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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Thursday's with Thorty came along and we discussed the final 3 games for the Bruins and the upcoming playoffs.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hello. -- Hill Man Morning Show presents there's days with the authority. Featuring John Darden of the Boston Bruins. Thursday's where the authority is and has been presented all season on by the city of Boston credit union authorities choice for his banking needs and also. Is presented by EMD's Serrano and EMV militant war. And what a good guy -- now brighten early in the head as they call it up there. And joining us this morning John -- authority. Florida how are but. A bit puzzling at the weather out there. Surprisingly not -- that is -- X sixty yesterday here we're really. A miracle we're -- and you could see snow on the ground everywhere like you know act. Depressing thing about global warming -- who knows. Does that does that they get this overnight I have been. I could. Is there only one hotel in Winnipeg and wind bags big artists six I almost half million people of one of those people who doesn't know much about Canada. But what -- have Manitoba in general -- Berry has a huge population of comedian me native native Canadian Indians these are you. -- -- My -- just -- I grew up just across the border. But for four -- on the north west. -- that great city. Still the biggest thing of the underground market -- -- path although nowadays is like fifty below zero. I mean I didn't -- it never. Really. So -- getting down to it a little Britain and I'm sure for you guys it's it's been long and longer than longer than last season but you ready for the playoffs. That's doing good ready quote it. 200 or plant that's still up in the air but rated well. Well -- the Sudanese -- some guys get some restaurant would you encourage that -- last week they moved the lines around a little bit good -- have some -- -- -- these guys right. How we recruit actually -- -- to think what if they move her up to the the left wing it was awesome. Got -- yeah I actually played really well -- And it. He's a player principi others there were so skilled felt that the but -- you want there will take a look. Doctor here I can I got to -- or brought -- so here certainly had a first -- a slight chance for them. Well and and you know. Look last year was a great year and and that's over and done -- but when you look at this year. And -- the opportunity you guys have to end -- first overall it what's the difference -- and if there has been a difference I mean is you know is. As to go -- matter is it is an all around. I think all around I think we're just. The pieces let their ordeal and -- Louise -- epic you know we'll says etiquette here it is because what it all kind of some guys who got hot at different times got the best Lucas played great -- talk. We'll bring Chad tell chads chads I think. -- -- them in the guys in and play in this series clearly gonna mourn goaltender in -- you guys. I think the wins out of you know those extra ten or twelve wins are ten wins -- that we go to first overall. -- I think. Peter let's talk about a last week that you know bottom every neuter your goalie but I felt we plan on him at a record out and save percentage as well he he's played unbelievable let it. It's a combination of a lot of things article a lot of things up come together -- our success of we -- very astute successful but it doesn't really mean -- just aren't. You've you've always talked about the locker room authority that there's a time our leadership and and you guys are close knit group there's. You know there's there's not there a couple of three guys are worn down so often his owner point -- does get a line and then that's a kind of stuff that. You know that. Keeps him when you know did you make -- ten -- swing either way. -- -- -- We try to you know core group of guys. See luge actually Fergie. Evolved around here the last. Somebody here so I've been here and I think that would insert a lot we've learned a lot along the way -- what works what doesn't -- -- does. But that would help -- I don't think it is. Apart from that locker would have. Let that birdie eagle I don't think we talked to -- -- yet to -- eagle and Philly was soundly. An elector canola it. We were here. Yeah you. I mean it was great it was great as the judge it was just great kids ages. He got hacked in front body by it was it was a goalie plan. It for -- a little bit and I have a basic ever there was Mason Mason active. About forty cents before he went off -- got arrested came back out and then toasted pumpkin and you can tell -- you is enjoying the fact that he had no idea he was -- machine it was a. -- -- Is that. Gut pick up on what parent whether you're installing circle but does it BC -- enough. That's good rivalry do you guys now really the playoffs -- If they always have that little it built kind of the same way you're also. Because of Prius has an excellent play against the live base hit hard they've got to go up front about it. As it always pretty cup seems so. Is an exciting game watched. I like that -- power play unit that includes dementia to. That would that you'll be prepared but I'm. Telling us accurate account like believe that what you got your nose dirty hands a little bit. Hit. It is but we're -- -- let's just go get it right there. Working it from the sidewalk when a man who. So are we are where you got a -- just go to look out of and that. -- They are not enough for not that I another note I wanna thank you for signing that authority Jersey for me for for Lou Gehrig's. Benefit commander recovery you're awesome I guess I'm actually I got it got to hear it -- station right now descended onto those guys the benefits Saturdays. Perfect our buddy thanks. It's not actually for a -- Gary -- he won't he's is. -- just. If you think. Who scares Doherty who scares you the most if he had to gays say right now and in in all of the NHL. All our first -- I I don't know last. Now I've looked at the pretty all of the other side but there -- a lot of good teams last. Who knows who's -- not -- right now yeah. What did Detroit -- -- -- -- there until now last night at one penalty shoot I think yours or yours you know. Iconic got you got a bit too late. Earlier. You know on -- OK Columbus promised Columbus and and Detroit I think edged towards 11 point up after the show. When last night and 92 points in 91 but to Columbus is on firing -- club is playing great -- -- they're really playing physical their power plays. On top of their game and they're they're getting critical terrible because lava that's not going to be fun class but. -- -- beat the best to get there anywhere you don't care exactly it doesn't matter who were able to a lot of Arab. Let me ask you. The city of -- credit union question of the week it's from quarry again Marreese. After a win streak like you guys have that does losing to the Canadians bring you all down a notch or do you just brush it off and move on to the next. Is keep the pressure -- people who we've publicly pretty -- Fletcher also. While most -- -- here she breaks so we just keep all of what. You know -- on the president to do it right. They have that streak and just keep your most exact repression operate quickly that I hate losing. We've moved out very quickly. -- skeptics -- you may see them again and such around them very much you're on the first round right now you know because -- in the second round you'll see one of those two. -- By the way a text or points out that your phone works -- better from. Winnipeg back that it does from -- -- Think that's it -- by. Place so evident child -- like apocalyptic in my office. There's a factory iPod do. Somebody -- see this and they're going to be like a boost there -- some put my office will reduce experience. I mean Africa than trying to make a -- -- Charles semi -- Homeland Security nominee in army arm American Idol and I feel like says it is streams of people listening to everything over there hasn't -- been going on tour and a good try to make your regular phone calling and. Earlier than the AT&T I was like basically you're making us look at the. A good thing that kept it at -- look out of reality. -- exactly what all your old what got Arnold. Got the island -- I wanted to bet it's that's. -- Lie in hundred -- exciting you have to have a good line and then -- -- where where are you on lockdown during playoffs or will will double hockey during the play yesterday. Yet thanks so okay our arsenal but every bit rosters right now yes we did yeah we did last. What are the actors as we got up after I now who would feel like. By epic but -- -- but I like Richard zednik directly to play a little bit yeah. Yeah your friends or do you you caddied for air Keegan Bradley. All I just thought of route out here for the PGA okay. Or somebody treated like all the sweeter whatever. Well life. On the -- isn't out of work how he wins he doesn't know how to -- -- -- he doesn't think you know I don't know where it already does not give any refuses to do it till I mean -- it's it's pain in the -- spirit. Yeah. But we like it. -- 3 o'clock on masters Sunday -- future announced that got the bad debt and does that Batman -- let me put it. It for recruiting and -- Oh so very -- on earth let god. I'm -- first overall could be could be on the line some. -- -- -- people will tune in. Yeah a lot. Protect what you order none I will not be like W watching about it. I'll be watching -- -- -- I'll be watching me go Ali watching the masters on -- and -- LB mentioned that you mentioned Seidenberg the other dale I have is that he's skating aloha. We have yet they're hearing this week we're on her notebook. Let's let's hope it all goes forward sat up and -- is and stricter player obviously. Now watch players -- of people though he he he is a specimen. He's a threat. He has he has where we're joking about. When he was setting up but that is streamed out -- going to lift weights for three months to get paid to. If at that one of the it's in America. That's -- that side the lady the other -- prior greatness some jealousy Saturday at the garden for the buffalo tomorrow. Outfit I bud thank you but there is Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins.