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Hill-Mail 4-14-14

Apr 14, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- and -- talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resilience his old man up and bail our network. And don't worry well -- WK okay. -- bunch of text. Bunch of factors are few Texans anyways -- -- -- cheap this morning. -- a little. Elation behind the nominee as -- email enjoying and I just love people at age eighteen there's been security app America back -- -- yeah. I'm telling me they've all -- They're Kerry marriages are curious at Emory and many public promoting marriage sporting and -- you name it. -- All right well here are the before we get inside the simple -- mind which happens every Monday. And thank you for that questions that are coming in -- -- ladies if there's something that really bothers you about the way the male brain works the symbol male brain. And text that question over LB -- few coming up the before we get to that. Here are the best hill mail messages of the previous few days. 740 -- routine and. Yeah that -- -- in order all of it lets talk common. In the mentally and there could replay don't do doing. Don't worry about it. And Ferrell ends up being in the first manager tossed for arguing replay call that is -- -- many nights all right. -- -- 27 and again. I why did the chicken cross the road we -- network LP pregnant and our hundred. Mile and a lot a lot of -- you love. The weekend to people who really enjoyed. A visa dissertation on evolution really yes than that from some kind of homer let -- know where they are where they're like man I mean is there -- -- -- that. They undulating and the guys down the -- garage Ramirez and both guys come out. I'm sorry. Friday and 28 -- They -- -- morning show where we -- during fear and L. Get him -- you know on board. Birdie output particularly known constipated -- always cost a big book Ellen don't look -- -- rock bottom our. And occasionally. Hey Gary Aaron Hill and maybe you can call 88 the spirit they've bought or you -- -- -- thought Dick Clark. Gilbert the owner stand there isn't good chance there won't remember reading -- Obama that I. Broad have been reported that and that message and. Saturday 103. PM. You know I don't often bring beer usually because I'm being held against my will and mental facility. Well I am able to pull of one political group that I would walk my back was going happen in my local look at all of the Pacific federal WA AF revisited would it. You'll have to go -- I have to. Under domestic and keep the tweets coming level and people tweet me when there enjoying. Are revered read the -- a girl tweets a -- you know had a lot of lot of people enjoyed it over the weekend so thank you for the support and get out here and local package store. One of the Jackie. And asked him if they have WAS revered red. And will foreign legion PM -- Well blocked it. I have to wait I hope you get -- pick it -- Independent. Again. My luck I'm going away when there's a couple playoff will be out here. On the -- that the landing some hope. I mean it beyond and floors write them off course OPEC I don't know I -- I don't know how it is around the rest of the country when it comes the hockey and they still show the playoffs down in Florida. You bet they -- have as much as more Bostonians down avenue and house it's a Friday and Sunday -- Sunday afternoon Friday night cemetery Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. We -- red -- first time they've played a playoff series against since 1950. -- real. -- it's been since 1957. That's awesome well we have Digg is the giveaway if you're an AF farm team member these are exclusively for you bruins' playoff tickets. Just the log on opt in go to WA AF dot com. You can work and older. Dot com. And now. There's -- -- KFC. Drumstick of course side yes there's only a hundred of them up and -- years you know it you're a father and your daughter's prom date brings over the KFC drumstick course -- weekend. Be more apt to let them stay out all right guy. I don't know did he can't guarantee the meat on the drums are human just -- where the ball I don't know I don't know how -- -- there's only a hundred well hundred had to reorder. Thanks LB to twenty enemies not even gonna try and now that that they can't I don't need any flowers at. Takes money in those drums -- massages I adopted ninety -- seniors. I am and I imagine. The Akron 27. Well you're right. But no more white people interfere in the -- one but a lot yeah. And that messed up but that -- princess is not necessarily giving up per rights. He just doesn't mind so. An occasional search of the event is one such as the Boston Marathon yes Johnny. You do and what's her what's up. Hey you know one -- I'm surprised it hasn't brought them brought up as ever since the bombing. It insurgent every single day with regard to competency thing or about ten years in Pristina -- I've never seen anybody in my heart. Well one bit you know what what what was discussed earlier was the garden Gillette Stadium etc. those are private places. This is the public streets this is well you know this is the man -- -- -- -- for not a public -- so that's I guess out. Some people are still and events are gonna get sorted justify it Pope Paul. Ahmed Karzai must first time he walked. I'm open about her out and you are volunteering at -- marathon -- -- -- slider and that. You know every year we always get such as well -- and then and I already know the shareware that yet completely and totally swamped by a security. So you as a volunteer at the finish line what you were there last year as soon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hancock set which just opened -- bag usually. Especially the senate side. Special and I'm -- them. -- not again -- you know. I understand how people feel about their rights and this is America. But I personally. -- it won't bother me one bit below Greg. There has been -- what's up. All of my -- at the very true. They collect are now on the ongoing as gold equivalent to actually you know why I won't even you know everybody out their rights at the same time. If you're going to marry someone walk -- protected I've -- these people. Certain. You know. Search everybody makes sure everybody there and it's always say that everything else. I think that a lot of people agree with -- -- was what the and you know listening. Now I'm just I wanna give up on my rights that I Panetta. And when you get angry. So I and I it's just so again for a little while compassion myths that is evident of what starts to grade nine and I -- laughter yeah no I would after the three minute. -- that's when you just you know it's enough and they'll -- don't listen now turn to and it ran up spots open your mouth but I don't think like any other. 730 trying -- land. I'm not not. Not like I I got Potvin. The indictment it should be but we didn't think we do for -- They're great I think it's too early in the season at the Red Sox hit rock bottom. Out there looking like -- then mobile pulled in Iraq are. And -- Connecticut. It doesn't I'm and it's very early. It is a very very yearly.