assured. -- well thank you very much thanks for having me Karen Mary nice to me and -- -- on opening day the by cast that's carry.