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LB's Evolution Discussion 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

Dr. Charles Darwin Byers discusses his Evolution Theories when a story about Chimps escaping from the zoo is in the news

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll it's fine and your special. Day I would Els is what else going on. Chip on the loose at the Kansas City zoo a rational fear all my number one irrational fear I hate prime mates and terrified prime mates each chimps were reported out of their enclosures there were moving through the -- Africa section. And running wild people freaking out all over the place of the -- people had to lure them back in their enclosures with. But like one of the champs. Like clearly the leader of the the evil leader of the chimps. Put grabbed a stick and like put it up on the thing and then every day I'll climb down was awesome brilliant I just watched on TV that aren't as it was our job where does mark what could have its how many. What's amazing yeah is smarter about there are very Smart but they throw poop and then they're able to do something like that have been there. Who chose the song shows their intelligence is now there just the size of their greens right here I mean sure. And I am going to -- -- world that were related to everything moved in there and there were -- -- six yeah its decision think about everything and everything has teetering has nails Armenia has. Pause hands feet I mean we don't we don't came from him an amoeba. We did it. When and then what you want to tell somebody got tired of all something I'm tired of beating some -- get me myself and also they and they went so did they did something to get away and then when they did that then. That that made them the animal that they weren't and they evolve and evolve and evolve we welcome -- -- -- and we're off fish. Now sees her. When you say things like it's this is why I believe that you are that you do no more than those silly researchers over at Harvard well I'm just saying this. And I'm saying this view. Cats have pause and nails death we have hands -- else -- why if we're not related to them wide they have these they have a mall with -- But -- they eat the food goes in his stomach I mean what how what do you think were different than that knowing when cable and I think we're different -- -- you know. -- -- LB it's not called evolution when everything has. You know and drink it and the -- mode you all -- to see I told him that you have to pass that through live. So you can hardly at all I think it's something is totally New Year's at such a blow hard -- -- its evolution we're all human embryo we all started -- if we all sorted -- was amoeba that we we also know that there. I think I -- I mean this became an issue if it did it over the European final immunity so don't get afraid to -- -- yet champ. Open up. I don't I don't yup thank you really doesn't let up over -- I don't mean I don't know -- TV your great great times -- thousand odd grandfather was was it -- He wasn't brought -- up even more is one -- -- easy tree monkeys I was I was a -- I was running the show paid blue area you women -- old little homework they're mad men have. Homework that the bold state so you sit out ball that you say el -- has given at this you're okay. I'll bet you. All did you say well how are good they -- -- written I said it was bold that you said he's the most ridiculous human you've ever heard I mean. Are great you'll need to look at it all very important here we -- -- now so zealous and often amen amen amen -- -- yards -- so cold drinks so local so -- -- -- -- there is so you don't believe there were dinosaurs right there -- of like the 150000. -- dinosaurs do you believe the existed it's not a matter of believing a -- -- fact that -- okay -- put in perspective is it's too hot they hot. How did they become a 150000. Tons dude how did how did that happen because it won't be aware out of -- there are many many many men. I'd probably -- I had someone just being marketed aliens drop them on earth. Tell me how how did they evolve where did they come from -- make it from there. Little -- -- I think that again that's at that he'd just explain to me -- -- of where they were -- where they are only where they were early bird it's a little -- -- -- have so little well actually I know it's great but you can you don't have an answer because you're adult. Oh my god you're you're more predict that the -- and -- -- two -- -- adaptable. Did you believe -- tackles exist the -- we have skeletons of Jared. Giant flying birds that wade through timeless let's just stop and start with the sell the human self. How to how to -- Bob I mean I just love these people. And we'll borrow from two cells and uterus starts. Tell us -- -- -- -- one and then it separates additional -- your girl vivienne in my right -- just patient you start as one that. Then again what's his sperm so I mean it is it really what is it some sort of some sort of crazy we don't believe in existing similar look Emmy for you know I'm. I mean I just love how the people's minds usually that many guys but you're like -- week and a ball lately from one cell but but -- 150000. Time. I'd it -- run a source Rex is believable because we -- skeletons will go where did that start were the two ran a source -- starts. I'm okay exactly and a bowl -- I don't know yet again now I just it's just it's it's it's comical. They're listed but the problem there's not many people who can go on and when it when it comes the theories of evolution. Top of the headlight that. Facts facts facts facts facts so well done. I -- -- and hear it listen this text their. Says that it's. It the dinosaurs got that big by eating chicken and -- like crack -- that's. And is now I mean and it would have pretty much what -- -- What do those gigantic cared prehistoric trees -- media in the Grand Canyon area that that would -- the hanging Yellowstone national 19 palms -- none of the -- -- the red bullet yet the Brentwood those who it is an event 300 feet by -- in the red ball Morris. We'll stream water right -- core. Of why it's illegal is made from -- -- -- -- best what he says yeah -- how did they get where they candidates are they not a date trees -- concrete a couple of particularly our trees are welcome there's a morbid trees like that anymore well. Well I don't know why do they just added I doubt I'll be I don't know that I mean what you employable where does the pine tree come from all which comes from they've been at first there was gigantic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At least secure a better person well -- -- -- I would but I really I think it's I think it's comical they have no problem believing that we evolved from. -- But where did where did the champs come from people care about the line art that's not the point that -- and partners are. Those don't you wanna talk of this comic con thing and I have caught -- -- merits. And it's doctor you're listening to doctor Charles Darwin buyers sent us. You are a medical man -- I can -- the creation that is always gotten on any this -- If they're not somebody apartment that was sort of show that we're coming up in the Aaron and I am in the end up biology which what is really matters is -- professors and another kind of violence and I'm a biology major and it's that's too soon again. Picky I haven't laughed and learn so much this morning detective says you learn anything actually well this. It's the red woods started its ash that's what I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right what's happening. Much that you -- at least futures sort of person here right now you can. -- lists these new issues the dumbest smartest person ever. Yes CNN CNN that's that's exactly what you're right. Like at Texas here's the texts from Harvard medical researcher who listens to the show. I just tuned in but whenever LB said is probably wrong. He's kinda this Fella isn't that the that the about. As soon aerodynamic corn -- -- Jimmy my -- I don't want -- Shelby Danielle. There but that is very gracious why the lap in my brought up a little bit there real quick question we wrote simple. Well what team art particularly that. What does that chicken or -- which impressed -- -- -- the chicken or the head. The ticket the ticket did so that you and the chicken evolved from. From what what the chicken detect and did you give me he did -- chicken stretches itself okay haven't. That was -- blow job and meg -- Now they the big forms as -- the forms around the did at the chicken placenta yeah -- exactly what is sort of on Thursday just for the record BA isn't hard at first -- -- just ordered no neither does it it is it is -- -- -- It's different fluid is a specific. You know. What does it a placenta Boesak well whatever it is what -- that turns into art a budget which then gets pulled down but did anybody who got up on the first ticket. Who -- out that bag. What's happened. The very first checklist of all the first -- -- that particular patient zero was good to hear little whoop whoop -- that I doubt the very odd first chicken yeah wasn't a check your own. What was something evolved. It was a different -- It was a different -- more of a while -- them they've got to plot and back I don't know well -- author -- girls are way older than checkout yeah -- -- -- and tried to try to pull it out on army -- but talking about millions and millions and you know you're you're you know blue flowers did I puppets exhausting playbook. What it will be left -- -- well -- in last -- yourself how come how come in Africa. There are wild dogs yeah. There are -- got a 400 dark down there are wild -- and now in America. In 2014. We have domesticated dot. On like how -- -- so -- how did how did happen people talking -- that's not -- LP warriors wanted them piles of and they went out. And they they they grabbed the first while -- and they're like -- This is really. Nasty enough so they made it that or do whatever they did but dodge were dot com now. You have to go back keep going back and back and what you do is you take this BC's and then. They get smaller and get smaller there's a hundred times -- -- thousands of kinds of dogs now well. Eight million years ago there was probably just one -- adopt that evolved from something else pay elicit from eroding as -- there. According got tired of eating grass so that it hit another rodent. As as a text there says. Everybody knows the kicking team for instance of a -- there but Howard of the chicken comes -- -- meet the expanded chicken little bit. And the -- yeah. Ticket gave birth to get the prehistoric pigeon that may -- equipment prehistoric. Black -- hello Jared. What's up Jared. Every atmosphere about chicken yet say yes chicken don't -- they get killed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. They yet have we actually have -- -- VCR everything colonel Caldwell is -- eggs. And -- -- legs. They eat hello Matt. And it's a -- I do -- -- that you particularly late singer yeah yeah Jane cursed at or you actually get their own turnaround from 08 years. Or chicken durability -- absolutely reckless. There were other bird there a way. At some point there's an additional one generation where -- so yeah every policy see. These dvds and how he examines what would that you see it in humans yeah until you hear me ill but none of it but but again when it you -- You have to. You have to take. See we live in such a protected but -- you know inside the box world. So imagine a world where someone was born. Mentally challenged or someone is -- says that schizophrenic death back then the animal that's schizophrenic. Does not interact with those animals anymore it goes off in its own any balls and the whatever in the hallways and through like looking and -- -- look like regular big factor in -- collection evolution happened. Oh and it seemed your generation up rhetoric out about exactly how that's -- point we can't wrap our head around it because -- because you can't we feel like you we live in we live in a lifetime weekend. You can't imagine you know a million lifetimes for something to something like oneself. In a million years to -- Now can you get the action video up on FaceBook -- this area that is awesome yeah it's great video it's like a bunch of kids help break him of breaking out of I don't know him well it would be old the oldest kid that knows going -- is going to be fine just jumped to the treatment arm.