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Mike Hsu Talks To Art Alexakis Of Everclear About The Summerland Tour

Apr 7, 2014|

Everclear Frontman Art Alaexakis talks to Mike Hsu about the upcoming Summerland Tour and being nostalgic about the 90's.

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I'm doing well -- -- are doing great man thanks for taken the time -- air pressure yeah let's talk about the summer Lance war. And basically I'm glad you do this because I can't remember a lot of the ninety's so I'm glad that. I got this together you bring in these -- back so look like Soul Asylum was on the tour this year actually was one of my favorite bands. Of your lecture at all time yeah on. That deal. That's that's awesome do you are you personally involved. In choosing the bands. That aren't sure that you're you're the president this is. You -- -- and could have been career as I -- people and you know I've got people to work with me and agents managers and stuff like -- but not a if there's going to be some of them and I've been -- -- and do it and I on the main -- should reflect -- world. But they're not on the -- than blue order from Montrose street something now. Three now I'm I'm I'm still in him but I'm still. I'm the guy who does some -- for sure the -- At the -- the name summer lands is that kind of this is the English majors talking here is that like. I guess. A metaphor for one maybe above the good times like the ninety's -- like. Were much better time this country the economy was better so it's kind of goes back to. You know this is the good time tour -- -- is because in the summer but to bring spec that ninety's -- No I would call -- the Clinton territory appellate court and let you ought to be announced that it you know. After the fact became my pepper really beyond that it matters I'm not. Martin endured that that I had a song I'm not -- -- this same album set up. So mom and pop -- back in ninety can about 95 and the -- And go 1 of the big -- they ever thought that would uncle some low land. And they quickly come Orlando as a -- -- -- those LA and I used to drive by there. All the time and there's assignments in the -- land. And I looked like. Crude and the war more than umbrella -- go to its summer although I would I would you -- be there and it's still -- stuck with these so. -- When I -- to demand the truth is we tried different angle from people that well. And your name -- it came like. Should be called tunnel I couldn't gonna -- on every summer and yeah I think it is it it is streaking into the kind of you know literary they have just like trying to -- summer every year or not. As far as the ninety's go what -- your. Or some of your favorite things of the ninety's that aren't aren't around anymore today in and out of Doug give an example I -- Look fondly on the time when not everybody had a phone on them. Yeah. -- -- I didn't like that I think I would have to agree with that I partner community need to remember that 22 year old daughter my gosh 22. I -- I'm up patient if you had -- while -- -- -- come you'll get. But I guess I gathered here. Hey I eat everywhere I go I see mostly warm and very few and true. They're never going to moment I don't even at 2 o'clock show now called the music there they're on they're not bear. And figured this stat column I look at Maggie because ultimately it was a dial tone like the seventies in the he just come over. It it was. It there was more there there was more. Chance to be impertinent. You know I think still that it took me and you come you're sure you commercial talent show and people are gonna happen. Got a lot of young people. Word you know. Texting him. And doing social media marker of outrage is yet to conquer but they're not -- -- is now the online yeah well I. Yeah right and you know. I think that might just get him. Crusty old old guys. I was gonna ask you we just being true legends here are we not you know are we we just being the angry old man get off our line. Or I just because I was -- Go with a megaphone you know other people yeah art. I look forward to that now and I hit TV and have some smoking and drinking together and it's overthrew long term don't smoke anymore. Well regard play that is the ultimate. I'm going to be that guy with my best friend we're going to be -- the megaphone you ought to people. I'm like Clint Eastwood in grants to reach the hole. We really don't know enough about that part -- pretty much is meeting in creating the world's. You the world in just sharing and it will what are well -- Hey you mentioned your daughter and I -- Give kudos to you being in one of the greatest documentaries and servicing call the other password and ordered promotes some land but I just got to get it that and there. Really moving documentary and your stories people -- it'd be you know if you heard ever clear sung father remind you kind of get a gist of Europe. Where you come from but you explain more on the movie and it's just everybody in that movie has an amazing story did. You can recruit you like I'd be a part of it and -- -- what -- referred to monitor and I loved the juxtaposition we've got guys like -- and India are Indian. Guys like that and you got. For British usually pop vocal leader kind of -- -- in the park -- Kinda underground guys and what we all got one thing comment should like we've made this commitment to compete terror. While we do this and it's never easy being a parent you're here -- -- making compromises. Every day you're trying to walk that line every day -- a -- do you do. They get that. So when your -- all the time. It's such it's such a different. Dynamic and you have to try so much harder and so many other areas. And I think that -- -- really kind of showed that. Com. You know that's for suffer heart hard and I think. It was inspirational so a lot of people would inspirational to me to a national problem either of these -- cottage. I was Obama it is so proud to be a part of I think you for bringing that out. Yet you know it's amazing that more than -- more than half the guys on there -- -- the one thing may have also had in common was they. Including yourself if I can say that you were trying so so hard to be a much better father. Then your father and a lot of the guys -- like my father wasn't around my father. Had a drinking problem he was abusive with so I I have an example work with here and I wanna work to be so much better than that balances react during inspirational stuff. All right really good point I mean that. Part of the review will probably -- encore expansion up to sit in particular going -- for -- look at -- -- what was it didn't look like TV. Ads and. All right art Salazar this stuff from -- clear looking forward to CU senior on the summer -- or don't for its Soul Asylum. Also on the space -- Thank you my conclusion.