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Comic Dave Attell 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Comedien Dave Attell has a new special and tv show on Comedy Central

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It's been quite some time since our next guest joined us in the studio I don't know if he doesn't come to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts anymore he's very busy. But David tell joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show David. Let that go to college and here -- just how aria. I'm good man I'm Ahmad you might have big big push for the F special on the -- period -- central. We're -- in Miami -- year. You know what -- let covered up your -- at play in their outlook -- out Chicopee. Yes staff. And I believe that made it into this is special on the Comedy Central correct -- dated may equate Billy -- -- It's Chicopee why wouldn't it may get -- good job with that at an element that would like the iconic club of Bob all the let all that great about what really special really very special. -- special they would view. Big news this morning when it comes to -- bears taking over for Letterman -- what do you think of that. What -- can't -- that like -- -- this year to drag it out a little bit more that we can bet on it you know I think yeah. -- -- ineptitude quickly like it would be -- like totally political couple days where people like the over under you know throughout the more crazy names you know I'm -- call. I mean some of the names that I. I mean Allen was supposedly in the favorite in that I just I don't get that. Well I probably would have liked to see like you know seven -- -- like I would look if you look at Amy Poehler. You know. -- -- -- somebody that I think it would lock out other shows you know and that you know Chelsea if you wanna do it to be amazing and you know I do think that like guys. Cold -- is great and like I don't know about I don't I really don't know about network television anymore I -- -- -- -- to get -- to watch -- -- felt. I give a lot of credit you know once you can't get that update does go. To date for years and years and years and like it -- job. Yeah well it is because you have to come we have come up with stuff that every day are now however there. But. You know some people think did that when it comes to middle America. That there are some who does the bad decision because they won't like a bear you know because you know they don't understand he's. Are there that I don't know. A really -- you know like -- -- well you know and I was crazy farmers then there's so hard to entertain the Republicans and we're gonna forward up that late I. Now yeah they get up early on and ignite farmers. Where these farmers aren't cook and then the -- that the. We have these these guys are like rolling. And I guess they were like the public informed or other kind of like you know. Fun fun pharmacist something that I think you're gonna be great and I think that I now that you know -- out all the all the different players it's it's really about like all the way to do what he write a book police a lot for what what if you could -- could be on the -- a comic is that we're -- -- -- you know now wondering what Letterman's gonna do. But -- it was the other you know Jay's whole thing about how I have to work every night and everything. I get that I don't know if it stickers it's what he really is let. -- he's real that's real audio but Letterman and they both of them have a ton of money at I mean if it was you would you keep working reviewer David Letterman. Well I mean I've looked -- like. You're going to write another book of something nobody really cold like you know. Good idea what can I economy when I first hour comedy everybody would like you know. You gotta get on Letterman like that's when you know you've made it and like it's torture me like back in the day like you know in the early days like. Shell which is amazingly audiences every every every every night he just took it to another level I really really you know can't say how important it was to me in the other comics and. Yeah so tomorrow night. Comedy Central it's on at midnight right. Yes it's okay tomorrow night in -- midnight recruited very excited. I've been doing as of. You're the like special it will work until afterward the comedy underground series -- site host -- -- how -- -- the -- for the comic doubt when it even go to your there's probably collect. -- still look like bought out compared that -- -- that the that the next show you know. Could cut that -- and so yes others that I you do it shows you mentioned Chicopee where else who else gets on there. Very. We got -- in Minneapolis the stress factory in New Jersey. -- like Jack in New Orleans. And the helium club in Philadelphia so -- great quote you know and pretty similar views seem to live you'll I think it really dig it could it's really about like. You know working the crowd doing the joke and not know -- -- let me give it up for the network and censored you know really cool. Hey did you hear the news today we talked about it earlier but I think as the as the men who hosted diesel corneal appreciate this. The the new national grooming trend. Is called the full bush Brazilian. Period yes. I would say that sound like Iraq -- name -- Yeah so ideology -- currency of the growth not into the fold growth up -- growth of time the undercarriage is completely there -- Yeah and that's apparently what the ladies are going for. Other sort of went -- a different name like about the job interview. -- Nice. If -- think it united food. Better. Think that the fact that LLC deal money doing in Newark and or anything else. I guess -- -- -- LA. You know I've been doing the value without paying for awhile and you go idyllic you know it's a big chunk of the the point that I made from these shows and they got through that great charity called operation purple it if there is our children are veterans of sending them to -- -- camp where they get like really fueled a lot of the issues from like multiple. Deployment and also some of them want to -- loved ones in the in the overseas so it. It's great it's great great charity and public do it again you know in terms of like dissent -- quite that way because you know. It's -- to be able to like have a big project out -- like use some of this. You know amazing promotion for good thing about to talk about myself you know I hate talk about myself -- this thing is like all the talk about so. You know hopefully like everything goes well with the show -- -- download -- -- -- percent to more money come flooding might from anybody that is electric starter about it like. That's open people were cool with piracy and I could use some of that money -- very small percentage and I could send it to this this great article operation purple. As I think you guys know you guys are very symbolic support Richardson -- that the you know because. All right operation purple. -- -- what -- market it's. And I'd -- did you know John that well. You know -- Our pajamas like the ultimate road guy he I really Islam and the city he played. But let me New York he he we're always on the road and you know I would always be there like the week after week before. And you know the public know we're so excited because John was like a monster -- he really sold out hard. And the crowd loved them and they would bring him back like five times a year which is like really amazing for any club to bring -- back Q3 times but you'd always be there at like you know he really did like you know he -- do the job like the crowd loved them and like you know he really -- -- good guy and you know it's very very sad to lose somebody. You know who that really big on the road and I you know. We didn't know better I can tell you get like a you know like I knew didn't feel personally like right now like the trees and -- rather remote but he definitely looked like a -- on the road and it's accepted to release that lost you know. Pay a text or would like to know. It does -- loud show that is in road work tomorrow night on Comedy Central is the one in which you put your cigarette out in the is cigarette out in the drink and then drank it. I think that I every show -- -- -- but that apparently are there so they will see that if they if they tune in about nine. Now I quote I won the Brazilian form and rebel. Yeah I. Graphics that's. Yes I will tomorrow night the back to back David Powell on Comedy Central and it starts at midnight. And it's great to talk to him that everything's gone good. I really appreciate you guys have -- man and you know especially with the the ratio in this series and the operation global and you got the best I really appreciate thanks for the call yeah both parties. -- --