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Hill-Mail 4-08-14

Apr 8, 2014|

The best Hill-mail messages of the past 24 hours. The hot topics were the Red Sox first home win and why LB was not at work.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each year returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man. Went -- no wind at all. -- Bobby Valentine. Back in the dugout on WOK okay. Let's see five -- tax Greg why is it that you're fine talking about the holiday season. And how everyone should lighten up about Christmas but as soon as it's a fat joke. Your quick to shame those who make fun. Well. I mean I edit the -- does do you understand the you understand what this day because this show they kind of go with the way we do the show well on hello Kevin. -- -- so we chase itself somewhere out. Although the recognition. That the -- -- -- the track and get him -- Speaking of putting fat things in your mouth. -- sell -- -- I thought it was going to be racing politically color and no one really don't Nike contract I got like an hour does not get you must be the traffic right out of and I have foreknowledge Angelina and Brad and I yeah. -- drive instead let me I see you all right here are the very best tell mail messages of the previous 24 hours. Undo what little -- all. Pretty go to. Why don't. Computer. Or -- in the and you know. -- Attleboro. -- -- that the -- looking for a mystery Cooper where was that Michigan okay. Ypsilanti not to interrupt you while you're shoving match I pressed on your girlfriend if -- -- between Illinois coming up on that got him. -- under 9:20. Am. I like web but it Lebanon to -- he took part being caused in the back out -- -- -- -- Right now part two what's known -- don't -- independent. And the -- at the the movement that I agree 41 -- -- And it occurred yesterday -- -- suspended from school from -- -- steadily and all in the air while in class. Well that's school it's now in the news again and apparently. What can and state police surrounded the building because one kindergarten her new book record achieved in the alphabet. And have. Principal of the school why this is happening. Is that we don't teach. Art is the letter cheap because of the blurted guns start with a hundred student you'd love letter everybody's vote. Threatened and they've had to call -- a -- yeah. Or -- as they come there. Just that yeah. It was growing in the pencil and menacing manner that suspended yes he did and it undergo a psychological evaluation and and blunt to Austin -- psychological evaluation effort twirling. Pencil because the pencil is they're dangerous weapon oh here's an here's -- I'll be -- LB. That's -- what's the traffic cop pulled. There -- I didn't work for you I would learn how to go all on Buick turnaround and head home -- that way where is where was that worst. It's it's a parking lot -- like. Yeah you know I got it right. Are out of Framingham. Tried route and I spun around by reporting. Now I'm on the vikings doing like apple mile an hour. Bowls I and I am I'm a mile from the radio station. So I'm just it's been it's been nine -- they're for people. Saw I. If you if you back a shot of route thirty on a fight I would 8135 and all around. This is like you know they have like the BZ. Attempted traffic phone for us we got our own. Traffic on four -- All right so. And we will -- we'll see in a moment. Are you out like not going to be it but I -- seeming. Can you stop and get some of those. Donkeys -- -- -- -- anyway and I've really iced coffee -- technical. Not that you're up I. But it's I'd be more zone not getting -- got in there and about him not shown. -- -- all -- and what. It looked harder here well. I Kobe though are well our. After I didn't. Open it up I'm a bigger. Truck -- truck rolled away. You know -- all. Right. It'd been a little after you have. And now well instead it's that darn national championship game they should have started that thing earlier I mean really and that wouldn't have been a problem. Hello Larry. We let what's happening Larry you don't plan. And you know what you don't know -- I don't know how important whenever I would. Turn they're all out. -- And I think -- is right around the corner. Dazzling -- that Texas says five more goals and he'd still be sleeping. I thought -- -- the group you know it kind of getting into the goal score -- wouldn't wouldn't have to be working very probably wouldn't be working got the -- like is that kind of guy he is that kind of guy. 60. Quarrel at all. Not talk. -- -- -- -- Twenty global old. Compared going to be out there. -- -- An important message. I think 38 old man. All. Of them. A that's that's what -- -- give -- as the 643. The end. They're lyric you know particularly three out of Reading about half an hour of -- expected -- this group. It around the world. -- And that. And that is a good point yeah. I'm so we were talking earlier about this family that was this sailing around the world and they they were sailing around the world with a one year old and a three year old and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard -- one year old got sick got a fever and now people are saying and I agreed that it is wildly irresponsible. Just take it one year old and a three year old on -- sailboat around the world group but -- -- some people or texting earlier. Saying what kind of before you what kind of life that his deal lead to -- -- Doing so -- -- after retired don't take a one year old. Well I feel like it should be in this in this should be no brainer like I get wanting to let your dreams that. When you have kids that changing airline fact. It is what is lets you can't rundown to the -- -- stock. Now without pack in the kids up in the -- but some people. They've been there they don't want their life to change then I wanna be inconvenient. By having children they wanna still. Do whatever they used to do than done for kids when they work carefree and happy couple doesn't work that went that they used to -- the world before they're gonna keep selling the world now don't. But I don't have kids yet I don't believe that and that's why don't get that. And other -- dupers. Yeah I'm Hannah always stand on this bags -- on the Coast Guard has to go out and save these -- and I. And I massive expense is that costs everybody money is that is that they end up inconveniencing all those guys. I don't give me the you know there are you out their -- -- training exercises though you -- all the way out and and rescues them hello Chris. Our final problem -- a little different and agreed to -- picking up junk. I don't that there is free labor. I don't think that as he takes no later -- on the -- trips 640 shoot. I'm. -- everybody. Out there. Not. -- and they did -- -- -- finally Red Sox opposition yes after last night and what a resurgence what are turnaround for job last undergone. You think about somebody who is heeded them side by people in this city. Around that -- can be your gait time and now they love them as that happens when you win a World Series. 7:28. -- I. -- -- there. Are the world. -- -- -- -- your move probably weighs more than one point one pounds which is the. And look that Internet they're kind of they're not terribly Kansas. Hello Sarah. I had my open the golf and he went golfing this weekend and a couple had a baby at number eight. I'm on the golf course yet. Well. On the next call is that danger that's not dangerous unless somebody like myself is out there -- slicing away from the hole out one over double fourteen. People. Get LA apartment family and then then then -- -- You weren't. Happy era has been with trying to get away from you not hear your kids. I could. Direct and -- direction you will -- I've place what is the this might be just think what is the most dangerous place most dangerous activity you have seen -- young baby. Participating. Where is where our. Parents bringing a little kids that they shouldn't be bringing a little kids who I mean I think we've all seen. The unfortunate circumstance where a woman. It's generally I don't -- generalize it could be a man to where they bring. A child to a bar I think -- -- that's probably. And inappropriate place to bring a one mile mom brings into the glad Danny Green and into the strip club well yeah I -- yes ads that that's floor of the it. But I mean you know and there's a lot of people texting and who feels strongly about sailing there -- sailors and they take their kids sailing all the time but. Around the world little one year old that was recently really stick. Yeah I mean that's stiff like you know you wanna go on refuted triple we trip whatever finally you're gonna scaled down to XYZ. Gonna have a blast you know you've got to point eight get a point be to set timeframe. Now this has taken -- -- play Irish this is did the time of our lives let's bring to go pro and anti satellite. Don't you know -- the germ infested ball pit people sit with the street -- dangerous well. How you kayaking with a two year old -- somebody kayaking with a tweet that's got to be kayaking really dangerous. It is just going kayaking inlet and on the mountain that's -- and ice possibly die and die in a Kai you that good yet ocean bar because that's traumatic thing flipped over. For the time Brady. That was not know that but the thing that flipped over in May the couldn't get out of gas that's behind me. I -- car seat on a motorcycle. Somebody says yeah I've seen some like that you have you know when. After your weight age they go up to but you know newborns genuinely going to be in the backseat in the senate seat in Brady's back toward the that I was on San Diego -- if you his drive with a baby shotgun. Not yeah buckled into like the base I just do a seat belt she ran across the cars he saw a guy skiing out watch you sit with a baby in a backpack. Oh yeah saw somebody in Arizona jet ski with the -- -- -- that's got that is. Ya. Third baseline at Fenway well a line drive get out of the line drive yeah I had read out. The the vegan babies the movies and concerts that's there. And hair -- -- like general admission that not being in the pit at the palladium probably not yeah yeah probably not you know idea Bruce at Fenway in a luxury box is probably -- negligible what do you what's wrong with a movie rob. I think it into the movie. Loud noises bright lights flashing. Scary if you know I don't know what movie just economic Captain America like yeah seemingly too much for baby on the other people now. I simply second -- after recently texted about that a police spokesman mentioned awaited a broader -- to the movies and she was like I did it when I was breastfeeding my daughter she was three months old slept the whole time it was -- That are below after. You know. Her golf is go out -- -- -- -- Exactly. Go out leave the family below -- Dan. They got an accomplice -- They are your reference commented that he never and anabolic in the bars you -- -- the -- -- the murder in LA like by the kid and she -- I dedicated here. It up with -- that I here's here's somebody says out here in Utah they must be listening in Utah thank you -- a toddler rock climbing. I would I think that's probably a little bit of a little bit dangerous. Greg not dangerous but I do hate it when parents they accuse the movies it ruins it for everybody else well and -- it's. You know frozen Arctic kids' movie I do agree that it's it's like the restaurant thing is wouldn't be we have tiger about kids who can't be haven restaurants -- -- zeroed re dive for anybody else -- in the place. Hello Chris. What's up -- Grateful Dead concert 1995. I hit a lot this guy's walking around with through that just blew his hand and he's got his ties to waste. And -- and idyllic kitchen and -- Awful why must the contact I alone would be enough I didn't even though -- here. Yeah. I guess concerts are probably not I mean -- what pages I guess when a kid gets to be an element of the ambulance got -- -- deal with these hearing issue student entering production not that's not the -- for it now what about the toddler. Sports events I'm guessing baseball everyone's gonna say OK but when you go. Like hockey or bad a little bit lot of football game here's the thing. You have to. Figure out. Especially here and our -- city at what age -- you want your child exposed. To pay -- bomb drop and intoxicated. Complete sports director from a radio especially. I mean I. Well I went when I took -- to the -- classic if I had some Philly fans behind me oh I'm no prude but. You know -- that word. Loudly. Repeatedly. Describing. Using words that I hadn't heard before that wears I mean you know also you have to decide like what age do you want to expose here. Your kid. I'm I'm normally that girl but at the winter classic I was definitely in that state too. Yes it was a Monday it would as a kid doesn't understand English yet you know like my daughter she's only six months issue obviously in the way it's and now be. Frightening for her but she's not understanding it -- that young. What would you I mean I I don't I think they're out of penalties that the problem but -- -- beer ringer on her head towards Oklahoma -- nine point eight I mean once somebody you can honor like IQ and a girl at the Phillies stadium. I mean would you take your kids sailing here use absolutely not now no way because that's. They aren't even if I went and took the test to be a captain I don't if you don't you don't care I don't. The -- in a -- That. Hello probably. The -- up Tommy. Well I can't sell more dangerous player I ever I'll probably hurt our blood. What is true is able because they sell ten -- than there. That's dangerous pencils six. Nineteen older. Well -- but what you call. Them. Because once again. I -- of a rob gave up. Do you follow Leo. 31. Mean is fifty plays got the trucker Bob video and I got -- bottle back at the route twenty through inland. -- I wouldn't let no luck I don't. Think in order to conduct the night. Oh that's the. And now -- at Memorial Day labor today you know 703. He had. I -- -- -- -- event like that out there and I didn't at which this is -- yes rich a we're very audio lot of -- like twelve year old for the -- game like it -- go yup and a -- so but must stand up under it -- -- Are you really. Broke their next game series they -- that. I didn't they search the -- that they called a bomber who was now than -- super crowd in the there. Off. That's awful. Awful Saturn grew three man. There are out. Apparently. -- in the maintenance it's just edgy thing you know. The -- you know.