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Inside The Simple Male Mind With LB 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Its a Monday and that means Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB and this time the topics included hot wax in the bedroom, a girl who found condoms in the boyfriends car when they do not use them, hiding another girl or kids, and is it weird when a man gets a boner when she cries?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Are you ready to go inside the simple -- mind LB was 400 new born ready born ready all right it. Ladies. This right. That's a technical yeah Johnny Jack's just because there have it and it's just because we have a couple days off this week does mean that. Doesn't mean you can mail it in -- c'mon now on ladies if there's a question about a man in your life that it really bothers you LB will allow you inside the simple -- mind right now just text your question 297. -- -- seventh. And they'll be you'll answer here we go our erratic. My boyfriend wants to pour hot wax on me during sex on. He. I think it will hurt and it's a fire safety hazard what do you that I think. I think it it doesn't hurt a cut at all what it is is it surprising. I'm Nicky -- Ki moon is. Cute to get in -- to get into it a little four plankton. And then just say okay close -- close marriage. And just just sit back and enjoy what about. Like the third degree burns none on you know I don't know I don't know there's nothing doesn't he can't get Burton can't get burns from where casket. I don't know port did -- a couple. I -- to end it and by the way a little hot wax on the nipple stuff -- for plan yeah. -- that oh no now what about Hillary I'm. Can you substitute -- Mac sauce I've you know scandal around one I don't know because NBC the thing -- would waxes. Invited time -- trips optic Campbell -- hits like yeah you have to let your -- narrow. That you have to -- we care Middle East and eight inches away so it gives it that eight inches that -- wax -- before editors doing an excellent another disaster doesn't -- OK what about the fire safety risk just have a virus doctor yeah and I -- -- to pay attention hired detailed thirtieth Al pitcher of water -- ice water that actually. It's -- to be honest after the hot wax if you go right after which I'm ice cube. It's nine and a half weeks aren't just. Let's just say it must I think give the guy credit he wants to spice up to search my mind is there anything wrong with a guy gets a 9978. Tax my boyfriend and I have sex -- -- condoms but when I went in his car today I -- condoms in the glove box should now should I be worried yet armoire and ending -- you should look at proceed because you wanna harsher bringing him home capital lock ourselves. Now what -- -- Paris -- -- maybe he's a boy scout and he's just always prepared to break. -- was actually knows -- has been through that welcome and you know normally I would be the first person to jump on us but. The chances that he girl what's going on in his glove compartment are probably -- like did I haven't been actually opened that thing -- it and you don't -- You might -- I have. -- owners are you think it's -- bill -- sunglasses and my man is is it weird is it weird that my boyfriend gets an erection when I cry. He comes I think we can we can't control. You have no idea lying yeah. I mean not for another man in makeup sex crime and have -- sense of movement and I think that's a good system really. I'm broke up with a boyfriend now we won't stop mailing me love letters Haas and saying that our love is strong enough to work it out -- I get how to like get him to stop you got to move. If you don't have to get the number nothing way to go for the what's that -- what's the better and right now don't -- I mean -- -- restraining order was always with me maybe I can. Mommy that we reduce fuel lie about it. And it is just threatened with a restraining order to Donald ruin his life and even yet one of browser instant Psycho down zero girlfriends for them. My move out of dodge. My husband is best friends with a woman named Samantha at work you know he is 37 she's 24 LO he says she looks at him like a father figure -- out. I've ActiveX during oral I think it's a push for -- I think it's weird that a girl that young is friends with the man his age -- -- -- right about that. Hey look at -- really -- thirties you thirties and it's one more reason is thirty. Yeah twenties he you're -- your twenties you're in your twenties your check in here you know -- our -- There is is such bettering your better now is easy to have more sector dealers and not having sex duke was on such a rare but there's no such thing as best friends just guys. Always wanted to know is that they -- -- daddy daddy and importance as daddy as well hello Debbie. We want my daddy why would you guys did a girl LB why would -- -- data girl for five years and never introduced her to his kids. But. Are -- so yeah. We're lined an early don't you tell me and it might item illegally work. -- -- or are you laughing and I had a friend and a dollar and again Clinton going through it could no winter that's the -- the next awhile ago. It's funny to and -- -- that and not married and I. Seems like I mean I can get maybe like a year depending AD like you that's one thing like you don't you don't you don't F with kids see where if that is the sacred I have to respect how the other person wants -- parent you have to understand that there's also an ex boyfriend ex husband involved. The only way to wife and I well I am -- -- wife and an end and isn't it weird that he always seems to CU three and a half days a week. For the five years a -- has gathered. Of them but the other three and now he's really firmly in his final. That's Arab that's broken hearts are afraid there. We're going inside the simple -- mind as we always do in my years but it's a wanted to get back in Kenya -- that sneaky at -- Why did my hey why did mine mill co worker show me a picture of his family and point out his wife's nice asked. Very uncomfortable. Three -- -- -- No the -- and no antilock brought up. And a little weird like them what eighties it was at the bots that are lower corridors -- doctor. And I even -- market averages 5050 shot -- trying to say that he's like well -- -- and then. It is 5050 shot -- -- check out my -- nice number and then he -- sitter for the reaction which is. That's uncomfortable. Uh oh yeah I guess she says yeah pretty she's -- or. Oh hell yeah that's in a stumper he get the hell Yeltsin whose doctor halfway there to the threesome them. And you find out if you're in or you're out you don't have to waste anymore time. I hooked up with a guy Saturday night and here that I met at the Bruins game. We we had pretty good drunk sex but he could not finish. At what point is it acceptable to tell a man to just stop trying. When you've had enough and we win and we knew right William Atwood knew right when you when you behavior all done and that's what I I haven't had a growth in our. I can't tax and this isn't there and I usually you have so I think that's those decisions are -- you say it we're also the possibility of like who would think -- she -- the guys stay over and then they could I try again you know -- -- that's what I'm not that's what I what did you what did you -- our fractured -- yeah I. Like I'm gonna fire up the morning assets on the way out to darkness not kid doesn't -- again on again now. I can't even brush his teeth at Helena here I just found out that my boyfriend of eight months rob had a serious girlfriend when we met. He never told me now I don't think I can trust them know now. Did you -- -- -- I mean minute. Depends if they always -- -- they -- -- you know see who Diddy meet her dating capacity at first or they just minutes while cars are helping. Not I don't know probably pick a song that's you know up again you know that it all comes down of comes out of -- we I met a guy on match and we went on our first date Thursday. It was going fine until he suggested a second day in and said he'd pick me up if I gave him gas money. Am I obligated to give a man -- and. -- -- you know now an investment unsealed later gas money you lay it really that means we thought we could Arafat. You know. Yeah you know what that means life's gonna sock the I -- up. You know what that means you vacation at Riviera -- the process. And then. My husband thinks it's OK to have sex in our bed with the kids sleeping there I think it's -- yeah that's a weird when it is our very waking get a knock. Now maybe we've got to challenge stuff he can't do it mean. No you can't do it as we can't do -- that's. Yeah I mean are you will rolls over and on the full assault mask I mean writes if I you can horrified them all her life seriously he'll never get that image out of there and not for nothing get downstairs -- on some other piece of furniture and I don't -- wakes up. Yeah -- yeah I mean take it outside her garage mounted on the motor -- is giving it another woman a foot massage cheating. Well also a 97. First of home. After all it's only cheating of why you're doing it in your mind you're waiting for her to go please mounting a a a a asked Marcellus Wallace that Decker pecker -- 978 -- we're we're going inside the simple -- mind we LB answers your questions every money at this time. 978 -- what is the males overall what is the males favorite sex position. Are brought needed care of them really feel that's yeah that's the just. After all agree here -- rally that's we would say as the -- -- my new boyfriend wants me to clip his toenails with -- he. I think that's disgusting. I agree are a ton of boyfriend you know screw guy hasn't put finish this series I don't know I won't what -- you -- degradation yeah. Yeah I don't even know what -- -- our success and those in Europe you're out of your out of my realm of knowledge right now -- currently. You're like some sort of passing them room and put you know ball again and -- again -- again when setup. It seems unsanitary also being easy is this -- But but I was I was well there. I husband he needs to listen to this one. I have told my husband he needs to give me -- check every week and he does I recently found out that he hasn't been giving me is overtime durability caller yes there. We need plenty money screwed I'm number imagine wanted to a couple of cokes -- so early so they elicit something amiss especially amid some mortgage. Payment your -- so it just say for thirty days late -- not. Yeah yeah I mean these guys surrendered as if he's surrendered are ready like you can have a chat a. Made him a little happiness -- home run around don't I mean. I was starting bottled beer once a lot of different opinions -- Tesco. Like I feel like he walks in there. But don't like what Lakewood panties on and turns is yeah there are some who have some of us aren't responsible some analysts whenever tot the banking thing and then you know we -- -- you know we struggle that I had money and I'm one of those terrorist. Your your book and you look at any gives reject but I think everything else. My fiance is pissed because I bought a new Prada bag for 3000 dollars that's what he says. He says that keeping -- -- he says that people and relationships should discuss all major purchases with -- each other. I make 25000. Dollars more than he does a year and I think I should buy what I want to think about it. Women that women are just so goofy but I think. But the Grata -- For like. 450 bucks and I cannot get an -- -- week in Aruba and all inclusive for the other 25 -- even know what what's the upside I mean my. Everybody knows it's -- everybody that matters knows it's a thing you guys every -- that all the people that that didn't notice your clothing talk behind your back anyway they generally don't you -- nit -- -- -- that a product. Oh don't could however because. You're amazing American bed he admitted getting good decisions Coetzer buckle -- it's crazy -- him. -- aggravated a real happy that this brings when he thirteen bag went ahead. -- -- Do you think that bad guy who -- -- his -- to check it out. And checked into golf ball. But I am. It's double double blind guy -- got to play you know play the game completely human minutes against the you know she thinks she's you know don't. There there and -- -- my daughter has been dating living with a guy twenty years older should I be concerned -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- by that's is stupid in which a personal account to get to Newport finds it miners to the finder so worked at 852. Software's just in the -- loaded maybe more in -- in the guys area of the guys young American. Three states and drives a Ferrari him all over them but you can't you can't be serious when we got some young stuff on the start. No way anybody -- was 120 missile. I've been seeing someone for two months now we have sex often but he won't calming his girlfriend even though we met each other's families spend a lot of time together and act like we're dating -- Is telling him I wanna have sex with him anymore a good idea well if you weren't quite so you're hold hostage -- -- says the surge is addressed sounds to me like -- -- -- -- -- -- So does it into -- what you're dating your -- up -- -- argument your camera and you know I don't even think it's your -- I'll give a year now here with a guy furrier than yours -- OK so after a year yet it's automatic up until then. Anything goes it's everything goes -- of there's no feelings before your. Night but ladies thank you can't. Is once again on inside the symbol male mind with the help of Lyndon byers here at WA AF.