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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 4-11-14

Apr 11, 2014|

This edition of Facts LB aka laser show called out the Harvard scientists on the study that babies cry to get attention from their mom to deter her from making another baby and we learned about pubic grooming injuries.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you -- your wits against an -- leaks I don't believe. Such -- dangerous nothing unsanitary and home. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of demand seed and not only name a -- blather about aids die and full of facts she Max. He winner of the action Max this morning we'll attend a Red Sox game at Fenway Park hello Miguel. Hello how Mario. Mario excellent weary from a -- -- big plans for the weekend. -- it but yeah. All right well it's the other Sox are a way I believe that back here I'll be right there a -- weekend. -- there are there -- four -- series in New York in the garage is that an obvious mile Miki golf that there will be much going on over there that Fenway but I still don't bomber apparently elected to got to remember in the world for a minute wait if you to read the that the -- hero -- that. I -- gal I knew Harvard University study has found that the reason DB's cry at night. Is so you don't have sex. And make another baby boom I'm out on the on the back to act or -- Mac. I'm sure that you're gonna -- smack down. Does that register put two and two together you're married you have -- and I haven't sex against -- recurrence pattern actually. Saturday side and on down to five years so gosh I'm I'm with the establishment act. You're you're you're going smacked -- yes you are incorrect it is backed Harvard found. It's -- it's a developmental thing -- babies want they want their mother's attention so they don't want another baby. So they cry at night so that you're not smashing. And having that and having that daisy that's ridiculous that it just -- on the extra fat on that what what what he means that the baby the baby crashed because he wants the Muslim mother's attention a mother can be downstairs watching TV be your calling Harvard University -- I could call their toll -- -- -- -- I'll go to the right now and I think they know what they're doing and -- and Damon but didn't think about you get out on anything. Now is the value you get out on that the babies crying because he doesn't warrant the mother. Putting into Automator in the -- -- That's not what it is what it is they figured it out that it's how they I don't have time to ignite you or maybe I will have a interviewed -- -- -- scientists we have we have a professor here at Harvard because baby talk and be prosperous Europe yet from arm. One month and a top 48 months -- -- a big -- -- second wanted to -- as a certain wanna take it without blue water got an awful crash take it up with -- Harvard. You global waffles and I hit -- solid body of woman who lives in a sort of seventy to get up and aren't yet I'm the duke mrs. -- -- It -- about how our interest in the area. Excellent where -- from. Drake gets there what do you do. I'm. An okay don't you know I need an accountant and we're really help me could you look at it I don't nerds I don't know. Hadn't -- about LB just started to think about it taxes guys get out and that's particularly an extension the united or July and October that about October and I I. That the -- I Christen every member. Every members. Easy easy top has a beard in fact or smacked. Who don't act you're gonna go with that let them when when -- that legs legs great -- great video great video to another great car -- chairs its guys out to leads. It to deter new front man -- have beards. Attractions you know I wish I could do the Casey case of bullets that. And -- and -- who doesn't have the beard is named frank beard. You're right yeah -- -- there actually a CK sound as that of its -- hello Cory. -- Corey a Texan says my blue -- research puts everything else and a question from now on in this game basically Adam I was. To buy one neem. So it's ethnicity and I was duped by one means I'm society -- info from means yeah just economic and but from -- games. I hectic and hey Corey yes. We were talking earlier about -- Hillary Clinton getting a shoe thrown out there. And is it back the Irish -- that bill and Hillary Clinton met. Fat pig he's down home Barbeque in Little Rock, Arkansas. When she told him that he had socks on his crotch. That's sounds so crazy I would have to go out you're gonna -- fact that nobody sees -- she's box on the -- she's a -- electric cars. Not because he's how -- garnered the article -- a comic -- this guy fact that this track the odds are. They -- at Yale University. -- period in Hillary and bill where are you saying something had to scratch and I went and wisdom is equally as it is there's something funny I thought that follows Sarah that the. Well hi Sarah. I have power EO. And where you rubs it on my own and Alley. Would help anybody out what do you do. I looked at certain and company and he. In Quincy -- these vikings believed that there was a giant go to in happen. Who's -- provided an unlimited supply of the year. -- -- -- -- Who you're dry food. But after you got questioned. I think are. Accurate that and had no idea what. You know well another by the way another great show on cable yes the vikings games you play there are encourages human beings -- -- I would give anything it -- if if I get reincarnated Larry I either wanna go back. To being a pirates yeah or wanna be a vital U wanna be -- -- -- they have some fun the whole filly shouldn't. Kill you good -- you could be a Somali pirate day now tad bit. Bigger than that most of them and conquered them and I don't severe but partly for that lucky coincidence that that would be -- as far as clubs where parents -- -- if people -- I'm -- ago -- you know it's crazy it is crazy but -- -- I don't -- directories from the -- -- It's back -- I'm -- Nice just to hang on -- of ourselves some Red Sox tickets. -- -- Yeah well what's up Andrew. Now let's -- general -- and aware is that forty where do you where we're pretty rough go at it for what I'm sorry phones coming out. -- -- -- -- of -- -- burn. School system well excuse me. Between 2002. And 2010. Pubic grooming injuries in the United States increased five fold. Fact or should act Andrew. How well that's different -- than they -- topic comes up and show. I think that's a little bit -- and at that period bank. -- -- -- -- bonus that I studies I -- my best. And I and I couldn't agree more -- -- -- -- -- more to parents keeping is all the rage -- guys -- -- fumble around your -- -- -- now in the Nazi that in the past so I'm gonna go fast it is is that. It is now thank you very much Andrew for -- thank you to all of you for playing -- --