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Are You Smarter Than a Gamer Nerd: Dungeons and Dragons 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

Its nerd week so we bring you our first edition of Are You smarter Than.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule. Today asked dot com. Don't know how do you -- the Hill Man Morning Show residents don't I don't think they helped -- Or you're smarter. And -- a gamer and they're they're. The player are you Smart thinking -- here on the Hill Man Morning Show and rock bottom rob went to. Pax east season on Friday. Almost got booted out yeah. There was an angry ne'er do called security and the guy I was upset the made a comment about women being around but if you call right now on this number. 6179311. AA. 6179311223. That and you can play. And the guy is the first is still is that correct and Phil is in -- who dungeons and dragons yes the big enthusiasts a -- -- and dungeons and dragons and the easiest all right well at -- week. Let's immediate Phil here this morning on the Hill Man Morning Show I'm out here where. -- -- And -- dressed as -- I'm just as a and see our first recon troopers from currently Vegas. And -- do you have any hobbies besides not seeing boobs. Hi I'm sure I have plenty of reason I'd like I would like to call a high functioning geek so I'm also capable of of having social interactions that don't involve dies. High functioning geek always get up. It looked good it was Brady intends yeah but I gotta say definitely -- that homemade look so you. -- cardboard box you can tell arsenal are -- or Somalia for the chess player and then something sewn together -- -- -- I -- like maybe his mommy -- -- So we didn't spend a lot of odd but it looked like it a pretty good elect. Back -- I couldn't identify what he was dressed -- -- one of the game it was from and it looked all right well it is -- -- week this week thank god here on the Hill Man Morning Show and James is up first today hello James. How are you James. Or are right and what Jack gave -- call last night now does that make. Yeah I know knows I've agreed to note. Oil layers. Aaron -- we can't talk about the major death on game of drones and -- tomorrow but it was right. Could happen to a bigger due Sheehan I mean really I'm very happy about it. James -- James in dungeons and dragons how far can you throw a dagger. Without a penalty to food. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's fifty yards all right let's see if you are smarter than today's Jean Bernard. In dungeons and dragons and how far can you roll a dagger. With no penalty. I think it's Tennessee. With no penalty. That is correct. Filed ten feet and I know -- I have and I mean I think the public will have their own little and dragging death and old school it was a good gathering and being an underdog now -- -- -- I -- still very popular though clearly below map. -- note don't matter how hard it but. Good you know excellent weary from. I -- that night -- true or false. Piercing weapons do half damage to the un dead. -- -- all you're gonna say false all right let's see if you're smarter. Then fill today's game Bernard true or false. Piercing weapons do half damaged on dead. That's falls on -- skeletons. You need bludgeoning weapons. You got out of what LB you know you gotta have. The -- but -- you can't. Yeah against his cabinet and then there's army -- Russia does involves absolutely could still -- the correct this is Jim hello Jim. How are you Jim. Travel -- welcome to nerd week what do you do for work. I would -- distributed okay it got. Com Jim what country or principality. Is the temple of elemental evil located him. -- -- okay yeah I. -- -- -- And get a good answer I get a day some you would be laughed right out of taxis that -- I dislike -- I just life in an that but let's see if you are Smart there. -- today's -- Bernard. What country or principality. Is the temple of elemental evil located in. All. Again not an unknown millions -- year. And give a hint it's not the holy temple of a woman's body. I got announcement has no idea. Yeah I think temple is next door it's located in Denver bong for Bob Bob as a -- about. Education there yeah -- -- that's where impregnated into an event that occurred for Bob I would partner a beautiful -- Hello Brian. What's up Brian. -- -- Gloria. Britney and welcome -- and third week I can't wait if indeed this all right. The mark of hospitality. Is granted it to the half full names of which house in a dungeons and dragons. I got -- and -- is how let's us know. What I was up. Couple that's a pretty it is now. I may be Hungary and let's see if you're smarter than today's deem Bernard. The mark of hospitality is granted to the half wings of which house. Oh is this is a what is it in a brown thing. It's. A -- So -- know that with a G and now I couldn't I couldn't get your past that. It's the house Golan I think I was -- it was -- it was with -- GA -- guys wearing cost him he's not as impressive as he should be no you know it I should really a regular guy candidates the guy may have -- may have been a -- hello John. Hello how are you John. Go to work what do you bit but. Are there they are all right. On what six and a half foot tall medium sized. With the ACR of one half is known for eating elves. A -- and third -- at. I don't have to admit that but ultimately -- what. I would go ahead. Toward a I felt more let's leave your smarter than today's game Bernard what. Six and a half foot tall medium size. With see our one have is known for hitting elves. Key areas those steps again that and what six and a half foot tall medium sized TNT creature with the SER one half. It's I challenge rating so it determines how it. Typical the monster tested to the belts are helped channels and elected and tree -- something. And I'm gobbling. Hopefully pull its own courts that the Oregon Lou doesn't know Beth who wasn't concrete answer I shot. I think I was but he really got three for five and that's got to athletes that apple lasers now. Nice work by the collars you -- now wanna I think we have one winner do we get what -- get what went there yes we did filed by pure luck and obviously if your body fit -- clear -- now opt tomorrow aware what are we talking. Well what category two World of Warcraft ROK out. A World of Warcraft in this guy and introduced himself as Zelda -- -- character he was stressed that all our excellence early and I was just brilliant so that'll happen tomorrow morning at this time as -- week continues are you smarter than a game Bernard.