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Garrett Ryan 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

Actor Garrett Ryan called in to discuss the new film Oculus which can terrify Danielle, we mixed up a little bit and talked to his Mom as well.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always -- -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- you -- leaving while we talked to -- Ryan. Pay your -- I -- the star of the new movie populists under the name that because you don't -- afraid of horror films and I get to I can't watch trailers that can listen to Roman theater and horror thing -- -- -- -- how -- I'm yeah well listen I gotta tell -- Dan -- terrified of horror movies so. I don't know we'll get picky are you where you are you afraid to do a movie like this the media get scared when you're doing. Well they're never very seldom get that means they can't read it and -- the -- -- But I'm going so freaked out watching that. Wrote the -- and like which one -- what if you had to pick your favorites what I day. -- -- -- -- -- my favorite -- that is quite gradual progression. Erika -- -- yeah yes yes it is worst nightmare. That's pretty much -- wants him when you know -- have been a perfect read your life and then -- -- -- -- -- to go downhill and into your site now. Even -- I know exactly everything that's gonna happen if -- -- battle it. I'm coming to ask its -- how much is how much is he GI. -- You can work some felt that he opulent look surprisingly -- a lot a lot of that was far -- -- -- Only big thing -- GI is the here I get back. Now caught everybody's everybody's text -- always go there what they're wondering did because you would everybody's wondering how old you are Garrett. It fourteen okay. I'm dating others on the picture of your mom she's beautiful. -- which -- -- -- -- and Shelby will be adjusted. Now he -- it -- are you one of these like child actors would like you know crazy manager mom or anything or she pretty cool. -- I'm not stop my common -- really cool I can't support the business plan that I got in the business and now that -- got at all basis. -- and they keep me grounded. D.'s do you still do do you still go to school when their deal like home school their like -- tutor whale whatever happens of that. I want to important debate -- thought that the interact less and you know are coming out of everything they've. But right now -- go to look performing arts school. Called OSHA and -- really -- with missing school for acting like that. Yes Garrett at its LB again I just wanna Sammy huge soap fan I'm I'm I'm a lot and -- -- a lot older you know fifty by. I get back in the day when it when I played junior hockey and I played about for the image showing the Bruins. I was huge days since I was in love with holes that allow there he's really you know what I don't think besides a half. Like assaulting I think it's a very very cool. -- Now Garrett. The movie is about a woman who is convinced that Amir. Is responsible for her death than misfortune in her family practice. -- Yeah. And here was created in the 7800. And she believed that it killed her family which. In reality it and that would be complacent to different pipelines at the present and cute Atlanta always switching back and forth. And sometimes they intertwine in -- I at that moment so the -- basically controls realities ever tell it's real or fake. I think from late when it comes to though horror genre. We're running out of objects that Kabila that can be on and it was pretty much run through everything. -- perfect shot Kenya -- pictured at right. Aren't they got some water -- like -- Well you we we have the whole house -- Amityville and you know and now added his specific objects and the. Are people out there. Water that I -- -- -- well we're going to be someone 200 interacting crap that's going to be an odd. Now listen because you're a movie star do you get the older checks. Well. No right I guess so. Well it didn't expect listen I just all I wanted to do is choose to do everything. Opposite. A Bieber. Yes there. -- no I don't I don't my that got -- men minnow nets know tester Rosa there enter our lives. Okay the opposite of that yeah yeah do the opposite. Opposite -- Bieber. Did you. All right well on Friday ocular us. Opens up what is ocular what does that mean. I've actually been. -- it is my old guy. Okay. The only seeing her out now. So -- text -- says what what does the WW we have to do with this film does -- WW he had something to do with it. Have you read it studios -- they alone alone can't the F. Also executive recruiters very very -- -- because my I've -- son well he's he's only four by the leader but he's incredibly talented. What kind of a paid day you give -- a little arguments are so I can start budgeting. What about it -- They'll block it does not take you we can we talk the mom permanent. You -- talk yeah she's kind of cute. That execute -- -- -- -- Hello. Well LB would let you must be so proud. LB's meeting right now they wanted to -- alien very attractive. No I. You would -- want to welcome and congratulations on your son's success I haven't incredibly talented son now I keep hearing on a budget -- RMI or other Dizzy Dean you and amid the deep you can give some to -- -- have some fun. And actually has about eight out of eight well. Now did you try to do it encourage him or discourage him from acting because it's you know. They're really heavy he wanted to do is so -- I mean I helped a lot simply was five. You're not like one of those pageant moms are like. No not at all hours that really every it there and let. I've been something been halted. And are you for are you afraid of horror films like we -- have you seen -- us. I have seen out there to the premiere but I'm terrified of power boat and that the Obama I think not it -- -- -- a great -- not just because my son Bennett and crazy. Like in my old -- Anybody try that popcorn trick on you when you were in the movies but -- keep my because. Like I'm Obama what about what I -- now and I -- I -- I would I don't know -- -- all -- well listen I get Italian congratulations to your son Garrett Ryan. You did a nice job raising him great guy and the movie opens up on not Friday tomorrow. Okay what I -- gamut there is Karen smiles. -- never Garrett and Garrett while there I do you just you just. Eliminated everything low hanging fruit thing I've heard time -- -- -- -- in my life here and even now I realize it's -- you kind of lie she didn't even know what was it doesn't constitute a void it's not discussed this subject is not aware of the genie assured us. He's gonna look look you know she's gonna get well and there's gonna be like forty different things than not the best I know -- this thing right now -- her and her fourteen year old son. Are going. What's he popped should negotiate or go to him what's the bar cart path took it as a kid thing my -- And easier to be -- yeah blue lawful but hopefully I don't even have not even now. It's not a problem at all it is not a problem -- I mean what has. As far as films go. What would you like what's something that scared -- you -- you don't go figure out a well enough that I did things it when I see stuff and previews via any -- kid. So any little boy or girl -- -- OK with unexplained movements -- flying through the air. Any door that's cracked open with light behind it yeah. And and and like a lot of times the you know the name it's interesting that the mirrors society this movie because. A lot of times they'll see the mirror uses a thing it's like the newbie looking in America capture fleeting image is something going by behind them in the back in the mirror it's. -- -- and Frankie now we've scared by Blair witch project. I didn't watch it for the previous that really didn't scare me confidence -- like you know the -- I mean almost trailers -- says that was a pretty you know you don't really know a lot of what was going on right the trailer it was them yet it's to determine. Watch the relevant when -- play watchman. Would be you know Garrett mentioned -- which accounts -- came -- I saw the trailer for that and I literally couldn't sleep for months just from the trailer because I was afraid alike have my feet near the edge of the Beckett thought it was. -- right I mean there's different kinds of work closely and I there'd be in there that I mean you a lot there's great horror movie but. Not gonna touch Willard being being eaten by rats. And chased by -- together and -- -- I mean hell raiser the great. Kris you supernatural is like ethnic yeah I mean -- I can't you know. Like poltergeist and I'm baffled -- has a lapel there are playing them or just.