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The Mighty Mighty BossTones Lead Singer Dicky Barrett

Apr 11, 2014|

The Mighty Mighty BossTones Lead Singer Dicky Barrett discusses his beef with WAAF and his birthday bash

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Quote correct -- body. -- trash can. You work now when he met. The guy that the same place for 24. Wedeman in -- story out yes yes -- -- you have a rule that it's ever. -- -- No way policy right now I don't need your bad about it Matt who gets Nokia believes that the fifteen years is not actual invitation. Like old -- you had a grudge for all you get it this is what happens let's still need to -- away from -- -- -- Let's let's delve into this because it's about time you know the great thing about doing a show for 24 years. Is that you can you know time allows -- in hole it heals all wounds and does so you can we can now reflect back on these things. And Dicky Barrett Dicky Barrett in the Boston owns that show for us in. And lol I Halloween party and they -- Dickey got himself arrested and then blamed it on on right. Eric. Young couple. -- could only run on. Up into video and Greg Kelly yes he was he doesn't it. Happened to tag barely knew he was ya I was. By the way the old Greg Hill still always have the bag and it really does what he's doing. I did those will be. -- I think he actually had jail time bank did you within the lol cops drag you offer something like that environment -- -- Has spent the night there. Is. Dad yeah local local radio guy. Should -- -- discussion aren't masters was and yet he can remember that what I think. I do remember him what a great guy he was he was like one of those. Like guys who'd been in the record business and I always -- sixty they ended -- fantastic day to day if I remember correctly. Yeah I brought chubby checkers records to radio in the -- on -- So yeah I hit and deeply hope he bailed out. It'll be -- the morning. Out of jail and I wish I couldn't have been matter it. First every single one of your name at all or are letters like first goes up and down yeah I hated the letter W it -- letter any in the letter. So you can use that you hated the letter but you hated the letter a twice and don't forget our electric -- read out. -- -- Well listen I don't could go to -- they wanted to let her out as well. You know I let you need to look at it like streak then I mean if you have an hour and that's LB streak. It was appalling -- costume it was almost a monster truck rally meets our hearty. It's pizza concerts you know that it would be the evidence they did actually go to I went to court. And that one and one that I had to win because -- didn't win meant that the security guard. Which consume media probably teach me to the state but the fact of the matter is that he was strangling your kid. And I grab them by a shirt. And they make that five police options grabbed me by everything. And the next thing an element who's got. -- -- now it what was the charge it it wasn't eating a secular Chinese -- it was was it like it was it was assault or what was I don't remember what. And they're final charging what they finally got me list which they arrested me for stupidly believing. That you guys could properly Russia. Actually we'll listen it's nice and stupid and idiotic guilty as charged on yes that was my all I was Namibia. Well it didn't work out -- to a poorly Florio I mean you know you're an actor. GA Jimmy Kimmel I mean you've done pretty well for yourself. -- -- -- Well isn't it I'll tell you what is going to be a really well run show and and that is going to be the your birthday party which we can now announce. At the phantom Barbeque festival coming up in June. Absolutely. And thank you mentioned that you turning fifty. Oh please thank you thank you. I'm glad. Yeah CEO Greg -- are mentioning that work but thank you for mentioning that show that he's in his thirty kids that the. In theaters yet -- LB just LB just turned fifty if you can believe that I mean think back to a -- watched him play for the Bruins and now he's fifty years old. I try to make me feel better or worse. -- you're so successful lines that has interviewed used to do you tend to. You don't know what the funniest thing is an an incident on Twitter at the American people I talk -- wouldn't think. It seems to make them feel. Then that makes me feel -- -- started to cool yeah. I think if you look too bad for you know yeah I never I never -- -- Well it's because people. People don't think the UH so they're like oh my god -- there it's fifty I must be fifty highlight out of president you know it's. Rocker or are we want one that's right that's guy. Well as -- I mean do you do you people always ask me this about it I happen. I this'll just you know totally infuriate you but I happen -- capital of Bruce Springsteen's. So. Okay good so. -- people always say I can't believe that Bruce can perform the way he performs at sixty whatever he has. You -- -- is it is an issue for you at all I mean that is is it harder to do you know of the show. Like to something brilliant at. Why did one thing brilliant at the beginning of of the muddy muddy Boston's I got a guy up -- all my dancing forming. It now go. And lets -- lets you break. You know I'm good because like stand there and Ben does all the dancing and that. You know they think wow. He looks so beyond edit change that. Clean up at the the take a Dylan's back pillar something that before the show little smoke and mirrors baby to a smaller mirrors that but the. Bruce Springsteen incredible to see who would replace Fenway Park yes. That was sent that to that was fantastic. I'm an enormous street intent. Listen people make -- enemy. You know I did that there's just no artist that gives that much during a shell I in in even you would say that as an artist correct. I completely an ounce plastic and these incredible songwriter. Where. You can't into. He can't compare and MM I've always been inspired by I try to read about Austin a way that he writes about futures scene where he's strong. In addition to him and you know I mean it's harder it's hard to be a working class act from Boston and not allowed a working class action from another trust. Well it's funny when you think of you know EE you guys is Scott Cole are you think of drop kicks punk like you know Ken Casey who lives for Bruce Springsteen -- you would think it wouldn't be that way you know you need to think because Bruce is the if it you know the opposite of that you know. -- -- I I have to argue with I think he's east east the epitome of I think he's. He's working class and exactly everything that dropped expand or he's not you know. I mean that the kind of -- we love is is is the crash where where density. In Spain and just travel a lot like that -- Springsteen says things. And I've been saying about it you know what -- sixteenths in order in the USA. You know he he wasn't -- sink -- you know. -- -- in this great country and let the police again if our country can do that it maintained -- Glad everybody everybody got that except Ronald Reagan yeah I. The did that. Here here you say it and then and but that I think British -- it's just that I think everything that that guys like me Canon dropped -- Stand ore which is is you know what there's an injustice and there's you know any quality if there's. Something wrong. And let's point it out and and lets you know. That's the big -- that make mention. So. Palin you're asked your great as bill Haley in that was -- eight at miniseries whatever that. Thank you very much William just I fell in love with the role. And you know it's there when they're secure they set out on the plate Khalili. We. -- -- Arafat or even though I think I remember learning rocker on the clock in music class or something it and -- middle schools I didn't I had no idea yet. -- -- there that much research and this -- years ago grocer that much research can do on building it is not a whole lot of footage of them and that -- not. In that you -- -- it is cute cute really really big big Linden and well there. And then had to sit here as well. Started rock and roll but his sister. Albany. Has an at all it was. And lips and disarmament. Say two words after the siren would sister club in Sydney did a real look at job sanctions. All playing my brother and that will be and I think she was surprised to see her brother in any movie. Has created Koppel has recruited pretty cool. I did pretty well all the critical thing or -- so you mentioned writing songs about Boston UMass Boston. Everyday and I try to get back there as much as possible and and and managed to quite a bit but -- being back there and in June yeah could be a factor in June a lot of people to be back -- Easter which is next week. -- you coming back -- there. Can't -- and my mother you are I don't buy -- used organizers as some. Spring's here every semi sub in this week's -- stability and argued the argument. -- Well listen June 21 it's the Phantom Gourmet Barbeque festival and and for the first time. Music kind of at the end once the sun goes down in and Sawyer it's it's -- keys it's sticky birthday party so. I'm sure you got a lot of money out of the elements which is good and and and a charity. Every bit Greg peck -- and the other thing is the other good thing is IE or no one here has anything to do with the production of the show so you won't get arrested and all right. -- -- say -- I think honestly got to take your church and got a ticket to a terrific job Libya. Sticky and oppression is the era merits that you remember who this is right you. I actually feel that -- and it and we think completely water under the bridge -- and back. You know -- take responsibility -- whatever part it played about. They listen I appreciate you saying that in and personally I still think your -- For now I'm looking forward to seeing on the money -- -- right. Thank you --