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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 4-10-14

Apr 10, 2014|

LB shooting below average as the topics got him to overthink, these included the real color of waffles, how old was Mrs. Jetson when she was knocked up, and how much free ice cream Ben and Jerry employees recieve?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you -- your wits. Again still leads I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary. You drink yeah there's got to be a lot of -- -- and see what. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts -- Mac. Hello Brandon. -- award show how -- it now. We've -- and we're excited and tired I would would you stay up or Red Sox. There it straight -- could -- Moret. But it went out now would be what do you do. I can't answer that quote. -- The well. Here's the first question this morning. We were just talking about food so maybe this is appropriate without food coloring. The natural color of waffles. Is blue. Fact or -- Mac. Well I happen to know for a fact that the Russian -- -- I didn't -- mr. top secret she -- premier yeah I couldn't agree with you more now Schmidt let you both rock yeah that it's better. Waffles are blue now that yes that wrote way back to back the amid -- I act. It's sort of effect well. I don't know -- out of the -- the -- that -- -- is not -- -- and let's let's go to the let's go to the Internet -- blueberry -- it's. -- has now. And -- -- -- I I am just I mean you know this is I mean look this -- accuse you learn so much yes but I -- -- made it waffles multiple times in my life. Mary Lou another hundred butter. And thanks flour and can -- You never made -- Harvey from script a look at that right there. That's -- lawful yeah that's the blue lawful -- It happens the kind of -- Nader couldn't -- here I'm not isn't telling in order to make a -- -- toys definitely is I've starts -- -- -- battery first of all let me just tell you this. There is nobody. Who is a chin are like myself who goes to the effort to make waffles when -- goes existent OK so it goes he's yeah. Please check random letters and find that included -- just you use your hand on the keyboard and it also lawful now we're now. 1% and battle but I was only 1% -- -- background he showed me the people who laugh lines fall and and I might. Yeah I fear you put blueberries in a batter and a blended up back -- don't. You -- waffle now there's something that comes up when you Google which is called blue -- disease which are now that's creepy here what's that all about. And I was like I think it's STD really -- and open I think snow says said that that's false lead the way witches. And references to -- awful disease hit the Internet around march 2 when he ten you know and an image of scam -- blue -- lady -- circulated among the claim that the image pictured a type of vaginal infection resulting from -- -- I mean that's the third what are the photo blue -- disease with a bit of fiction and -- known -- that any TV Cuomo -- great excuse -- -- the -- That was I have a couple of I want to get you gave me NFC it's the. Why the Muslim couple Apollo -- John didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't -- if I'm John Robert rock. -- how all you can is important for this question. 737. And then all right do you note to did you ever watch the Jetsons. Yeah they're okay. Apparently George jets and like the -- According to the -- George would have impregnated Jane when she was sixteen. To act Porsche math. God with a goal -- Shot Google which -- I'm not not for -- I've been back in the day now that's how they roll now listen I don't think you can say back in the day because it was really the future action and but I'm gonna go off track you're gonna go back -- that you are out my contract. So George is forty years old right genius 33. Beauty is sixteen. That means that George knocked out the Jane and Judy Judy -- Mangini was sixteen years. That is that's who is golf tackle Brian Bennett got a lot of what's up Brian although much where you from. Are ardent -- and you know say it -- like that time and -- and I'm. But all right Brian motel six got its name because it's only what number six when he played Major League Baseball factor should -- Our administration that are. 88. Not enough and one of the greatest times you your life when you're young guy you know right when I was with the bridge gets sent down a BA in your ride the buses here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- start me up. Little -- room -- -- -- no -- no it isn't a fact go that is you're saying that's a fact. LA does not affect victims some motel six got its name because it originally charged six dollars a night that was the -- that. Well and and will leave the light on for you yet. Combo debts is that that's hotel is not meant to Tulsa now there's no motel Lleyton is selling eight super eight -- of her brain matter I think that was probably eight but the guys. Probably knows how many STV's you got but not sleeping on the show us how many semen stains on the cover and let. I think Yahoo! a Google apple and. There aren't aren't the no bull biggest it may well vesting write my big for. Big -- -- Bieber never about me when I was a kid I was about. Eleven years old we went into this motel no matter what to jump on the video OK thank you don't talk that -- get up the and you pull that you've always you know I'm here just a hole lead throat on the floor -- Hello Peter. What -- -- show how are you Peter good Laredo where you're from. Approach also Charlton okay. Up Peter employees at Ben and Jerry's. Get 33. Pints of ice cream a day act Porsche Mac. -- I'm gonna go -- you know smacked -- -- -- you know that's. Tough question I think that if it's if it's true they get it free and now from might be the last don't. But they're they're ground pounders -- and then -- other there that -- people that -- everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanna give away they're probably say that they don't -- -- getting their money and they don't wanna -- ball one rather has -- -- it -- -- -- -- a hundred billion dollars gave seventy billion went really care third -- seven million Affleck as I was shaped back is -- -- -- tell tale that you absolutely nailed it that is indeed a fact. Great place the that we should go after here LB is a -- -- and you're really. 33 pints I don't I don't really I don't mean to be who if you put it that there's three parts of a Democrat. Dogs should I'm sure but yet the pay for -- could -- yeah it worked there. That idea would work governor while here's the -- Then the number and a. I'll feel wanna be on this morning 617. 9311. AAF that is 6179311223. Oh here's a good question. Anybody ever smoked the motel six bed bugs apparently that's the best stuff if you remember if you've never try to pick I hear the -- -- -- media you're never smoked -- bed bugs way better than share it. Yeah there together some bad -- and the that's making its way around -- don't don't smoke the bad don't don't spend don't smoke the -- Adidas contract -- now yes. You know the best stuff is is the Charles River hotel bed bugs are you -- if you get your hands and that's not -- The park there's a bed bugs have charged your hotel there's not another rats in the bush and the and the birds and I couldn't -- that they either believe it relates with. The -- meant a 52 yeah. And there's actually -- Florida not like the rest of us bed bug story today. And probably that's coming up later. All right up next -- we gotta get you are you out of mantown if you can't satisfy. The in Jolene as -- leave lookalike. Who is forcing you to smasher at knife point we'll get to that and follow up on yesterday somebody is is routing out the ultimate warrior which is it's too soon mad at the I'm sorry that's me that's not rob -- Dave. Are paired with the David. They -- in effect say go go oh let's move that put it well it might be some families -- stay there on a budget. I'll only human now it's -- it's just where the original owners think it's just a leading up erected by the hours we'll make our gallery 39 -- -- today.