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Inside The Warped Female Mind With Danielle 4-8-14

Apr 8, 2014|

The topic was about the online dating scene and a guy who met up for a date only to find out the woman was missing a thumb. This sparked a conversation of online dating horror stories.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. So actually go inside the simple mail sorry they -- female brains -- because I got this email from a guy. It's kind of an emergency because the thing. He had an uncomfortable situation. And is trying to figure out. He's putting the blame on. The woman and I personally I think I think it's inappropriate but but it might be a question that needs to be answered -- help. Danielle I'm -- recently divorced at 34 year old and I just started dating. A friend recommended match. I assume that's matches dot com can't. And this. We met at TGI Fridays in Braintree a point. TGI Friday's pretty yeah actually yeah I find the subject Daniels who -- that's delicious good glazing is it was a business upwards -- always at the top download audio guy you are reluctant. Arbitration template and all of a -- And they favoring appear in order to get the viewers just you just there is adding a third period and can you hold that I've ever marriage but here kolbe -- -- -- And as we sat down I noticed she didn't have a thought. I -- on this completely ruined the flow of the evening for me. The woman never brought it up. And it's my opinion that that would be something that ought to be in the ladies profile that's for -- now -- -- -- Let me. We all she's got she's missing mom don't I assume that she's probably she's probably trying to final -- security guard up and pray -- sit there -- view gross whenever you're done. -- crap right well not another guy that could be kind of -- if you -- But I don't think -- the so the guy so that's the question I guess that now and ask people on not like the dating. I hit ball would you put that in years it would have opened -- that they and their. Superficial if you're bothered by somebody that whether -- set a birth to factor she lot like. I did next to last for a -- initial accident. Deal like is what it's like it's not it's ignorant -- -- one that. And I and I think here in Oregon and Nevada. I mean they are the go to the break the ice joke would have been so I guess side and I'm not -- a course grew out of pocket that I plan on Iraq. Know some -- corkscrew a leg irons -- as I -- a first of all if you're going in. The match dot com thinking that profiles are open and honest. Got it -- There -- I Lanka those pictures are mostly from. I don't know 78 years ago if they're not scenery are some hike that the person talk in 1996. Hour trip to Hawaii your saint Thomas I love the pictures of people put -- -- dating web sites of like them. With like another like in and it is safe to do its profile he's getting an arm around chick at the chicks face is blocked out it's like that's not my accept my sister. Like you can't tape two seconds. -- like hold the thing on your iPhone save that crop coming out here you know if you're if you're only to put any thought in your match -- come profile and I have no time for them. But if you're really -- and that's. If a guy has a problem that cheating but the way I am missing the film. -- don't mean you should put that in her profile because anybody that wouldn't date somebody because at it because she's missing a thumb. She shouldn't litigate them anyway that's here that is the most absurd superficial insensitive thing -- -- Right now I could stay calm. Here's the text that says instead of Roger that he should've -- high floor at the unhappy I'd have to get the -- -- -- When -- when I was a kid it was a -- say because I grew up my uncle Jack very young in an idea he DNA. Construction accident yesterday touched sure doctors out pinkie finger. On his one hand. And as a kid you know elected you know back and everybody were smokers and and and I don't know what could I could totally -- there. No you know every -- the jags have a cigarette -- -- and wasn't right I was like clock until I you know was like 67 years all of them and we don't what do your head and would we do you don't have a finger. I knew a guy that used to work with who he lost. His index finger I think like halfway below the knuckle sadly so the mid knuckled down to recipient. David over great guy if you're up there -- haven't seniors body image to death. But he would sit there and joke with people -- he would like wrap his hand around his face and like. Push his index finger toward his nose like he was thinking. But if -- didn't know it was missing a think or do you think isn't finger was like happened it was very you didn't like if we take that people walking with not a midnight well. Oh I'm sorry you Billick I don't know -- united -- what I do for now here's the taxes says turn off should've been in the dating profile. But if you're right -- it's time it's shallow I guess that's. I mean he can you wouldn't you or not it's your finger are feeling he hears every single thing I've ever been through in my life. Like she should ever be held -- she was divorced -- she did she -- like about it like. You'd really OK I get your divorce in your -- your little marriage first time back in the dating pool might wanna take a little bit more time off to learn technology. -- I'm not certain tender. There's somebody on appeal laughs what's that when he finished okay. Who. Went on a date with a woman and she was missing. Richt who threatened to keep the guidelines but what if what are residents smiling photos. I went on a match stay with a chick with a glass side. She left that out of her profile still smashed sandy Duncan of course you do I guess that's not gonna stop you from -- mansion. There's somebody wants to know if this guy got her digits. For the. Kohler a company that was speculated that it doesn't have fallen a different categories some. It was probably a problem because that the end of the day eighty said hey you wanna go out again give me a thumbs up and I enjoyed it happens it could not. Yeah and ever answer hello bill. Confident that the girl you'd probably started well breaking down and not being able to expect on the list. Only about a missing finger out of principle one that one yet he had not missing half an acute economic engine -- -- album that you like the unemployment at -- Like up that's another good and I. Another good at -- yeah I mean I guess. And that's -- when you're doing an online dating thing the question is you know the person shows up. What are they obligated to tell you about within the online dating thing -- Why in many different soul aren't so if you just met somebody in a bar her friends -- you -- you know you know a lot laughs though that you know that she didn't have nothing not necessarily you might not. Notice our security -- key parameter part of the guy like. Guys don't -- their profile yeah I have but incredibly bats last. I you know I mean -- I hope you don't mind but I have white -- a massive ball swept. Here. Our high school who I think he would she played piano she's amazingly talented beautiful reminders are the most amazing people government life. But she I didn't even know for you respond because it's just it's just wasn't something you -- thought it also reset all pleaded not that I was like you know all the -- I've been room mini. -- here's here's the Texas yes they didn't go bowling on suspected that eight. Barack Obama might be sure you don't know candle and maybe she's got -- that it's India and its people down its arms to 100 balls a lot of -- until -- God or not -- -- -- say it yet -- I love being here thank you. And now I got Tagamet I think -- story did not you and I ever shop teacher yet happened. -- that sort -- use the tickets out -- city office. He would go halfway back and I. -- -- I know. So. I mean this is I guess this will be similar like somebody said that that frequently they go on match dates. And the woman weighs more are way more than they assumed from her profile allowing dude. Never knew what was it when you haven't put a good karma I thought Obama do exactly picture of this -- these pictures -- -- use a good picture you're gonna get you're gonna yet. Twenty people checking interviews -- the real Pachulia one. -- certain who I used to love getting and I want Robert who went on like a slew of match dates. And I used to love whenever she's like tongue and you meet up with the sky and Michael I can't we can't afford a good -- and after every -- she would send expects. Says she would take the picture from his match dot com -- -- and then when she gets an old guy like shoot for in a month FaceBook. During the date or whatever and then she would pull out his current photo and it is always amazing to see the drastic difference they have to look like they're not even that looked like really the best possible for photo of him ever taken his life also -- -- -- and then -- -- out in real life of softly -- Hello Rachel. -- -- what's up Rachel. I don't hand them my they looked on them in web -- in EU was talking compliment that action or face a miracle I don't. And they are and are now at least a couple of my athletic I do right then and -- -- does that -- and she was. -- little burst into the budget and she never mentioned anything about that. I mean for Iran and that's not she's not an honest person and I mean I think he had actually are big and you can't you know she. You're pretty you know and you can't I don't I don't Domingo an immediate and then went to meet for lunch somewhere at the prudential and that that -- better than. Cheap and you know until now the did he state to hold deep or isn't it. And he didn't need it -- a bunch of I don't and they don't think she ever saw her and yeah. LA and by the way why didn't you tell me. I mean honestly did she date you probably on the decides Alan little it was going to be -- -- -- -- -- -- and what do you. -- -- -- feel -- I it will start putting the factored photos when you guys stop refusing to answer income question that the Igawa and others questioned how right I am living on occasion knowing answer and then what did they ask -- that. They asked the income. Incoming highest level of education religious preference like math is pretty basic stuff -- shallow thing buys additional thing that's what's so so some it won't pick him because he's an excellent -- From an economy that's not shallow but if I want -- know you make over a hundred K a year and a Democrat -- hello hello Kyle. Bell we know what's up Kyle. The last 100 postpartum. You know lackluster web -- -- we have -- yeah that's Boggan has broad. Go look at our everything so it's all part of -- we beside -- -- game walking out of Ramos at the girl. -- you lump them all they'll associate you know on the trucks Italy although all laid out of the left and everything. That would abroad yeah. Without driving. -- -- -- -- -- although some would almost did it come with a all of the all I got paralysis in my right side -- along with good looking girl -- -- All that out -- -- -- do with a total will tell all play. Well what you're looking toward the future like how we do our part right now we are no one on the beach some you know it. Yeah he's -- yeah he did this to bring you go now we -- beach run up and down the board on yeah. Have they running into each or now I -- yeah I don't know -- -- -- -- O'Donnell on an. I'm not alone won't vote. Yeah he meets a lot of women on planning efficient they go running down the beach and -- Accurate I can tell -- the pretty broad general. Yeah. Here's somebody says that one on three dates was somebody that I met on match before they told me that they had seizures. On rats -- like along the Afghan. Up or I went to high school with a girl regards teachers and there was -- the middle of a volleyball game go despite the ball and actually you know. Auto racer but but everybody all the -- every news they read all right controller to be like you know seven minutes everybody be like people dead silent. And then she'd be up and go sit down and really refining that you take if you're gonna -- be back playing. Hello Jason. -- actually let's check in check it would be. Now the collar somebody (%expletive) that up earlier so this guy we're we're inside we're going inside the warped female brain. This guy 34 year old recently divorced man went on on match dot com date on Saturday. At the TGI Fridays in Braintree and the woman sat down and was missing -- -- And he was saying wanted to know if Danielle felt like that's something that women ought to put in their profile on the -- dating sites according to this guy one particular -- it started. Hi I'm Amanda maniacal. I'm a little cold but well I mean I don't know what obligation you have the -- do you have an obligation to tell people before. Why because it's an Internet profile of the you have to reveal every little thing about your life like this is -- stuff that would come naturally conversation as you get to know somebody and that's -- drop like YouTube -- -- problem. As they can hold their footwork. We know what you're really -- -- panic process of getting to know somebody write a. They'll let Molly's they had followed Johnnie. Our -- obscure reference yes. But I thought that the Oakland Yorkers dating that girl -- -- hands. Yeah. Yes -- I was I was was Italy and hasn't holing out that -- at them in check. These people with the I mean these stories. From these match dot com it's that are there that are just there -- unbelievable. I guess it's because -- finding somebody and like online and so he's not been on a -- and a. The best possible version of yourself to the world like it did the smartest thing to do it would be a put up your words pictures and like if I have I put it like my -- picture than that I think at nineteen cats still feel like that bomb bomb locked. And then the guy -- me that. Knocked out of -- -- not to professionally it couldn't let him go a. And I'm -- yeah I mean. Who knows I mean he will you never know when we're gonna follow up with -- never you never know even you know. This. In news James yes -- games. Yeah I -- to -- -- comment that but I'm about to the -- and I guess it's what is that still the main -- people -- -- -- It's plenty of -- it's definitely not. It's not about -- that in -- and. I ask you -- let me ask you so. You go through the effort of meeting Ed what do you do put your name do you do a profile on planning a fish just like the match thing. Yeah -- dual file no I never appropriate people and guys you know I like to argue -- -- -- in and hopefully our luck but. What do you learn from you just you know had shot late in the visited -- would have liked what he had chart they go Google faced by -- -- -- my body type averaging you know you at all. When you get but when you actually get on the -- eat and she's a big woman. Do you go -- -- do you that you don't do that -- -- -- ticker -- the straight -- copy and then -- -- -- -- -- and then OK so you're out of there if she's bag. You know -- don't just -- -- the good cop trying to figure conversation you know entertain myself and and yet from the -- they're not yeah. Sex than I've ever had yet I've gotten bigger crowd you ever have sex is one of the big ones just isn't -- I am I not had that -- -- -- I have more importantly I wanna know is like a comedy takes -- I've got to judges just with a cop tells us -- yeah. Well you keep it doesn't have the buckets that I'm okay are not for not many aren't dead budget to for twenty or whatever is no big deal would be viewed through -- hardcover book a couple of copies and hello Melissa. I'm on that. Well and I I didn't -- I think I'm. We don't -- up every guy in stop and why do we. Internet it told them that I ought to highlight that cracked then I have -- Larry sounds good and you aren't you get laid out and light it up. How has that been you know I don't let I make it very in front of their fire. People also like let other people are opening night. Right so do you think that this woman and I am being serious here. That she should've said the thumb thing in the and the profile and. I don't really order but the I want -- aren't really eat let's talk about night. Yeah the uranium told me it -- a couple of a the. We have plenty of fish might as will be the Craigslist portrayed section what do you mean it's just it's it's free so it's so every and it's like you know. The last woman resort people like I haven't brought plenty especially ran right at that played a solid time out companies like. Always like any loves you love ethnic Jenks who's liberal this girl's half black half flattened thirty Asian I don't know Lott. It Sasha the talent is not. So can you rank the sites well I think nobody is there are not like Nantucket. Hampton -- -- Or is it -- -- dot com Lee. It's not the Bassett got plenty fishes at the -- so I think it's how how serious are used to love and it is like off to the size that's -- Frenchman in Atlanta to -- held any of fish. Finished -- like the aperture and appoint a. So I guess when he says I'm passes aren't too -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's somebody who were happy for the first two months before they're now wife knew that they were ball right Josh -- that's a means is that something. So the now when you say it what was the. Why do people don't put a picture on that because they're not that their -- if they don't probably on the upper income. Higher rent you know if they don't give up their secret city Mishawaka -- on the date you don't know their millionaire hit the people that look great on paper but that don't look decorated person. So it's male or female so like you get a Ph.D. from Harvard purity you're teaching at Harvard Extension School you consulted for a bunch of companies -- in Tokyo for fifteen years you -- like 250 K -- you know you do for all the Philanthropic stuff you volunteer here at mile. -- Stat went -- if if hot and you walked into a bar with all of those attributes bribes would be drop to their knees left and right. Not so great looking dude maybe even could get ugly guy not app and. Here's somebody says -- life dot com -- they should should be called guaranteed -- to -- that permanent. Establishment let's say can I got permanent. Here's somebody says this discussion this late into your -- its mobile I asked. I'm not. That I kept hearing on the Democrat and leading up right there. Programs are correct that -- and her real house he's got to do Dolly's lovely nice hello mark. It all went up market. My my wife should go up front and college go bingo. There. Don't want to let you would never know that we're all you have got a great that they know -- -- fun. How about oh well yeah but one -- trip that's now let's go. A nice. A nice on terrorism doesn't bother me. It really doesn't really think people would be a little less sensitive about it after what happened last year -- -- them an hour marathon and I think you know it's like it's it's kind of in your face. -- at duke. The good with the duke. So. I'm quite critical vote on national prompt for beards and not -- -- Predict an all amateur golf romance. Com. And now. I could save that it's not necessarily a vote be but look there. After all larger concern -- is more effective and solely treaties that are just part of it. -- you mean like -- let's. Yeah I yeah I mean like you know -- started a photograph rating -- more about a quarter of the mine were all the auditors. There are those some -- -- -- person. Only heard some. Hard Psycho yeah yeah I'm looking for golf Gerald. The net related to -- that they just don't go together. Like you're not gonna like you're not gonna find a smoking hot that's a mentally saying. Normal person cuts are I would love to try to do the social experiment it it whereby I find people that know each other and match because one of the best things I've ever seen as. You stumble on match dot com profiles of people that you know it if you just happen to see that profiling bill icon you know. That dude sounds pretty good I would actually date him and it turns out to be a buddy yours and unlike. Dude in real life I would never could do the biggest -- on the planet and did nothing like you whatsoever. What -- brought -- Her as a woman who went time but plenty of fish. And -- is to have received apparently eleven chunk chunk it let's get immediately after talking with and that's that's took. Under the introductory communication even apple. I -- -- I see action probably Staten one of the friend story is several different stories I've mentioned this week it's all the same friends on the same sentence all the same person so she had started a friend with benefits relationship with a guy. The off when he fish literally the first three months of their like sexting. Was just in sending -- photos back and forth and then she was like -- -- -- editor and now they -- all the time and their bodies in the united. -- like -- now let me. But it -- -- and he was sending. If you're -- good -- player fish that's that's a way to roll squat quantity. You just yesterday -- -- -- 5050 shot up a minute are you happy that justice Jackson did they let up at the start of funny she is going to be -- of definitely plenty of fish but he's good but he's -- -- -- wreck. Graham and Rory what's a brick. Go over the line cunard and why the bats really shook my leg match dot com but right product prior to that I that date where. You know I've been talking to someone for a few weeks and she -- these fictional online. I go I meet this girl -- very cute. And we start talking we're having a drink. And the and the girl who I thought to what apparently wasn't the right girl because -- thought -- looked Wyden goes these. In the -- she goes. I can't do that you I think I've got carpal I think he's like I am not a democracy and I'm not do you think I am. She's got the back of the restaurant. All the people behind and -- to -- same -- -- -- -- this is that the but the fact of the matter is. She's a little bit baton crazy and I can't -- -- So -- so what did the did you ever meet the other girl -- Shouldn't get so I walked over and I don't and I -- it was ridiculous and I want to go over there just. But later I I I did -- -- is that there would have like twenty minutes and basically. Let her popular like our eight. Well I got to go she tried calling me like 27 time that something like 48 hour of things you've got a. Though she got her friend to put the pictures up and then got a friend to meet you first jackass is digging -- kind of got cap -- and. And end estimate that it I think what happens like Danielle I agree with you I don't think. You have to tell everything about yourself but I think here's what you were gonna confuse -- -- part of her right not to tell everything but don't like and that's what happens is you know. They're a major physical. Appearance things where it's -- you know some of the little person I can see that being something to be up front of voters showed pictures. But a lot of the other stuff you don't need to buy insurance tallied only to have one -- good looking friends show up and and -- go. -- a woman and got back to rest at it's that's not that's that that's crazy. That it now well how crazy this guy wants to know when you Wendy tell when he's both the column are married. As a oh goodness that's I think you understood in grammar and everybody knows is there -- -- learned there. I guess he did you do that -- party developed or. America I'm -- married. We hate each other. -- I need to get out. Clear advice she does this she does not have to do. Say that she's missing a -- Often it is removed the conversational time line. Establishment for relationships are now. It's not something that you would normally like it's really nice to meet you I don't have a.