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Mike Hsu Talks To Brandon Boyd From Incubus About Playing Judas In Jesus Christ Superstar

Apr 11, 2014|

Mike Hsu talks to Brandon Boyd from Incubus about playing Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar and what the rest of the guys in the band thought.

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Hey Brandon I don't. Thanks for taking the time today appreciate it. For those of you who don't know Brenda Boyd lead singer of the band into this you have another musical project sounds of the C you're a writer. You aren't artists. And now you are about to embark into via a world of of rock opera have you done anything like this before. Well it's good they are starting off with something light like Judas. Yes. It might make the you know how they've got a my head into rock opera and and they like role for them -- Something small nothing too heavy. And -- -- ski areas how did you get involved in this like did you have to audition and are we approached by somebody the producers. -- BM -- My tastes booking agent here in Los Angeles. By the Angela clever people. And I don't know how the original introduction was made but it doesn't really matter to me at this point that I think. -- like it that it that it like something about. What I know how to do them. They invited me into this amazing. Opportunity. To get part of this to reduce engine Jesus Christ superstar it. I think I've seen Billy imagined show. The original shell out 1413. Or fourteen I'm here in California. And -- with very very inspired by that much factions that. To rock opera and can do it liver and in my parents where. And are big fans it's like kind of grip on music. The the key to get it we -- looking to the he's back. And if he'd patent in any number of other sort genius is that him and and to put together. But this -- respect -- -- -- The rematch in show is. Say it it just like it is such a trip -- I think that are really. Imagine myself being a part of something like that and I can't tell you how. Exciting it is. Such a course shall I'm really excited people come back -- Yeah this is a truly a rock opera and I guess the re imagining wants to get a back to the the big rock shows more of what's going on today as far as big rock shows and which is great and your -- or not it's that's pretty familiar territory for you. So I guess that would that make it a little easier to them -- a little easier. Getting into it. Some kind of presented as a concerts. Yeah yet that you know I'm starting I'm starting at about eight. I'm a baseline. My intro into it is that you know I know these rooms of these you know I think this is played and these -- program state and they've been so fortunate that they handled it. They would do that a handful of times over the past it and that international. -- but from -- accurately that my entry point from there it all used me. The presentation. You know being able playing a role like like at this. Sort of lighthearted call -- Jesus but you know and that some amazing. But the song in the show to our there's just there's so wild and we here in front of I really. One name upper middle part of -- like yes let me backtrack and all clip -- it's in -- yeah. That -- so excited and so -- to be part of this. What was what's been hard -- I don't know I guess the transition is the word. From say playing with a band which is way more loose to going to something. More structurally -- what was one of the harder challenges you you came across. Also our. I'm doing about -- I think in law and interpreting someone else's lyrics and interpreting and very old story yeah. Embodying. Character that everybody has a very kind of cleared most people have a clear cut image. And so. From the tactic that you know come from abandoned and we'll be right to music we can we can push it and -- -- -- and duke whatever we wallet that this is a little bit more. It. This is this sort of -- Soria coming into -- story and what I'm attempting to do -- Embodies the role. With with. My sort of interpretation of it try to bring -- -- myself into it and -- get -- little interesting but also you know show. The and interest in a watch and it's going to be really really great challenge I think that that was the biggest reason why. I'm glad to hear that you have a good challenge. The cast is pretty amazing I mean along with yourself. Yeah there Michelle Williams and destiny's child and and and -- shows as a firm in saying to him and he placed much as pilot and and I was like thrilled. And this just piqued my curiosity so my head exploded mr. Johnny Rotten. Playing king -- That's an amazing choice so have -- you've. Have you been working with them to even reversing itself with them. What is that like I've only interviewed the guy wants and I he was thankfully very gentle with me. But what's it like working with him and assisted on -- -- he's never done anything like this before either. Right -- I don't know I capacities and it electrical I think it is probably needed and is well. -- -- much at all has gotten. Some musical -- I'm not mistaken but. Everybody is bringing something really cool orange into the table I think you're right. Johnny -- has inherited perhaps the most are head turning uninteresting short got -- all of them. It's an amazing so far he's not a cult dude you have. -- And look forward to the sport -- -- talking with him and learning from him and he's let him in order faith is it -- you very interesting cap yeah in the lot but a. But it definitely one of the kind that's awesome. Were they able to. I know he knows this this is Andrew Lloyd Webber's BB but were they able to ride in a part where Judas was able to whip out the dangerous do. And -- Okay just that you know I don't wanna deviate too much from the mute the opera the scripture or anything but I think that would be pretty and and. That would -- political practices that do without telling anybody invest in the the -- down. Yeah how would you sneak down on -- -- They get a big robe and I -- That I do have to -- do my job of if I didn't ask any kind of into this question. I know you guys -- on hiatus now be good to go to each of those guys or he says you went to each of those guys asked if this is located do and and the -- of that they were all very supportive. It was it was such a trip like -- have expected there to be a little bit more are. Not conflict but just like varying opinions I was I was anticipating some varying opinions and I think that is underestimated each of them in a very brief moment because each one of them I have sort of like. Yes he should do that that's that's quite. Well it -- up. You know expletive deleted yeah I got a lake color so that seems so excited by the idea and then you know they've. United they saw TD performance the other day and you know getting texts from them and things don't -- -- -- everything. The lucky with and understand that you know something that we reduce. Heroic -- with each other is -- support you know not to cut. Brother in arms -- you were not working directly together as well. We've grown up together and understand to get -- -- a lot of times. I love to see each of them all and succeed in -- -- is and I think I think that state governor elect. The thing that I itself. It is that's a bit of bad guys that are recorder. That's awesome -- Brandon -- playing a -- in the new three invented production of of Jesus Christ superstar very much looking forward to seeing this when it comes to Boston tickets go on sale today so thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us.