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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 4-8-14

Apr 8, 2014|

Danielle filled in on this edition of Facts for LB. We found out the average boob weighs and what percent of people are aroused by food.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- leaks I don't believe such things there's nothing unsanitary home. You're drinking -- there's got to be a lot of email and see what. Not only name you blather about aids die and full of facts she maxed. I text her once make sure that I take the Google machine away from Danielle during the at a time is older and on and where we don't need to we are removing access to grow. To the Google machine. -- -- -- -- I -- in the Alec are good that I'm glad you're a you're hanging on where you from Michelle I don't think there are expert who would need to yet. Well I would probably won't be a leader who early morning person now he needs several I think I. And gas he's going to be arriving soon. Elected -- guess you'll be you'll be here arriving soon. And we can come and my god I'm trying to get -- -- that are going is the traffic bad. And I between -- ignore it doing. Something on her do it everybody every morning and I just don't get -- an excuse sorry about. All right Michelle the average blue -- weighs two point one pounds. Back to or should -- The average. Against -- into consideration a hole. Different I heard anybody that is different is I'm going to me. I just need to know did you just did you just like in the car did you -- years tested just the -- Our kids so you're saying would wouldn't you say fact. Act back -- -- -- -- This is a tricky one -- Isn't trying to think back on them years ago before I was on the show as a member of the show when I was only guest Robert Kennedy ugly. We had miss mantown selling -- in here yeah. And we weighed her breasts and I can't remember if they refine it or eight known they were he were five they were he I would by the peace yes they know she had because like they were gigantic and anywhere. And asked and they human head yeah weighs eight pounds you if you think back on Jerry Maguire correct yes. You said to two point one who now only excellent pan. I'm gonna say the average breast is slightly higher than that privatization. Reorganization act. It is that your that lets see I -- else correct it the car the average -- weighs one point one hello. That's correct that would run out what you're here for you Iran one point one and the pound are both ways of onto 85. -- -- did the ballot guys looked up Aaron. Not been so the latest in that -- you want to be LB -- -- effort and yes I think it'll make up greater name is Jack Daniel. -- -- know how ill be here to tell you as soon I think it was excessive. Oppose the national championship celebration meaning I don't. A team in and New England to wins it is the got to celebrate. All right speaking your beer we were just docking about WA AF some revered red Aaron and in 18148. Beer wave. Of 388000. Gallons of flooded the city of London. Fact Porsche Mac. I'm gonna go down now what are the fact that that. God let's see here I'm getting them with some kind of a pocket LB back story on -- brewing so can't they actually I'm didn't you know it's it's. Funny you mention that I don't held on. I actually happy to -- London when time at the during museum as your mother English yeah well but it is as -- fact that so now. You know I have to I have to lean over with my hand on the microphone and a guy like ya -- brewing technology was actually not too. Not as advanced until the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen Honda and so I'm gonna say she -- is -- the fact. Absolutely not salute back brewery accident self fund a dangerous brewery accident followed Jason. Good morning -- to play with intra. But get in line with the or you from Jason Eric Franklin. Buzz Aldrin is mother's maiden name was moon. That flourish Matt. All options mother's maiden name was -- Mean. -- -- -- I think critical factor at this point is this is one of those things that's like so weird that it happens to be true in -- maybe because her maiden name was moon. It was like a joke throughout his whole life likely -- little like. You know mom's maiden name -- -- you're gonna be the first man number and it became a cellphone only prop man these are you get back maybe that's yes you are crack. Yeah aren't like that you are correct Buzz Aldrin hands mother's maiden name that grant was. -- Thank god it wasn't pizza that the opposite of what about Stanley wells when that itself would have been different a day of the what are what's up Dave. -- Garrett how you don't know where -- from. -- -- though it. Yeah I ordered. What what are you employ. I am in no -- Why did you ask what are our budget Cadillac. And a garbage -- I mean they'll genre that's about admit that Tom. Dave 5% of people feel the same feeling of arousal. When thinking of food as well and having sex. Act Porsche Mac. My -- I -- on the boat packed. And the fact I'm going which Mac based on the fact that I feel -- way more than I did so this is way more than -- yeah it sits back there -- 55%. Of the people. Who feel the same feeling of arousal is just me. About who's gonna think you'll be so much more you know we talk about the studies all the time -- Medina the connection and then that's finances and now runs and I mean -- And I love the that. I I don't think it was I don't think it's the same feeling about Demi did these people of the physical response the -- well I'm not only. At the same kind of sometimes they get arrested -- letter that really doesn't automatically. Here and registered the prefer. -- I did well with the idea of group play action back this morning it is 729. You heard Michelle. Discussing the traffic and probably due to the rain there are several cluster of situations. So it made regular bit larger than it normally does rain is -- and the later. It's going to be windy. But it is going to be 66. Degrees today and it's actually forty are ready here. In beautiful safe Brighton Massachusetts self. That is nice. On here's the Texas says actually Buzz Aldrin -- father was he first man on the moon and oh yeah. I get the dumpster go into a a.