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Maria Menounos 4-8-14

Apr 8, 2014|

Maria discussed coming back home to Boston in support of her city after learning about the Boston Marathon bombing. She also discussed the special interviews she will be doing this year for the Boston Marathon. Along with her new TV show.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'll tell you who is I guarantee has never had to go on match dot com and that is the lovely Maria a man who knows who joins us right now at a didn't -- and you never had to go on a dating website did you. Well I wasn't allowed eight I was eighteen and then -- after that Bennett. Yeah I think I mean. It weird that this -- -- this a long story but there was a guy who sent an email because he had gone on in that a woman on match. And when he got on the day she she was missing a thumb. And he felt like that thing should have been in the dating profile. Well. A hard thing it does go -- I -- and then in the point to get in note Butler are. -- I don't think that that Arianna big people are using these dating sites get to know the inner beauty of somebody. Is that they you have to put -- like they're going to guard near needing someone asks are there any things that. You're not necessarily. You know. Yeah you may not necessarily liking so when you meet and your ticker tape not the right person. But it's like if I'm going to the. Frank speaking of bars everybody's texting in that you were great on another fire rescue. Yeah so much. I I didn't see -- I liked that show you know I'll be was on that also I had I know you. My life virtually keep Mary yes it's -- -- to talk to blow up a goal counts cults. Don't want to care Mark Wahlberg golf tournament. But it's a good show for -- I now work that let -- -- loud sound absurd -- and it -- we have an after show network after our TV dot com. And so cabin would hurt the aftershock correct view -- pocket money and time and and so they struck a French yet. And it's an -- like wonder like we captured fighting economic felt like Alan. So. I did see something about you you're doing something special for the marathon which is rapidly approaching. Yeah. Tell tell us what you can about it. Well I came. Back up then but second I heard something happened there. Are they were trying to exotic it was a gas explosion. And I was watching the news at LA from the senate -- I had a couple of about the that would not think gas explosion and we knew. That should not I need to get on the plane and south planet out on the ground that I -- -- ground it figured out -- it is adequate. Carol that some order you know it would it would -- -- -- -- -- was back and I just needed to be there as a pop down again and so I was covering that Baxter and then out important community back after the memorial park and Recovery Act. -- extra I'm going to be interviewing survivors and telling their story isn't. Now I that it is there. It's awesome that did it did I agree I don't know I do you want to reveal who you interviewed because that way did I it are we allowed to talk about that are now he. I think wait -- he okay. Yeah I'm I'm excited interview these yet. But neither certain iconic figures from Matt gave that you remember that odd -- And their stories we're told now I'm excited Iraq. But the carrier later what am. Yeah I was recently. I know this person that you. You know interviewed in we know among them on this show and I I -- I didn't realize. The role he played that day until I recently is that a new book out. Which I think it's. Called the long mile of the longest mile. And by some Boston Globe reporters and until I read the story in the -- -- realized that he was involved so -- hack yeah great out there it really is. You went into that textures are reporting that you just went into full up talking mode -- I don't know I don't know if you noticed that. I then you get a little -- yeah yeah that like not again all the play -- That's. -- alone well armed air say Netanyahu don't well and it's early it's early where you can. A hockey can be hot. I mean have you tried that -- haven't I mean do it does a woman no she's not conquer the ship I. I know. How. Very tense you're so I don't let out anymore and you walk -- Yeah I mean -- -- against what I mean you ever needle in a working now. So Mariano who are we talking to a -- trashy and today -- oh my god I am right now. So don't wanna be an outsider. I thought there. I think marry a man and not when I'm Mike in. I'm hate the better and that's up from girls mean after it opened up to pay. You go back tier roots. Tonight on oxygen in and come back to Boston correct. Yeah we -- stretching and -- you know which you know we talked to Eric about. Or yeah and it -- and tonight at 10 o'clock. I'm not an -- about -- that the and with that the third and really important it is quite opted out -- super Catholic mom. But he wants to convert become great court or my god and I am yeah it's about then sat alone yeah. Yes that's the right. You are why it's difficult to do there's a lot there that the process is pretty crazy to. Well ironically. The crazy part although there's. Sixteen years ago in cabin and I got to -- -- nobody wanted to see beating other. My -- was very angry. The cabin was not Greek. Well I was pretty much -- -- and we hit -- -- -- or greater. Out. Like -- out of the black you look back at all. I -- I'm not setting. Like he was trying to take away everything he could -- -- to get it gave me do you want it you know and I didn't think he'll be in the show. It was really painful time for the area emotional up -- -- -- early in the east as a woman so -- ticket and. And I'll never forget we were on the mattress on the floor. And you know by -- the burner -- not a pretty exciting tablet in Europe and in Iraq. Howard Stern interview -- -- start time. Because you're gonna be -- -- Sunday it is and -- -- -- -- -- that. -- I was like who in this crazy person. You know -- -- a lot my family and her house and socket but that they yet. And -- becoming record I -- very staying. Now that ago -- the problem in the in the beginning it's such a big move on has -- And -- who is -- your muscles being an update and in the landmark in -- in as well you must be worth that Maria. Course. Back then move on my cap and clean believed it and it's no person should negotiate like why do you -- you know at. Yeah and let you know we kind of got went directly out there and came up there and think god. One hopes that your hot coming out yeah you know let's let's be honest. -- yeah. Hi I'm not that hot. Do you take a look at this picture immediate thing I would. As they are Neil Roberts -- -- a backseat itself opposite the -- -- and today. At let up in it it's saying it's not true and -- that it really Billiton. Lack. Yep so we. With the fact that here's a lot of that are here from pop but obviously a special look at the current agreement back. On obesity well they'll be used to buy sausages during Bruins games while -- -- I have. While I have -- -- -- time on the -- -- I'm just Jeff Gordon on I did order a hot dogs in Minnesota up. Very -- circle. Yeah we did it took probably one of the funniest games and then that that could story -- -- look at the -- area hit very -- -- what happened machine in the penalty box. -- and yeah can you imagine what it would like now I -- I -- think. -- fast. So our whole met Maria when do we get to see that the marathon stuff. It'll be on next here and I believe it okay next Tuesday night on -- Exactly and then -- either -- and is -- -- on the clock -- -- -- 10 o'clock. When he going to be that when he going to be back here. I brought back there or. The memorial not to act Eric we -- you can you can command -- -- permanency is there. I would loud. You know they have me a little -- but I I would absolutely let nothing more complete. Blow on Thursday after you and I -- being -- -- memorial starts so early and people organic haven't interviewed them yet. -- -- -- They're scheduled at a very early hours because they have so many think I have to go to -- It but like it -- odd that they would last minute and -- I was. I hit check LP they have I'm not -- every. Coming huge fan of the show. Basically just staying -- -- did you -- that is an -- -- before you don't. Well now I have no yeah. And opinion that it actually aren't -- -- kicking -- off. Iowa. -- we lost Jeff. Stance -- did you get out your phone we're in spring that's a wrap that she disappeared. On the -- disappeared phone bill. -- Maria menu knows mentions selling sausages and hot -- machine and nobody jumps on that well I am just write -- is fighting and beating her frustration in this studio right I -- -- I don't there's no -- hanging -- -- -- -- I don't know boy she is. Please see -- yeah she's back. 00 it is now known -- tonight that -- Ya know OK so -- maybe maybe they gender that is maybe -- there was the NSA was listening and they didn't like athletic. Failing that I like the direction that LB was taken -- Marie is back. -- advocate -- and I'm not. I -- -- bring him in Gothenburg gosh I don't happen like you disappeared in that everybody was accusing me of creeping you out but I think it was I think it was just there is something with a cell -- I hypocrite that I read I felt so quickly and then we also that we didn't get creepy enough when you're talking about sausages and hot -- -- we're trying to keep it on a higher level with them. I just let me. Actually you know you're you're like I said you're national treasure we yeah we can't I can't go low hanging fruit on -- one okay Nicholas -- Shelby said you're passionate you are national treasure him. -- All right well publicity yeah. I really -- to men I've actually -- that LB I can attack you don't look at that. And I they are so glad that you guys so many weird things out of every hour and America all. And you know you -- awesome I'm good friends of Mario Lopez it's not so hot. You turn it bang he hasn't passed up the tickets he's got jobs and government these days if you beyond absent mountains outside Arabs. Yeah. And that's cool all right Maria had taken out of me -- -- -- I'm Maria that the the and upgrade. I hope tell your people glued to bring you in here next week. I would love that -- -- get good -- Are apparently a -- to hear what you did there she is content and a lovely the beautiful the talented Maria menu and house. We some some feel like her laugh is yeah. -- and there are a lot I -- yeah. An exception does not generally though with a bust Atlanta doesn't know yes you make it was sexy. But you didn't just I. Stop trying to get her -- -- -- And years ahead fifteen -- another guy they're not even Mary. -- on the blender I think it was cute. I love -- and I didn't I didn't listen there's somebody that's you know she's a massive. One of the top people in Hollywood and you're still she still looking back yeah yeah. Very downer because of buffer. Somebody says this the guy is is. It is completely. Enamored with her views only to change religions but I guess general story was great when it was my big fat Greek wedding. We'll bring her surrogate. -- what is pulling our summit energy and as I can tag up at the tag -- again I don't I don't know I. I love how IR I'm Andrea -- the execution a how can GBM love not even married fifty monitors extremists -- -- -- -- the girl to my own -- a -- you don't -- yeah. Good yeah. Well. She is very lovely seller who cares how she laughs the do and if they hear it kind of loud it is helpful with picnic at a critical game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's true.